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Autoflowering cannabis seeds switch from vegetative growth to flowering on their own and can be ready to go in less than 10 weeks. This basically means you can harvest outdoors several times every year! And our autoflowering seeds are bred by the best, which means their quality and potency are getting close and often even surpass those of traditional cannabis strains. In addition to all Cannabis Cup winners, we bring you autoflowering seeds like feminized Royal Critical Auto and Northern Light, among others. Some seeds grow up super-fast while still granting you with great yields, while others take a bit more time.

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MI6 SuperAuto (Flash Auto Seeds) feminized

MI6 SuperAuto isn't the latest development of the British intelligence service, at least not officially. It’s a strain by Flash Auto Seeds, capable of yielding up to 150-400g per plant, in a life cycle of 90-100 days. This strain was created by crossing genetics of Stitch 0.2, Blueberry, and AK-47. MI6 SuperAuto will thrive in many environments and gets huge, up to 150-250cm tall.

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Magnum (Buddha Seeds) feminized

Magnum is a highly productive autoflowering strain by Buddha Seeds. Some autoflowering strains might lack in production potential and effectiveness, but not this one. It can be seen as an upgrade from a small caliber pistol to a .357 Magnum, like the Desert Eagle of Spanish autoflowering varieties. Multiple branches, rapid growth and flowering, together with deeply penetrating potency!

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Delicious Candy Auto (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Delicious Candy Auto is a rather unique mix of the original Cheese and Delicious Seeds’ Caramelo, inheriting the best of both parents. It is a fast autoflowering strain that boasts a high trichome count with one of the best terpene profiles there is, making Delicious Candy Auto a favorite as regards aroma. The effect features a strong high that has relaxing effects on both body and mind.


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Sleepy Yoda Auto (Philosopher Seeds) feminized

Created by Old School Genetics for Philosopher Seeds, Sleepy Yoda Auto combines the potency of a White Yoda Auto and a Northern Lights to give us a potent, yet fast, easy and profit-yielding strain. Her great aroma and powerful high make Sleepy Yoda Auto an ideal plant that helps with stress relief or if you simply want to chill and relax!

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Auto Chemdog (Auto Seeds) Feminized

Auto Chemdog is a feminized autoflowering hybrid strain from Auto Seeds. As all Auto Seeds creations, Auto Chemdog has excellent growing traits - a flowering time of 60-65 days and an average yield above 300g/m². The strain can only be fully appreciated once smoked. The high is a mind-altering experience with a strong reflexive cerebral effect, followed by full body relaxation.


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Auto Kryptonite (Pyramid Seeds) feminized

Auto Kryptonite by Pyramid Seeds is possibly the fastest Sativa that you can grow today. This easy autoflower develops some sizeable buds in no time, eager to reward with some great-tasting Haze flavour and a very potent smoke. This all-around fantastic autoflowering Sativa is more than-worthwhile to grow and should be high on the list of every Sativa lover!


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Amnesia Haze Auto (Sensation Seeds) feminized

Ask any cannabis enthusiast who knows their stuff and they will likely tell you that Amnesia Haze is one of the best Hazes. Among the qualities that made Amnesia Haze so popular are her sheer potency, her excellent flavour and a rigorous but trouble-free growth. Sensation Seeds’ Amnesia Haze is a great autoflowering Amnesia Haze version that delights with all that while being super-easy to grow.


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Northern Light Auto (Sensation Seeds) feminized

Northern Light is one of the most-popular indica strains and there are quite a lot of good reasons for that. This superbly yielding strain perfectly mixes the old and the new, with a sensational flavour and a great high that made Northern Light a staple especially for Indoor growers. Sensation Seeds’ Northern Lights Auto is a fantastic autoflowering NL variety that grows with no...

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Auto Diablo XL (BSB Genetics) feminized

Hellish good and with monster yields: Auto Diablo XL is BSB Genetics’ best yielding autoflowering cannabis variety. Ready to harvest in record time, this 3rd generation indica-dominant plant doesn’t just impress with sheer quantity: She is a very good resin producer and up to 20% of THC in her buds make for an awesomely relaxing high!

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Auto Strawberry Milkshake (BSB Genetics) feminized

Auto Strawberry Milkshake by BSB Genetics from Birmingham is their first “red variety”, producing stunning looking plants, that will have red and purple buds and leaves. Despite being a true beauty, that will catch the eye when she grows, she also scores with an excellent aroma, high yields and a great high, that is awesomely relaxing and exciting.


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Auto Sweet Tooth (BSB Genetics) feminized

Auto Sweet Tooth by BSB Genetics is a fast and easy growing autoflowering hybrid that delivers. Even those new to cannabis growing can look forward to very good results. She will reward you with exceptional yields of sweet and aromatic buds for an intense, very relaxing and pleasurable body buzz in just 9 weeks! Her compact growth makes this girl fit in even the tightest spaces.

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White Crystal Meth Auto (Original Sensible) feminized

Original Sensible Seeds is bringing a sensational autoflower to the table with their White Crystal Meth Auto. Born from the marriage of the popular White Widow with the super-potent Crystal Meth from Mexico, this girl’s incredible high will catapult you right to orbit and beyond!

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Auto Anthrax (BSB Genetics) Feminized

Auto Anthrax by BSB Genetics offers pretty much all you could wish for in a great autoflowering strain. This highly potent old-school classic delivers a powerful, ultra-relaxing indica effect, is very rich in aromatic resin, and tickles your taste buds with her sweet and soothing, yet intense aroma. To top it all off, this uncomplicated and fast auto is also a very good-yielder.

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Do Si Dos Auto (FastBuds) feminized

Do Si Dos Auto is a compact yet heavy producing indica-dominant hybrid strain that pleases the palate and the mind. Ready in 8–9 weeks from germination, it will thrill you with its dominant central cola.

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