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To word it in old terms, these guys hold a torch to the fuse, and they don't run away from what is to come. And we are more than happy to offer their explosive varieties. Bomb Seeds is a great source when it comes to fireworks in the form of extremely potent cannabis strains developed from real classics. Indica, sativa, and/or autoflowering, they are daredevils and can't keep their fingers off of the honey pot of legends.

They really push the envelope and won't stop experimenting until they have found the most potent and kick-ass genetic combination to blow a stoner’s ass out of the water—a goal growers and commercial breeders benefit from because their breathtaking creations keep happy stoners and professional customers coming back for more all the time.

Their collection of brain-banging and body-numbing varieties may be small (so far), but they break the frame when it comes to high yield, high THC and/or CBD levels, fast flowering, and fantastic growth potential. Most of the Bomb Seeds stuff is feminized, but they also offer a select assortment of regular seeds. No matter what you choose, the focus is always on quality and quantity; when these guys aim and fire, they rarely miss the bullseye!

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Atomic (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Atomic is a unique variety that combines genetics from renowned and powerful strains—Chemdawg, Kush and Bomb Seeds’ own THC Bomb. They each gifted their offspring with desirable traits and the result is a variety that’s powerful and fragrant, with euphoric, invigorating effects. At 22–26% THC, the breeders at Bomb Seeds can be proud of their potent cannabis creation.

€ 35,00
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Cherry Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Cherry Bomb is a strain with a bang! This predominantly indica beauty produces incredible yields of up to 600–650g/m² indoors, BANG. The harvested buds have a flavour of summer fruits with a Skunk undertone, BANG. Flowers contain 17–22% of THC, BANG. The only downside could be the slow burning fuse—it takes 8–10 weeks of flowering to ignite this firecracker.

€ 29,50
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Berry Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Berry Bomb is the child of Blueberry and Bomb #1 and she really makes the most out of her heritage. Daddy passed down his explosive growth and her mommy's gifts are the beautiful play of colors and sweet berry taste and aroma. Berry Bomb is suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation and novice growers will be happy to hear about her good mold resistance. High yields and potency.

€ 29,50
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Big Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Big Bomb truly lives up to its name! This hybrid is a bomb when it comes to the yield. You will hardly find a more productive variety for this one delivers 600-850g/m²! As the name already suggests, this bud bomber is the offspring of Big Bud - wherein Bomb #1 is the father. Outdoors each individual plant can produce more than 1.5kg! A commercial growers dream ...

€ 26,50
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Gorilla Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized

The experts at Bomb Seeds gave one of the most outstanding and popular strains of recent times, the famed Gorilla Glue, their Bomb treatment. What might have seemed as being an impossible task, to make the already insanely good Gorilla Glue even better, Bomb Seeds really managed to pull off when they created their Gorilla Bomb!

€ 35,00
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THC Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Bomb Seeds' THC Bomb is an excellent choice for thrill-seekers, offering high levels of the beloved cannabinoid and powerful effects. Plants stay rather short and need only 7–9 weeks to develop large, delicious buds. The genetic makeup of this THC monster is a mystery, with both sativa and indica influences producing superb, balanced effects.

€ 31,50
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Berry Bomb Auto (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Berry Bomb Auto is the autoflowering version of Bomb Seeds' crossbreed of a female Blueberry and a male Bomb #1, Berry Bomb. This is a great choice for connoisseurs with a lack of patience; she requires only 70 days from germination to harvest and delivers buds with an exceptional flavor and potency. Sweet berry flavor and a nicely balanced Indica/Sativa high. 15-20% THC.

€ 39,50
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Edam Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Cheese strains have always been favourites among cannabis enthusiasts who want excellent taste and an all-around very satisfying smoke. Bomb Seeds took an old-school Cheese strain from the UK that still had uncompromised genetics and gave her their bomb treatment for even bigger yields and production. Out comes an excellent Cheese variety that will sure delight Cheese lovers!

€ 22,50
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Banana Bomb (Bomb Seeds) Feminized

Banana Bomb is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a physically sedating yet mentally stimulating effect. Her sweet and sugary tastes make her an ideal strain when cooking up edibles. All with 7-9 weeks flowering and yields of up to 550g/m²!

€ 39,50
In stock

Buzz Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized

The name Buzz Bomb gives away the kind of high you can expect from this predominantly sativa variety. It's a plant suited for all sorts of setups and it will thrive in SOG or ScrOG grows. Plants reach a height of 110–140cm indoors and require 9–10 weeks to develop their large, elongated flower clusters. An average yield amounts to a neat 400–500g/m².

€ 38,95
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Ice Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Ice Bomb by Bomb Seeds reaches medium heights of 90–140cm and it branches out nicely, growing up to a bushy plant. It's the ideal candidate for SOG and ScrOG techniques, yielding 500–600g/m² indoors after 7–9 weeks of flowering. With THC levels at 17–22% and a sparkling layer of trichomes, Ice Bomb's flowers are a treat for all cannabis connoisseurs.

€ 27,50
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THC Bomb Auto (Bomb Seeds) feminized

THC Bomb Auto is ready for harvesting after only 65 days and offers significantly bigger yields than many other autoflowering varieties, making her a viable option for commercial growers. To create this highly potent variety Bomb Seeds took their THC-rich THC Bomb and crossed it with their Auto Bomb. Perfectly suited for SOG and ScrOG setups. 18-22% THC.

€ 32,50
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Cosmic Bomb Auto (Bomb Seeds) feminized

Cosmic Bomb Auto sure isn’t your average autoflower! This stellar hybrid stands out with substantial potency, a surging high, and an excellent flavour profile. A truly cosmic autoflower that won’t disappoint even the most spoiled cannabis connoisseurs!

€ 39,50
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Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized

If beastly potency, mouth-watering flavours, and exceptional brevity are what you seek, Bomberry Glue Auto will knock your socks off. Created in a collab between Zamnesia and Bomb Seeds, Bomberry Glue Auto combines two famous strains into an outright explosive autoflower. Expect sky-high THC levels, a "berry good" taste, and bombastic yields!

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Information About Bomb Seeds

Information About Bomb Seeds


Bomb Seeds lights the fuse of a grower’s imagination and blows away the competition with their breeding and selection process. They take pride in crossing classic strains the cannabis community has grown to love, and combining them with potent and highly desired Bomb Seeds genetics. They grow for quality, quantity, potency, and efficient flowering time. Bomb Seeds has a wide variety of strains ranging from indicas and sativas to autoflowering genetics.

Grown organically in the Netherlands where conditions are stringently regulated, each seed is hand-selected for quality before shipping out to the buyer. This gives Bomb Seeds the assurance that genetic consistency is in every seed sold. Their seeds are the freshest around, thanks to being kept in a humidity-controlled refrigerator that remains at a consistent 6–8°C.


Bomb Seeds cannabis seeds come in a well-designed blister pack. Each packet comes with easy-to-read details on the strain, plus expectations and product resources. Each purchased seed can be viewed through a clear packaging window to excite the buyer about the explosion of quality plants soon to be grown. Seeds can be purchased in packages of 5 feminized seeds at Zamnesia.