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The Boundless CFX combines style with cool features and outstanding vaping performance. The CFX has the same excellent airflow, super-fast heat-up time and generous capacity as its smaller brother The Boundless CF, but adds individual degree adjustment, a gorgeous 1.7” OLED display and a vibrating alarm. The Boundless CFX is a fabulous mid-priced vaporizer that satisfies on many levels.

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Boundless CFX Vaporizer: Fantastic performance and flavour paired with cool features

Finding a reasonably priced vaporizer that looks great and that can provide a good vape isn’t always easy. Yet, The Boundless CFX comes as close as it can get, if you’re looking for a vaporizer that has stellar vaping performance, handy features and that can impress with cool looks.

The first thing that will catch your eye is the CFX's gorgeous 1.7” OLED display that doesn’t just make the device look incredibly cool. This display shows the session timer in seconds, in a fuel gauge look, the remaining battery life in the upper right, and the vaporizer’s temperature setting.

The CFX’s individual temperature setting is one of the differences as compared to the smaller CF which had 5 pre-set temperatures that you can choose from. With the CFX, you can freely adjust its temperature anywhere from 38-220°C, giving you enormous flexibility to adjust your vape as you want it. The temperatures are displayed as red when you set them and green when the CFX has reached its temperature.

This is where we get to another major plus for both the Boundless CF and CFX: their fantastically short heat-up time. In practice, this means that you will get to your desired vape temperature almost instantly. There is no long wait as is often the case with other vaporizers, where you’d spend a lot of time just waiting for the LED to turn green. This is where both Boundless vaporizers absolutely shine and set themselves apart from others. The CFX even adds a vibrating alarm that tells you when the unit has reached temperature. What may seem like a gimmick, in practice this alarm is extremely handy especially if you’re out and about and want to enjoy a good vape.

Next on the list of why Boundless CFX is a really awesome vaporizer is its generous vaping capacity. Great vaping ability and cool features do not amount to anything if a device underperforms there where it counts. Like the CF, the CFX can hold upwards of a half gram of herb and you may be able to fit even more in with some tapping, making the CFX an awesome device that is suitable for multiperson sessions. A huge plus for the Boundless CF and CFX!


Cool features and nice looks are all great to have in a vaporizer and the CFX definitely stands out with its stylish design and the very cool-looking OLED display. However, for a good vape, we need to look at vaping performance rather than get too distracted by its fancy features.

Fortunately, when it comes to vaping performance, the Boundless CFX is absolutely on top too!

The CFX has an airflow that’s optimal, providing a draw that is very comfortable and “just right”. The Boundless CFX stands out with its fully isolated air path that cools the vape when you use it. If you have ever tried a poorly designed vaporizer with harsh and hot vape, you will know that this is a priceless feature! With their ingenious airflow design, your vape will never be too hot and you will have a smooth and pleasant vape across all temperature ranges. The best thing: The CFX doesn’t sacrifice anything when it comes to flavour. And let’s be honest, this is probably a very important feature to look at when you are shopping for a good vaporizer! In our tests, there was just some minimal harshness at the highest temperature setting, and even that was easily tolerable.

The Boundless CFX offers amazing features and outstanding performance for a mid-priced vaping unit. A short heat-up time and superb yet smooth flavour make this vaporizer stand out from others in the same price range. Add the gorgeous OLED display, the individual degree temperature setting, and the stylish design and you have a vaporizer that satisfies on all fronts.

Boundless CFX data sheet
Adjustable Temperature Yes
Brand Boundless
Heating Technique Conduction
Temperature range 38-221°C
Type Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs, Concentrates

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    Cfx il meglio per me
    Lo amo

    L. V.

    Grande chambre, batterie dure longtemps, tout est parfait!

    A. C.

    Chauffe vite, précisément, très bonne batterie
    Hyper content de mon achat après 2 ans d'utilisation : batterie tient très très bien, ergonomie agréable et construction assez qualitative, ça chauffe bien et vite, de façon précise, et la vapeur a le temps de se refroidir avant d'arriver dans la bouche, ce qui rend la consommation très agréable. Si jamais il lâche, je rachèterai exactement le même ! Merci Boundless et merci Zamnesia.

    M. G.

    3 Day Delivery

    T. E.

    Précis, rapide, agréable à utiliser
    J'ai été surpris par la capacité de la chambre pour un modèle relativement petit en taille; également le fait qu'il y a une chambre additionnelle à placer pour les résines et les huiles est un grand plus, c'est d'ailleurs pour cela que je l'ai acheté. Chauffe très vite, et avec précision, et semble facile à nettoyer. Je pense que je vais le garder des années!

    C. V.

    Excellent vapo
    à prix raisonnable. Très simple à manipuler.

    C. V.

    Good, but not the best
    Works as it shoud and get's the job done, but if you have the extra money, get a Crafty

    K. W.

    Great Vap...
    Looks ok to me. Waiting for my sticky beast to mature.

    D. H.

    Super appareil, chauffe rapide, les batteries tiennent le coup, facile d'utilisation et d'entretien. Vraiment à recommander.

    L. P.

    Easy and handy
    Good prize for high quality vapo. Recommended.

    A. M.
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