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Cannabis might be called weed, but some strains can prove challenging to grow, especially for those unfamiliar with the plant and its needs. And with so many strains out there, finding a variety to match your experience as a beginner grower can be difficult. That's why we've created this hand-picked list of easy-to-grow cannabis strains ideal for beginner or first-time growers.

The strains highlighted below might vary in terms of genetics, potency, aromas, and effects, but one thing they all share is an ability to deliver superb results without much grower interference. If you're new to cultivating cannabis, these strains are the perfect starting point. Their solid genetics provide them with plenty of vigour to grow into strong plants that are resilient to stress, pests, and pathogens. All it'll take to get these ladies to harvest is some good soil, a solid watering routine, and the occasional feed of quality fertiliser.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect beginner cannabis strain below.

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Blue Monster Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Brought to you by Zamnesia Seeds, Blue Monster Automatic is a fully automatic feminized strain with a very short 7–8-week bloom period and great versatility. Its prestigious genetic background is responsible for creating a strain supreme in both flavour and high. A definite must-have for every serious stoner.

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Easy Bud Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Easy Bud by Royal Queen Seeds is a hybrid result of an autoflowering Ruderalis with a vigorously growing Indica species. This feminized cannabis is a combo of Sativa 15%, Indica 55% and Ruderalis 30% genes. Easy Bud is a close cousin of the autoflowering White Dwarf. Due to its strong genetics, this strain can be cultivated almost everywhere and in no time regardless the environment...

€ 17,50
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Vision Gelato Auto (Vision Seeds) feminized

Vision Gelato Auto by Vision Seeds is an autoflowering cannabis strain that has it all. She is a balanced hybrid that shines with citrus flavour and a superb high that uplifts and inspires. High resin-production and her short life-cycle are other highlights that make growing this girl a great choice for indoor or outdoor growing!

€ 22,50
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Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

What happens when three famous strains come together? Zamnesia Seeds’ Sticky Beast Automatic is pure autoflower bliss made from some of the best strain favourites. This elusive combo where the mouth-watering Bubble Gum meets the famed OG Kush and the high-yielding Critical Auto makes for a true one-of-kind autoflower that is also very easy to grow!

€ 20,99 € 16,79
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Blue Cheese Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Blue Cheese Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is the mix of Blueberry Automatic and Cheese Automatic. The result in and interesting and tantalising mix of flavours, combined with a potent cerebral high. This strain of cannabis seeds goes from germination to harvest in roughly 10 weeks, and can produce a fairly generous yield for an auto variety. It’s an instant classic.

€ 21,50
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Wedding Cake (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant treat that can be enjoyed no matter the occasion! Providing a joyous high alongside a hefty serving of mouth-watering flavours, she's also super easy to grow and takes just 65 days to harvest. So, what are you waiting for? Book a date with Wedding Cake and see what she has to offer!

€ 25,99
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Purple Punch (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Purple Punch by Zamnesia Seeds is a dreamy indica that shines with an exquisite taste and an incredibly relaxing effect. Despite her compact size, this almost pure indica is very easy to grow and can deliver great yields.

€ 20,99
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HulkBerry (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

With a THC content surpassing most other strains on Earth, HulkBerry is not here to play around. With roots in the competitive and innovative Colorado breeding scene, HulkBerry provides hybrid vigour in the grow-op and soaring highs that have been known to impress even the most fastidious canna-connoisseur.

€ 29,00
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Sticky Beast (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Moreish flavours: A contrasting mix of sweet and sour terpenes. Legendary parentage: OG Kush and Bubble Gum come together in this superb hybrid. Easygoing plants: Compact and responsive to training techniques, Sticky Beast promises great harvests and a breezy growing process. Relaxing...

€ 18,99
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Orange Sherbert (Barney's Farm) feminized

The powerful indica-dominant hybrid Orange Sherbert from Barney's Farm delivers intoxicating effects alongside an incredibly delicious flavour that is so orangey, you will think you're basking in the orange groves of Italy! Plus, this cannabis is just beautiful to look at in the grow room and combines three US favourites into one mouth-watering fruit explosion.

€ 29,04
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Northern Light Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Northern Light Automatic by RQS is an autoflowering hybrid of the classic Northern Light that combines Afghan genetics to create a robust and potent cultivar. It went on to set the standard for indoor growing in the ‘80s, and formed the basis for a legion of superior hybrids. Northern Light Automatic harnesses all the potential of the original, in an easy-to-grow package.

