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Dutch Passion is one of the first seed companies established in the Netherlands. They have been developing and producing cannabis seeds since 1987, and have won countless awards for their great products. Zamnesia offers dozens of feminized and autoflowering strains from Dutch Passion that will guarantee you pure quality and great results, even if you are an inexperienced grower. The name “Dutch Passion” stands for hardy, top-quality seeds which will never disappoint you.

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Auto Think Different (Dutch Passion) feminized

The latest craze in the world of autoflowering feminized cannabis strains. Produces significantly higher crops than other AutoFem varieties, while retaining the characteristic effect of its Sativa heritage. Set to become the industry standard to which other autoflowering fem strains should be compared.


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CBG-Force (Dutch Passion) feminized

The first CBG rich feminised cannabis seed variety by Dutch Passion: CBG-Force. Containing up to 15% of CBG (Cannabigerol) with THC levels below 0.15%, CBG-Force provides a light cannabis experience with a relaxing, down-to-earth feeling and just a slight hint of a body-stone.


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THC-Victory (Dutch Passion) feminized

THC-Victory is a groundbreaking cultivar selectively bred to produce high levels of THCV. There's a lot to be discovered about this cannabinoid, but early research suggests it to have some interesting properties.


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Banana Blaze (Dutch Passion) feminized

Made from an old-school Banana Indica, Banana Blaze by Dutch Passion is a delight for indica lovers. Its smooth, fruity banana flavour goes perfectly with a very relaxing body stone. She’s not difficult to grow at all, requiring only basic care to deliver excellent results.


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HiFi 4G (Dutch Passion) feminized

At 20% THC, HiFi 4G is a beginner-friendly hybrid that all recreational smokers will appreciate, but is particularly coveted by music fans. She'll relax your mind, open your ears, and sharpen your senses until every tune sounds way richer and more focussed. If you can't get a ticket to the next big concert, get some HiFi 4G flowers. It'll be like your favourite band is playing just for you!


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Sugar Bomb Punch (Dutch Passion) Feminized

Sugar Bomb Punch is a spectacular sparkling beauty. She has a rich and versatile genetic history resulting in a number of phenotypes. But what is certain is that each will bombard you with their indica-dominant sedation and cerebral bliss. Sugar Bomb Punch is strong, bountiful and flavourful—she is sure to please.


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C-Vibez (Dutch Passion) Feminized

C-Vibez ticks all of the boxes of a classic indica strain. She produces sedating effects, maintains a manageable plant size, and churns out large quantities of THC.

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CBD Auto Blackberry Kush (Dutch Passion) feminized

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is Dutch Passion’s medicinal variant of the award-winning Blackberry Kush. This delicious CBD-rich cultivar (15%) boasts THC levels below 1%, so users can enjoy a clear head without the high. What’s more, this plant is super easy to grow and rewards with good yields of berry-flavoured bud!

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Mokum's Tulip (Dutch Passion) feminized

Dutch Passion spruces up their classic line with Mokum's Tulip, a spectacular Gelato x Sherbet cross. The relaxing high is strong and durable thanks to a very generous 22% THC, but that's easy to find nowadays. What sets Mokum's Tulip head and shoulders above other strains is her intoxicatingly sweet aroma and matching flavour. This will definitely be the sparkling gem of any garden!

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Auto Banana Blaze (Dutch Passion) feminized

Auto Banana Blaze is the autoflowering variant of Dutch Passion’s fabulous Banana Blaze, an indica with an old-school banana flavour that is sure to delight veterans and novices alike. She tastes just as good as her bigger sister, and boasts the same powerful narcotic effect, yet comes with all the perks of an auto.


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Meringue (Dutch Passion) feminized

Not only is Meringue one of the smoothest smokes you'll find in the Dutch Passion catalogue, she's one of the sweetest too. This indica-dominant Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies cross offers massive yields of dense, crystal-coated buds that spiral to form gigantic, spear-shaped colas that swallow the sugar leaves whole. The 3-hour high certainly puts the icing on the cake!

