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Mushrooms have a lot more to offer than just a pleasant taste and texture. Here at the Zamnesia Healthshop, we offer a wide range of mushroom-based products that exploit the power of fungi to promote a host of benefits to well-being.

Whether you're looking for tinctures from a variety of mushroom species or a range of mushroom extract-filled capsules, we have something to incorporate seamlessly into your daily schedule. This way, you can add a drop or two of tincture to your morning smoothie or pop a capsule no matter your location, to experience all the benefits fungi have to offer. So if you've been on the fence when it comes to the potential mushrooms hold, there's no better time to get acquainted with our range of premium mushroom products.

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Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)

Lion's mane is a strange mushroom that looks quite unlike any other. What's more, these mushrooms have long been prized for their flavour and holistic uses. With this liquid culture syringe, you can grow them easily at home!

€ 17,99 € 15,29
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Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules (Foodsporen)

With these pre-measured capsules, incorporating Cordyceps sinensis into your diet couldn't be simpler! Just take 1–2 capsules per day or as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

€ 32,95
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Shiitake Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)

Shiitake mushrooms are delicious and easy to grow. With these liquid cultures, growing them will be even easier, thanks to the fast and reliable colonisation of substrate made possible by inoculation using live mycelium.

€ 17,99 € 15,29
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Power 5 Mushroom Capsules (Foodsporen)

Power 5 Mushroom Capsules are a finely tuned mix of 5 of the most popular species of mushrooms available on the market today. All blend together to provide many potential effects on well-being. Available in a bottle of 60 capsules, they effortlessly slot into your daily routine.

€ 32,95 € 28,01
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Power 5 Mushroom Tincture (Foodsporen)

Looking for a complete, mushroom-based dietary supplement? The Power 5 by Foodsporen is a highly-concentrated tincture combining extracts from 5 super-nutritious mushrooms, including Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, and more.

€ 29,95 € 25,46
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Grey Oyster Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)

Grow mushrooms the easy way, thanks to this grey oyster liquid culture syringe. This product is packed full of liquid culture and offers an effortless way to cultivate mushrooms at home. Whether this is your first foray into the fungi world or you've got plenty of experience, don't miss out on what fufufungu has to offer. Enjoy tasty, vitamin-rich oyster mushrooms in no time at all.

€ 17,99 € 15,29
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Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules (Foodsporen)

Used in antioxidant tinctures, heart and immune supplements, and countless other applications, Turkey Tail mushrooms are packed with all sorts of benefits. And with these 400mg pure Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules, reaping those benefits has never been easier.

€ 32,95
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7 Mushrooms Organic Mix

Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals Certified organic product Halal certified Powdered for easy dosing

€ 16,99 € 14,44
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Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis) Organic Extract

Long history of use in traditional Chinese holistic practices Contains at least 30% polysaccharides Organic and free from GMO Packed with nutrients Easy to use and dose

€ 55,99
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Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Extract

Great source of non-animal protein Rich in carbohydrates and fibre Contains hericenones and erinacines 100% natural Contains at least 30% polysaccharides

€ 55,99 € 47,59
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King Oyster Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)

King oyster is a delicious and meaty mushroom variety that is used throughout East Asian cuisine. This liquid culture allows you to grow your very own colonies at home in rapid time!

€ 17,99 € 15,29
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Lion's Mane Mushroom Tincture (Foodsporen)

No happy accident, the lion's mane mushroom's name comes from its thick, fur-like appearance. However, looks aren't everything; but with some potential energising and focus-sharpening benefits to be had, there's little wonder this humble mushroom is so popular. Now available in a handy tincture, you can take lion's mane with you everywhere you go.

€ 29,95 € 25,46
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Lion's Mane Mushroom Tincture (Mushinto)

Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, the Lion's Mane mushroom is utilised for its focusing and sharpening effects—allowing them to make the most of their day. These effects can now be experienced on the go as well as at work or home with the use of this convenient tincture. Simply apply a few drops under your tongue, to your favourite foods or morning coffee, and add to your daily...

