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Autoflowering cannabis seeds are perfect for cannabis enthusiast looking to produce multiple happy moments a year. Unlike traditional cannabis strains, the crafty breeding behind autoflowering plants allows them to flower with age, rather than a changing light period. Furthermore, the range of autoflowering cannabis seeds available covers all the classics, including Amnesia Haze, Northern Light, and AK-47. To help make decisions easier, we have put together a list of the top 10 autoflowering cannabis seeds here at Zamnesia – updated on a bi-weekly basis!

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Girl Scout Cookies Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Girl Scout Cookies is a popular strain throughout the world, inspiring many subsequent hybrids. By combining these sought-after genetics with high-grade ruderalis, Zamnesia offers a top-quality autoflowering variant of the West Coast legend. Within only 8–10 weeks from seed, spoils of sweet-smelling, potent buds will be yours.


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Fat Banana Auto (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Fat Banana Auto boasts both speed and potency—two traits every grower is looking for!


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Auto Ultimate (Dutch Passion) feminized

Auto Ultimate is the autoflowering version of Dutch Passion's super productive strain "The Ultimate", churning out crazy yields for an autoflowering plant. Provided you give her enough space and light, it is possible to obtain a gigantic haul of huge, rock-hard buds after around two months. Moreover, the THC level is amazing: 16–20%!


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Taison Auto (VIP Seeds) feminized

Taison Auto by VIP Seeds is a colorful autoflowering strain that packs a knock-out punch. It is a great looker that can flourish indoors and outdoors; offering generous yields of a highly sought after product. It is a great choice for commercial cultivators and those looking for a fairly easy to grow, resilient plant that offers a transcendent product. This is not one to miss.


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Green Monster Autoflowering (Zambeza) feminized

Green Monster Autoflowering is a compact autoflowering strain that finishes its life cycle in 55-60 days from seed. It’s a crossing of Green Monster, Big Devil 2, and Ruderalis. Indoor growers may expect short plants with typical indoor heights of 60-90cm, and yields of up to 300-350g/m². When grown outdoors, plants will reach heights of 110cm and yield up to 120g per plant.


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Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

What happens when three famous strains come together? Zamnesia Seeds’ Sticky Beast Automatic is pure autoflower bliss made from some of the best strain favourites. This elusive combo where the mouth-watering Bubble Gum meets the famed OG Kush and the high-yielding Critical Auto makes for a true one-of-kind autoflower that is also very easy to grow!


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Green AK XL Autoflowering (Zambeza) feminized

Green AK XL Autoflowering produces indoor yields of up to 500g/m² in a short life cycle of 60-70 days. This variety was developed by crossing Zambeza’s feminized Green AK XL, a high-yielding version of AK-47, with Ruderalis. Green AK XL Auto delivers a euphoric high, but is slightly indica-dominant, and therefore sturdy and productive. Outdoor growers can harvest up to 100-150g per plant.


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Expert Gorilla Auto (Expert Seeds) feminized

Sticky is an understatement. This next-gen autoflowering cannabis is some seriously gooey ganja. Combining resilient ruderalis genetics with the infamous GG#4 to create perhaps the most potent autoflowering cannabis seeds currently available. 23% THC secures this auto a spot on the top-shelf.


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Purple Queen Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Purple Queen Automatic will relax every muscle in your body while treating your taste buds to notes of sweetness, pine, and fruit.


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Blueberry Cheese Autoflowering (Zambeza) feminized

Blueberry Cheese Autoflowering is definitely a dwarf - with a height of only 40-70cm she is the perfect choice for a small grow room. This indica-dominant cross-breed of Blueberry Cheese and Ruderalis may be small, but manages to yield 300-350g/m², only 60-70 days after germination. Smoking her buds produces a strong cheesy and musky taste. With 17% THC, this weed is pretty strong.

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