€ 35,00 € 28,00
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Northern Lights Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Bred from the loins of a classic, Northern Lights Automatic is like a pot present from the past, but with a futuristic upgrade. This feminized version sees Northern Lights crossed with ruderalis to create an extra-sweet strain that fans new and old are sure to adore. Growers can expect bountiful results in just 9 short weeks, from seed to harvest!

€ 18,99 € 15,19
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Runtz (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

The hype is real, guys! Our breeders managed to bring you something Californians long for—the exquisitely delicious and ultra-potent Runtz. This cross of Gelato and Zkittlez is everything you could ever want from a cannabis strain: tasty, powerful, balanced, productive, and fast-flowering. Get the seeds and experience this phenomenon first-hand!

€ 27,99
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Critical (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

The Royal Queen Seeds feminized Critical is among the most popular strains among commercial producers and inpatient growers that want lots of top quality weed in no time. With 7 weeks of flowering period, yields up to 600 g per square meter and high THC content, Critical makes a great cash crop.

€ 23,00
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Sour Diesel (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Sour Diesel by Royal Queen Seeds is probably one of the most famous cannabis strains on the planet. This fine cannabis strain comes straight from California and is many growers and blowers favorite. It is a reliable source for high quantities of high quality marijuana with a very pungent, aromatic taste. Expect 450-600g/m² of buds with chemical, herbal and sour flavors.

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Royal Critical Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Royal Critical Automatic feminized by Royal Queen Seeds is the hybrid result between the sturdy Ruderalis and the notorious Critical Mass with Sativa 15%, Indica 50% and Ruderalis 35% genes. She is the winner of numerous awards in Spain being admired by farmers worldwide for its vigorous growing properties.

€ 21,50
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Critical Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

Critical Kush by Barney's Farm is a very successful cross between Critical Mass, itself a hybrid of Afghani x Skunk #1, and OG Kush, a Northern Californian strain with Chemdawg and Pakistani Kush heritage. This impressive marriage ultimately results in an indica-dominant smoke that induces a strong stone, making it a great choice for relaxing and medicinal purposes.

€ 36,97
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Northern Lights (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Quite simply a spectacular specimen of cannabis, Northern Lights has withstood the test of time to become one of the most well-loved strains of all time. Taking only 7 weeks to flower, she is a vigorous grower and an abundant supplier. Predominantly indica in nature. Northern Lights can produce in excess of 500g/m² of some of the finest bud in the world.

€ 18,99
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Strawberry Lemonade (Barney's Farm) feminized

Barney's Farm created Strawberry Lemonade to excite users with a super fruity and sweet cultivar that offers the perfect sativa-dominant high for daytime consumption. Plus, she is really easy to grow and highly resistant to mould and all kinds of other grow issues.

€ 31,68
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Green Crack 2.0 (Humboldt Seed Organization) feminized

Green Crack 2.0 is a famous variety among commercial growers in California and now it is coming to Europe. This easy to grow, robust and high yielding strain has been bred by mingling the genetics of Skunk #1 and a pure Afghani. The result is a plant with an intense and fruity aroma and flavor and high resin production. 18% THC.

€ 29,00
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Wedding Cake Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

From the team at Zamnesia Seeds comes Wedding Cake Automatic. This autoflowering strain is not only a joy to grow, but also to smoke—thanks to her impressive flavour profile and abundant high. An easy, breezy specimen in the grow room, she's perfect for beginners looking to get their feet wet, and experienced growers seeking a hassle-free home project.

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Green Crack Auto (FastBuds) feminized

The breeders at FastBuds managed to create another top-performing autoflowering variety. One can expect rock-hard buds and intense, uplifting effects from this specimen. The THC content is extremely high for an autoflowering strain: 20%! Shift to overdrive and harvest Green Crack Auto after a short life cycle of just 8 weeks!

€ 30,00
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Critical (Advanced Seeds) feminized

Critical by Advanced Seeds has been bred by crossing Critical Mass with South Indian and Brazilian. Such international genetics produce vigorous plants that thrive in any environment and offer massive buds. This indica-dominant plant will please growers with rewarding harvests, maintaining manageable size indoors and reaching impressive heights under the sun.

€ 17,50
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Critical Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Bred from one of the most popular and best cultivars around, Critical Automatic from Zamnesia Seeds is a hybrid of immense flavour and unmistakable aromas. A feminized mix of Critical x ruderalis, she retains all of the original's splendor, but delivers it in an easy-to-grow package. Critical Automatic goes from seed to harvest in just 9 short weeks.

€ 18,99
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