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Easy To Grow Cannabis Strains (For Beginners)

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Success as a cannabis grower starts with selecting the right strains. Certain varieties are better suited for newbies. This includes short growing periods, resilience, and easy to manage needs. We take a look at some of the popular cannabis seeds that fall into such a category.

Growing cannabis is an exciting horticultural adventure. Beginners who become hooked spend a subsequent lifetime experimenting. When just starting out, understand that part of your success will come from being prepared, if not knowledgeable. Choosing the right strain is often a key part of this. Some strains are much easier to grow because of their growing needs and genetics. In general, it is also advisable for beginners to use plants that flower easily and quickly.


In addition to the usual feminized cannabis seed, there are certain kinds of cannabis plants known as autoflowering varieties. These strains will produce flowers no matter what within 2-3 months of planting a seed. They do not need special light periods. They also tend to be higher in CBD. That does not mean they are not potent. Many autoflowering strains reach respectable levels of THC, allowing for the sought after, pleasurable high.

The following strains are a selection of both feminized and autoflowering strains - all of which make good choices for beginning growers and connoisseurs alike.


Northern Light Royal Queen Seeds

Northern Lights is a popular choice for newbie growers. This indica dominant hybrid is a mixture of species hailing from Thailand and Afghanistan. This is powerful pot that leaves a lasting buzz.

The plant itself creates a mid-sized bush that reaches just over 1.2 meters indoors. Even better, it is ready for harvest in just 8 weeks of flowering. The yield is also impressive. Expect to harvest as much as 500g per square meter.


Gorilla Glue #4 FastBuds

This award-winning autoflowering bud is considered one of the best hybrids to grow no matter your experience level. Gorilla Glue #4 is so popular that it won the 2014 SoCal and the High Times Best Hybrid awards hands down.

This aromatic plant with pine and citrus overtones is a potent strain - boasting a THC content of 24%.

It also grows quickly, going from seed to harvest in just 8-9 weeks. Expect heavy harvests too. Each healthy plant can yield up to 300g of flower.


Blue Dream Humboldt Seeds

Blue Dream Auto is an autoflowering strain with gorgeous colour, fast grow times and delicious aroma. The strain creates a tall and slender sativa. Flowers can be harvested in as little as 10-11 weeks from seeding. When smoked, Blue Dream Auto creates a strongly floral and berry aroma with peppery undertones. It is also considered a premium brand.


Blue Cheese Dinafem

This strain is the perfect plant for impatient growers. With a flowering period of only 50 days, Blue Cheese also produces highly resinous buds. The smoked end product has a sweet, fruity flavour with a cheesy finish. The biggest problem in growing this plant? Its odour when growing is strong. It also requires a lot of headspace. When growing indoors plan for at least three meters of plant.

AK 48

AK48 Nirvana

This strain began to get popular in the 1990’s. The hard and compact buds create an indica high with a touch of sativa. The AK48 hybrid is actually the result of a four-way mix between Jock Horror x Northern Lights x Skunk x Haze.

Grown indoors, this plant can reach up to 70cm and produces good yields. Outdoor growers sometime boast of 3.5 meter plants and up to 1.8 kgs of yield per plant. Under perfect conditions, it can flower in 48 days. Generally, however, the 9 week average flowering time makes it a popular choice for new growers and aficionados alike.

So there you go! Each of these strain are extremely begiiner friendly, being easy to manage, undemanding, and very forgiving to neewbie mistakes. Enjoy!


  Marguerite Arnold  

Written by: Marguerite Arnold
With years of writing experience under her belt, Marguerite dedicates her time to exploring the cannabis industry and the developments of the legalisation movement.

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