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The CBD Crew is an international project by Howard Marks (Mr. Nice), Jaime of Resin Seeds, and Scott Blakey (Shantibaba). These 3 individuals all bring many years of cannabis breeding experience to the table, and have decided to work together to produce a line of CBD-rich cannabis strains. This project was designed specifically with medical marijuana patients in mind.

At the moment, CBD Crew offers a collection of 10 great but very different strains that all have a substantial CBD percentage. Of course, not only are these strains very attractive for medical marijuana patients, but for any grower or smoker that appreciates quality cannabis!

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CBD Therapy (CBD Crew) feminized

A world first in cannabis breeding, CBD Therapy by CBD Crew is a cannabis strain with a 1:20+ THC:CBD ratio. It makes her one of the most CBD rich strains on the market when compared to its THC content. Certainly one for those looking for some CBD, without the strong effects of THC. CBD Therapy has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, with potential yields of 500g/m².

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CBD Medi Haze (CBD Crew) feminized

As the name already suggests, this is a Sativa dominant (80%) strain for medical purposes. The CBD Crew is committed to creating medical cannabis strains, but with this one they really hit the nail to the head. Actually CBD Medi Haze goes a step further than the highly sought after THC:CBD ratio of 1:1 - some plants deliver buds with a 1:2 ratio!

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CBD Shark Shock (CBD Crew) feminized

CBD Shark Shock is a perfect Indica Dominant strain that will reward you with a big and strong yield.

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CBD Critical Mass (CBD Crew) feminized

CBD Critical Mass is a guarantee for some exquisite tasting nugs. Fast flowering and very powerful.

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CBD Nordle (CBD Crew) feminized

CBD Nordle is an enormous producer and will reward even the beginning grower with nice results.

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CBD Sweet And Sour Widow (CBD Crew) regular

CBD Crew Sweet and Sour is bred with genes of the notorious White Widow. High CBD levels and a very nice effect.

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CBD Mango Haze (CBD Crew) feminized

Who said good medicine must have a bitter taste? That is so wrong! CBD Mango Haze is an incredibly CBD-rich medical variety with a delicious flavor of spices, mango, pineapple and pepper. The plants have an "open" structure; means, the light can reach down to the lower branches, allowing for higher yields. Stunningly high CBD level of up to 10%.

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CBD OG Kush (CBD Crew) feminized

CBD OG Kush puts a fresh spin on a hugely successful strain throughout the world. OG Kush, fabled for its strong THC content, builds on that reputation with higher levels of CBD, providing renewed freshness and clarity unusual for a Kush product. Strong yields combined with compact root growth make this feminised indica the perfect flower for indoor growers.

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CBD Divine (CBD Crew) regular

Named after Shen Nung, the Divine Father of Chinese agriculture who recommended the medicinal use of cannabis more than 5000 years ago, CBD Divine by CBD Crew offers a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1 to 1:2. Sweet and fruity-fresh flavours make your mouth water while the good resin production makes the strain suitable for extracts. Growers will like that the strain flowers quickly and is easy to grow.

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Information About CBD Crew

Information CBD Crew

CBD Crew is a collaborative project between the expert breeders of Mr. Nice Seeds and Resin Seeds, with Howard Marks, Shantibaba, and Jamie of Resin Seeds all being heavily involved. The goal behind their crusade was to make CBD, one of the major non-psychoactive compounds of cannabis, available to anyone who would seek it. It is this mission statement that allowed them to put usual business rivalries aside and come together to improve the seed market, and the cannabis community as a whole.

Their story began back in 2009, at Spannabis in Barcelona. Resin Seeds gave Canna labs a sample of their Cannatonic, which came back with a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1. It was their first successful foray into CBD genetics, but there was still a lot more work to do. At the time, only 50% of their Cannatonic seeds were producing CBD-rich bud, so much more breeding and refinement was required. It is, without a doubt, a gigantic undertaking. In order to try and cut down on the huge amount of work required, Mr. Nice and Resin Seeds decided to pool their knowledge as a team and form CBD Crew, a breeding project whose ultimate aim is to produce high-quality, CBD-rich cannabis seeds for the world to enjoy.

Today, CBD Crew continues to innovate and set the standard for cannabis strains with high concentrations of CBD. In fact, other seedbanks are now working in conjunction with CBD Crew, sending them samples for CBD Crew’s endorsement! Their standards are so high that other seedbanks see their endorsement as a badge of honour.

Included in their catalogue of highly-regarded strains are CBD Shark Shock, CBD MediHaze, CBD OG Kush and CBD Critical Mass; all of which have set the bar high for future CBD breeding, and are actively being used to make novel CBD hybrids.

Packaging CBD Crew

Packaging CBD Crew

All CBD Crew cannabis seeds come packaged in a sealed foil bag, ensuring seeds are kept safe, stable, and tamper-proof.

CBD Crew cannabis seeds are sold in packs of 5, available in feminized, autoflowering, and regular varieties.

Awards CBD Crew

CBD Crew sets the bar high when it comes to breeding, so it only makes sense that they would win some awards for it.

Awards CBD Crew CBD MediHaze

CBD Medi Haze (CBD Crew)


  • 2015 Medical Stars Award, Best CBD strain

A crossing of Super Silver Haze with Neville’s Haze, further crossed with a CBD parent, CBD MediHaze is a sativa-dominant beast packing some heavy potency. She grows with a reliable vigour and is able to produce yields up to 550g/m² of sweet and spicy bud after 9–10 weeks of flowering. In terms of potency, the CBD:THC ratio can vary between 1:1–10:1, giving CBD MediHaze a range of potential applications. Both the CBD and THC content can vary between 6–15%. The THC has never been found to exceed the CBD content.

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Awards CBD CrewCBD Skunk Haze

CBD Skunk Haze (CBD Crew)


  • 2013 TreatingYourself Expo, Sativa Cup

CBD Skunk Haze is one of CBD Crew’s most popular hybrids, producing abundant yields and offering easy-to-grow characteristics. The genetics are split 50/50, providing the grower with the best of both sativa and indica traits. She has a flowering time of 10 weeks, and is able to produce yields of up to 450g/m² of woody, citrus-flavoured bud. All CBD Skunk Haze plants produce a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1, with both CBD and THC content varying between 5–12%.

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