€ 39,95 € 33,96
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Chaga Mushroom Capsules (Foodsporen)

Looking to harness the power of fungi? If so, you need to add chaga to your regimen. Revered among Siberian shamans and ancient cultures of the Far North, this sclerotium houses a vast array of fascinating molecules, including triterpenes and cannabinoids! Use these skilfully extracted capsules for a potent daily hit of chaga.

€ 32,50
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Tinder Fungus (Fomes fomentarius) Powder

Long tradition of use in wellness practices Completely natural and organic Made entirely from mushroom fruit bodies Free from additives and GMO

€ 24,99
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Turkey Tail Mushroom Tincture (Foodsporen)

Turley Tail (Coriolus Versicolor) has long been a staple of Chinese medicine. This tincture from Foodsporen provides a simple and pure way to incorporate this powerful mushroom variety into your diet and lifestyle.

€ 29,95
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Reishi Mushroom Tincture (Foodsporen)

The reishi mushroom has long been used in East Asia, and for some great reasons. Now, you too can experience its benefits with this handy tincture from the team at Foodsporen. Easy to use, long-lasting, and with plenty of different applications, there's very little not to love about these expertly extracted tinctures. For those looking to soothe the nerves, this is a tincture to check out.

€ 29,95 € 25,46
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Reishi Mushroom Capsules (Foodsporen)

Reishi mushroom has stood the test of time. Ancient cultures valued the mushroom for its spiritual attributes, and many people appreciate the fungus today for the same reasons. Reishi Mushroom Capsules make it super easy to include this species in your daily regimen. Simply consume 1–2 400mg capsules each day, and discover how this fascinating fungus works for you.

€ 32,50 € 27,62
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Reishi Mushroom Tincture (Mushinto)

The use of the Reishi mushroom can be traced back many thousands of years. Harnessed for its potential soothing and relaxing qualities, it's not hard to see why it's found a place in busy, modern times. Now it's never been easier to enjoy what the Reishi mushroom has to offer with this quick and easy to use tincture. Perfect for taking on the go and has a simply huge range of applications.

€ 43,95 € 37,36
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Chaga Mushroom Tincture (Mushinto)

Long harnessed for its antioxidants and potential ability to positively affect the immune system, there's little wonder why people are still turning to the chaga mushroom for its benefits. Now, it's never been easier to sample chaga from home and on the go with this convenient tincture. Containing high-quality and expertly extracted chaga, this is just what you're looking for.

€ 45,95
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Chaga Mushroom Tincture (Foodsporen)

The chaga mushroom is packed full of antioxidants and promotes a healthy immune system. While it is a popular mushroom for teas, you can now experience everything this fungus has to offer in a handy, versatile tincture. Whether you're on the go or looking for an easy way to dose at home, these expertly extracted tinctures are just what you're looking for.

€ 29,95
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Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules (Foodsporen)

What do you see when you think of the word "mushroom"? Probably a stem, a large cap, and some gills, right? Well, lion's mane goes against the grain when it comes to form. This stunning species features long white spines that dangle down from its fruiting body. Loaded with interesting molecules, this fungus has earned its place among the most popular on the planet.

€ 32,50 € 27,62
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Mushroom Chocolate Biohacker's Dream (Systers)

If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and add the popular lion's mane or chaga mushrooms to your diet, we have got the products for you. Try their handmade, organic chocolate with shrooms from KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms. Choose from two variants: 66% enriched with chaga and cherries, and 77% with blueberries and lion's mane. Either is delicious and vegan-friendly.

€ 10,95 € 9,31
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Turkey Tail (Coriolus versicolor) Powder

Rich in antioxidants Rich in vitamins and minerals 100% natural & organic

€ 21,99
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Which mushroom supplement would suit me best?

