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Growing magic mushrooms at home? The only way to ensure the quality of your shrooms is to start off your grow with the highest quality spores. Zamnesia magic mushroom spore prints are made using premium Psilocybe cubensis spores, and can be used to make spore syringes and much more. Browse our varieties and order yours today.

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Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis B+

Laboratory grade spore print of Psilocybe Cubensis B+ (be positive) - a very popular magic mushroom strain because of its beautiful big fruit-bodies. Become a researcher, produce your own spore syringes or grow your own hallucinogenic fungi. These spore prints are produced by one of the best and most reliable expert in mushroom related products. Store in a dry, cool, clean and dark place.

€ 27,99
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Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher

Laboratory grade spore print of the Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher- to continue your research with or to make spore syringes and grow your own GT mushrooms (read your local regulations before you do). This is a mushroom expert product, produced under laboratory conditions and free from contamination. Can be stored for up to two years in a dry, clean, dark and cool place before losing...

€ 27,99
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Spore Print Psilocybe cubensis Amazonas

Cubensis Amazonas is a strain of mushroom in the Psilocybe genus that grows in subtropical regions all over the globe. In nature, it tends to find a home in cow and horse dung and enriched soils. This GMO-free spore print contains millions of spores, allowing users access to this otherwise hard-to-source variety.

€ 27,99
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Spore Print Psilocybe cubensis Ban Hua Thai

Ban Hua Thai is a unique psilocybin-bearing mushroom originating from Thailand, which, like many other regions of Asia, has a rich culture surrounding mushrooms (common practices include mixing Ban Hua into juices and milkshakes). Known for its potent effects, quick colonisation rate, and long, slender fruits, this spore print is ideal for those looking to get their hands on something...

€ 33,87
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Spore Print Psilocybe cubensis Hawaii (PES)

Despite its name, the origins of cubensis Hawaii are unknown. While the first company to trade this variety of mushroom was based in Honolulu, many cultivators recognise the strain’s keen resemblance to cubensis Cambodia. Producing mild effects that are visual, introspective, and creative, cubensis Hawaii spores are now available from Zamnesia.

€ 27,99
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Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador

Spore print of Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador - this Cubensis produces very consistent flushes and is easy to grow strain, even for beginners. Before you grow mushrooms from these spores, please read your local regulations. This is laboratory grade product is produced by one of the leading mushroom experts today and is free from contamination. Keep in a clean, cool, dry and dark place.

€ 27,99
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Spore Print Psilocybe cubensis McKennaii

Cubensis McKennaii is a powerful, visual Psilocybe mushroom known for producing uplifting, colourful, and mood-boosting effects. McKennaii is also renowned for being a very solid and stable cultivar, making it ideal for home growers. This print contains millions of natural, non-GMO McKennaii spores. Researchers and cultivators alike will be impressed by this strain.

€ 27,99
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Buy magic mushroom spore prints

Buy magic mushroom spore prints

Ready to start your magic mushroom growing journey? For the best results, you’ll want to start with the best magic mushroom spores you can get your hands on. At Zamnesia, we provide clean and reliable spore prints prepared in laboratory conditions. Check out the varieties we offer below, and choose from numerous strains, each offering unique effects. Then, find out how to store and use them. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start growing psilocybin mushrooms using spore prints.

Why buy magic mushroom spore prints at Zamnesia?

At Zamnesia, we’ve developed a legendary reputation for providing elite-quality cannabis and mushroom genetics. Our passion for all things psychoactive means we do things properly; our magic mushroom spore prints are of premium quality and among the best in the world. Prepared in aseptic laboratory conditions, our products are free from contamination when they arrive through your letterbox.

Unlike plants, many mushroom species require a sterilised environment to grow optimally and provide worthwhile results. When you buy spore prints from Zamnesia, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not introducing any unwanted contaminants into your growing medium.

And don’t just take our word for it; we’ve been a trusted supplier on the Shroomery forum for 9 years.

Which spore prints are available at Zamnesia?

Our spore print collection features some of the most popular varieties of psilocybin mushrooms from across the world, from the depths of the Amazon jungle to the islands of Hawaii. Given their varying qualities, each strain also produces a slightly different effect. We highly suggest you read up on each one to see which tickles your fancy. Some of our most popular options include:

What are the advantages of spore prints?

There are several different ways to grow magic mushrooms, but beginning with spore prints offers some distinct advantages.

First off, spore prints offer unparalleled protection against contamination. Unlike liquid cultures, prints don’t contain living mycelium suspended in a liquid growing medium. When prepared under laboratory conditions, this means there’s no additional material that serves as food for potential contaminants.

Second, spore prints have a superior shelf life. You can keep them wrapped in their packaging for use years after making your purchase.

Finally, spore prints make better mycologists! If you’re looking to gain mastery over mushrooms, spore prints enable you to start the process from the very beginning. From here, you can make your own liquid culture, agar plates, and slants.

How to use magic mushroom spore prints

After receiving your package of spore prints, there are two main ways to proceed: syringes and agar plates. To make spore syringes, simply add the contents of your pack into a jar of sterilised water and suck up the water with a sterile syringe. You can use the spore syringe to inject substrate directly or to add spores to a sterilised sugar solution to grow out the mycelium in liquid culture. In contrast, you can skip making spore syringes altogether and drop spores directly onto agar to grow out the mycelium in Petri dishes.

FAQ: Your magic mushroom spore print questions answered

🧠 Do magic mushroom spore prints contain psilocybin?
No. Psilocybe mushrooms manufacture psilocybin later on in the growing process. You can look at spores like cannabis seeds, which contain no THC. However, once the mushroom develops, it gains the ability to start synthesising secondary metabolites, such as psilocybin, within the mycelium and fruiting body.
🍄 Can you take magic mushroom spore prints yourself?
Yes! Making your own spore prints is an easy and rewarding process. Simply place a mature cap, gills-down, on a piece of foil (in a clean environment) and wait several hours for the spores to drop down and form a clean print.
🟣 What colours do magic mushroom spore prints have?
Magic mushroom spores vary slightly in colour. Typically, they are purple-black in appearance.
💯 How long do magic mushroom spore prints stay good for?
Magic mushroom spore prints will last years if stored in a dry, cool, and dark place.
🧹 How to handle spore prints?
You need to handle magic mushroom spores with care to avoid contamination and spoiled liquid culture/agar plates. Ideally, you should work with spores in a clean environment using a still air box (SAB) or flow hood to minimise the threat of airborne microorganisms landing on your plates and in your jars. Mycologists typically use scalpels to transfer agar and inoculation loops as the tool of choice when moving spores onto a Petri dish.

You’re ready for lab work

There you have it! You know all about magic mushroom spores and the best place to buy them. Now, you’re ready to get to work in your lab. Whether you have a basic SAB setup or a sophisticated workspace fitted with a flow hood, you’re ready to start growing your own batches of mushrooms from spores to fruiting bodies. Prepare for an exciting and rewarding journey.