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Auto Mazar (Dutch Passion) feminized

Deriving from the original Dutch Passion classic Mazar, AutoMazar is a robust cross of indica and ruderalis genetics. This combination results in a strain with astonishing yields of sticky buds and a speedy life cycle of only 10 weeks. Indica-lovers will appreciate the classic indica effects and Mazar flavour profile.


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Auto Critical Orange Punch (Dutch Passion) feminized

The first autoflower from Dutch Passion to use Critical genetics has already become a bestseller, with lots of growers loving the strain’s unusually powerful high. Fast and easy to grow, Auto Critical Orange Punch is perfect for everyone who wants connoisseur quality and top-shelf potency!


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The Ultimate (Dutch Passion) feminized

Quantity or quality? Both. That is the answer of Dutch Passion breeders to the growers dilemma. The Ultimate, a 50-50 hybrid of Sativa and Indica allows you to achieve very high yields, without compromising the quality of the smoke, not one bit. Yet another wonderful offering from the Dutch Passion!


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Blueberry (Dutch Passion) feminized

A mostly Indica plant that won several cannabis awards, producing a tasty, fruity marijuana. A deserved first place in the general category at the High Times Cannabis Cup tells a lot - Dutch Passion's Blueberry is one of those strains that create history. An absolute must among the serious grower's collection.


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Auto Blueberry (Dutch Passion) feminized

Crossing one of Dutch Passion's favorite strains with cannabis ruderalis resulted in a fully autoflowering Blueberry, which allows connoisseurs to enjoy the rich, aromatic smoke after just 10 weeks from germination. Superb gene pool and generous harvest of top quality marijuana without the need to switch the lighting schedule.


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Power Plant (Dutch Passion) feminized

With so many cannabis strains derived from the Asian and American varieties, Dutch Passion's Power Plant provides a breeze of novelty with its pure South African genetics. Although being almost entirely sativa, 12.5% indica genetics provide great density in the buds and allow for an average of 8 weeks flowering. Fairly high THC infuses this plant with a spectacular high.


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Orange Bud (Dutch Passion) feminized

A strain you will most definitely come back for - once you're in it, you'll love it. Orange Bud from Dutch Passion was derived from the 100% original Skunk parents, thus drawing from the noble genetics going back to the groundbreaking breeding developments of the 80's and the 90's. Several well deserved Cannabis Cup awards and 16,5% of THC - enjoy!


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White Widow (Dutch Passion) feminized

Among hundreds of different cannabis strains available on the market, there are a few names that every stoner heard of and filled his lungs with. The original White Widow from Dutch Passion is certainly one of those - providing the unabated enjoyment to a whole generation of growers and smokers alike.


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Mazar (Dutch Passion) feminized

A popular old school hybrid with roughly equal share of genetics of Indica and Sativa. Direct descendant of the original Afghan species, one of the strongest strains and a hallmark of the Dutch Passion breeding geniuses. The name comes from one of the world biggest hashish production regions Mazar-i-Sharif in the Northern Afghanistan.


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Durban Poison (Dutch Passion) feminized

A rare opportunity to taste the true South African cannabis, created by Dutch Passion exclusively by selective inbreeding of pure Durban Sativa s. A great choice to experience some of the world's best cannabis genetics - as close as possible to the all natural marijuana one can think of.


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Shaman (Dutch Passion) feminized

A great F1 hybrid strain between the best quality Skunk female and a high achieving Purple #1 male plant. With three quarters of Sativa genes and a quarter Indica, the Dutch Passion feminized Shaman has a wide, Sativa type intermodal spacing, as well as juicy, dense Indica buds.


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Strawberry Cough (Dutch Passion) feminized

Created by the notorious Dutch Passion breeders from the world's most stress relieving Sativas, the feminized Strawberry Cough might be one of the most enjoyable marijuana on the market. Once the smokers lungs fill with its smoke, any possible anxiety immediately disappears, only to be replaced by pure euphoria.