Which Mushroom Supplement Would Suit Me Best

Mushrooms—of all shapes, sizes, and species—are gaining mainstream popularity. But did you know that some cultures have been using mushrooms holistically for thousands of years? Revered both for their effects and unique flavours, here we discuss five very special mushroom supplements we think you should introduce into your daily regimen.

The effects of 5 amazing mushrooms

Lion’s mane, reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and turkey tail mushrooms are all believed, by some, to bear beneficial properties. Indeed, all have been used in traditional Eastern practices for thousands of years, yet only now are they becoming popular in the West.

Following these age-old beliefs, contemporary science is investigating what interactions these mushrooms may or may not have with the body. Each is currently being tested for its adaptogenic potential—its ability to reduce stress on the body. With various forms of stress inflicting a major blow on our body and mind, adaptogenic substances are only gaining in popularity.

In what follows, we examine some of the research and potential benefits surrounding these five mushrooms.

Lion's mane — researched for effects on cognition

  • Cognitive effects: A Japanese study from 2009 tested two groups of adults diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. One group took lion’s mane for 16 weeks; the other a placebo (Mori et al., 2009).
  • Effects on mood: A 2005 Taiwanese study looked to determine the effects of lion’s mane on a mouse model of depression (Tang et al., 2005).

Reishi — studied for fatigue

  • Effects on stress: Research from 2018 sought to assess the impact of reishi mushroom on the stress hormone, cortisol (Liao et al., 2018).
  • Effects on fatigue: A randomised study from 2005 looked into reishi’s effects on fatigue (Liao et al., 2018).

Chaga — vitamin powerhouse

  • Betulinic acid: This acid is absorbed by the chaga mushroom from its host—often a birch tree. Betulinic acid has been researched in relation to numerous conditions, including inflammation and infection (Géry et al., 2018).
  • A treasure trove of nutrients: Chaga mushrooms are packed with nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin D, potassium, zinc, and selenium.

Cordyceps — a trove of polysaccharides

  • Antioxidant potential: In 2009, mice were given cordyceps extract in order to determine its effects on the ageing process (Liao et al., 2018).
  • Contains polysaccharides: These complex carbohydrate chains are known to be easily absorbed by the body. Moreover, they have been researched in relation to fatigue and the immune system.

Turkey tail — GABA agonist?

  • Effects on mood: Turkey tail mushrooms, among others, have been investigated for their GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) content (Ramos-Ruiz et al., 2018). GABA is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that can have a powerful effect on mood and anxiety.
  • Effects on immune system: Studies have looked into whether turkey tail could affect levels of TNF-alpha, a proinflammatory protein (Jin et al., 2018).

How best to take mushroom supplements

Taking mushroom supplements is incredibly easy. Some methods take only seconds per day, delivering all of the effects with little inconvenience. Others take a little more work but offer extra benefits, such as a delicious meal! To help you decide what works best for you, below we outline the different methods of taking mushroom supplements.


This is a simple and easy method. Containing mushroom extract powder, doses are equal and predetermined, allowing for great consistency. Simply swallow with water and you’re done. This is probably the easiest way to take mushroom products.


Tinctures allow for a little versatility and can be added to food or drink. Otherwise, you can drop them straight into your mouth. Coming with a dropper for easy dosing, tinctures are another simple way to take mushroom extracts.

Powder extract

Powder extract offers versatility in exchange for the simplicity of other methods. You can make a mushroom tea or add it to a meal.


Whole mushrooms are the choice for purists and chefs. Many of these mushrooms are also delicious culinary ingredients and a real pleasure to cook with. If you fancy cooking a meal that also contains the effects these mushrooms have to offer, whole specimens are the way to go.

Buy mushroom supplements today

These mysterious fungi connect us to many different cultures, across the ages. Now, you can imbibe their effects for yourself. Choosing which mushroom to buy can be difficult. Fortunately, we have a product available that packs all five into one extract, meaning you can reap the effects of each mushroom with almost no effort!

What are you waiting for?

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