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Master Kush (Dutch Passion) feminized

A much acclaimed strain derived from the pure Indicas brought from their Afghan homeland. A high yielding, potent plant with very high levels of both THC and CBD. Don't get mistaken by the smooth, sweet aroma - the Dutch Passion feminized Master Kush is a real killer weed that produces a lasting stone.


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Information about Dutch Passion

Information about Dutch Passion

With origins dating back to the ‘70s, Dutch Passion is one of the Netherlands’ oldest seedbanks; and this experience can be easily seen in the quality of their seeds. The team boasts many years spent honing their skills and refining world-class genetics, resulting in numerous award-winning strains.

Their story starts back in 1972, when Henk van Dalen, the founder of Dutch Passion, first began growing cannabis to meet his own personal requirements for high-quality bud. With formal academic training in biology, as well as in the pharmacology and effects of psychedelics, Henk utilised his knowledge to push his cannabis plants to the limit.

At the time, people in the Netherlands had to rely on imported weed if they wanted good quality. Henk aimed to change this, and through his network of contacts, he slowly started making a name for himself as a home-grown breeder of top-shelf cannabis.

Eventually, Henk saw his breeding become more and more in-demand. So in 1987, he founded the Dutch Passion Seed Company. His goal was to make great genetics available for people to grow at home, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of top-grade cannabis and control how it is grown from seed to harvest.

It is a philosophy that has persisted to this day, and has shaped Dutch Passion into the titan it is now. We are always taken aback by the love with which they talk about their seeds whenever we meet them; they continue to innovate and experiment with genetics, producing marvels of the cannabis world. As a testament to their prowess, Henk was awarded the first ever High Times “Dutch Master” award back in 2011, in recognition of his significant contribution to the cannabis community, and breeding as a whole.

Great examples of Dutch Passion cannabis seeds include classics such as Frisian Dew, Orange Bud, Hollands Hope, and AutoMazar.

Packaging Dutch Passion

Packaging Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion ships all seeds in their own brand of unique packaging. In the past, seeds were placed within a small paper envelope that detailed the information about the strain held within. Although appreciated by some growers, many found the packaging to be insufficient when it came to protecting seeds.

As such, Dutch Passion has introduced new, small metal tins, containing an envelope holding the precious seeds. The tin helps protect the seeds from potential damage during transit, and the envelope is now outfitted with moisture-retention capabilities to keep seeds in the best possible condition.

Cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion are available in quantities of 3 in both feminized and autoflowering varieties.

Awards Dutch Passion

Indicative of their breeding expertise, Dutch Passion has won many awards for their cannabis strains over the years. Here is a list detailing all of the award-winners they have produced, as well as what they won.

Awards Dutch Passion Mazar

Mazar (Dutch Passion)


  • 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup, 2nd place for Best Overall Strain
  • 2002 High Life Cup, 2nd place for Best Overall Strain
  • 2008 Tip Forte, 1st place for Best Overall Strain
  • 2014 Soft Secrets Magazine, Plant of the Year

A classic from the ‘80s, Mazar is a cross of Skunk #1 x Afghani. The result is one of Dutch Passion’s most renowned strains, and is synonymous with high quality. Her genetics were revitalised back in 1997 to add a refined nature that can still be experienced today. Mazar induces a deep and relaxing body stone that also lowers the mind into comfortable bliss. She exhibits a toughness and vigour that make her a great choice for novice growers. Mazar grows with a short, Christmas tree-like stature, flowering in 8–9 weeks and producing very generous yields.

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Awards Dutch Passion Desfrán

Desfrán (Dutch Passion)


  • 2009 Copa Del Plata, 1st place for Best Outdoor Strain
  • 2011 Masters Córdoba, 1st place for Best Outdoor Strain
  • 2011 Masters Córdoba, 2nd place for Best Outdoor Strain
  • 2011 Copa del Mar, Champion Award
  • 2012 Copa Río de Janeiro, Highest Potency Award
  • 2012 Copa Río de Janeiro, Most Flavour Award
  • 2012 Copa Cannabiscafé, Highest Potency Award
  • 2013 Copa Del Plata, 2nd place for Best Indoor Strain
  • 2014 Copa C.A.B.A., 2nd place for Best Indoor Strain

With genetics hailing from South Africa, Desfrán is the crossing of two exemplary specimens of Destroyer. The result is one of Dutch Passion’s most decorated strains, blowing minds the world over. She is a 100% sativa plant, taking up plenty of space in the grow room and melting the mind with a potent sativa uplift. Expect a euphoric high that lifts the mind clear out of the body, combined with a sweet, fruity, caramel flavour. Desfrán needs a lot of room to flourish; however, if you have the space, you will be rewarded with large amounts of resin-coated nuggets after just 9–10 weeks of flowering. She is a winner for any sativa-lover out there.

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Awards Dutch Passion Frisian Dew

Frisian Dew (Dutch Passion)


  • 2008 High Life Holland, 1st place for Best Overall Strain

A mix of Super Skunk x Purple Star, Frisian Dew is one of the most gorgeous outdoor varieties around. She produces mystifying shades of purple as she flowers, becoming coated in a layer of resin that glistens in the sun. As a 50/50 hybrid, Frisian Dew induces a mixed high, uplifting the mind as it relaxes the body. Frisian Dew displays more than just good looks; she is highly resistant to mould and grows with a healthy vigour. Her flowering time is roughly 7–8 weeks, producing extra-large yields. Although she can be grown indoors, it is outdoors that she truly flourishes.

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Awards Dutch Passion Blueberry

Blueberry (Dutch Passion)


  • 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain
  • 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, 3rd place for Best Overall Strain

Hailed as the original Blueberry, Dutch Passion has produced a cult-classic with fruity and sumptuous flavours. She is a bit of a fussy feeder, and thus, better-suited to a more experienced hand; but if you put in the time and effort, you are rewarded with connoisseur-grade bud that both tantalises the tongue and relaxes the body. Blueberry has a flowering time of roughly 9 weeks, producing medium yields.

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Awards Dutch Passion White Widow

White Widow (Dutch Passion)


  • C.A.B.A. Cup 5th Edition, Best Weed and Best High Indoor Awards

A Dutch coffeeshop favourite, White Widow is a wildly popular strain that has stood the test of time. Dutch Passion’s variety of White Widow has been bred to emphasise the most desirable traits of this strain, making her stable, consistent, and easy to grow. As such, this classic is just as suited to the novice grower as it is the veteran. White Widow induces a sky-rocketing high, uplifting the user into euphoria. White Widow is easy-going, flowers in 8 weeks, and can produce very generous yields. The perfect choice for anyone wanting to try out a timeless classic.

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Awards Dutch Passion Passion #1

Passion 1 (Dutch Passion)

Passion #1 is a legendary Californian indica that has remained a favourite of many outdoor growers over the years. Not only is she stable and easy to grow; if planted early in the season, she can reach up to 3.5m by the time harvest comes around. As you can imagine, that comes with some pretty significant yields! She induces an energetic and uplifting buzz that follows up with a deep and relaxing stone. With a flowering time of 6 weeks, indoor growers can take advantage of some super bud—as long as you have the space to grow her!

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Awards Dutch Passion Power Plant

Power Plant (Dutch Passion)

Dating back to 1997, Power Plant sent waves through the cannabis market upon its release, becoming an instant hit among growers. As the name suggests, she is all about raw power, outputting large yields and potent effects. Her aroma has a fresh, piney quality to it, with her smoke also having a slightly sweet aftertaste. The high induced is one of smooth uplift—energising, motivating, and inspiring the user. With a little too much, she tips over into a couch-lock of cerebral euphoria. Flowering in 8 weeks and producing extra-large yields, she is a sativa-dominant beauty worth any grower’s time and energy.

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