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As a regular on many cannabis enthusiasts' list of favourite cannabis strains, buying a Kush cannabis strain won't disappoint. Defined by its indica-dominant genetics, great effects, and unique flavours, the long-standing reign of Kush is only just beginning. Its continued success has led to the creation of a whole host of Kush recreations and reinterpretations.

Boasting an average THC content of around 20%, Kush strains offer up some great relaxing and soothing sensations that are perfect for unwinding either solo or with friends. Whether smoked, vaped or as part of an edible creation, Kush strains are robust and are there to be enjoyed.

With plenty of options available, buying Kush seeds that suit your preferences has never been easier. The choice is plenty, from photoperiod feminized to autoflowers and even regular seeds, and they are just waiting for you to pick them up.

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OG Kush (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

A worldly icon hailing from California, OG Kush serves up a captivating mind-body experience. The popular strain combines Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush in a sublime matrimony of intense aromas. OG Kush by Zamnesia boasts a robust flowering time of only 8 weeks, yielding an abundance of quality buds.

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Critical Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

Critical Kush by Barney's Farm is a very successful cross between Critical Mass, itself a hybrid of Afghani x Skunk #1, and OG Kush, a Northern Californian strain with Chemdawg and Pakistani Kush heritage. This impressive marriage ultimately results in an indica-dominant smoke that induces a strong stone, making it a great choice for relaxing and medicinal purposes.

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Purple Kush (Kannabia) feminized

With Purple Kush, Kannabia gives us an awesome looking plant that can be a true jewel for any enthusiast cannabis grower. But Purple Kush doesn’t just look great. This Indica has a very pleasant herbal aroma and delivers a powerful, very relaxing high. Add the fact that she’s easy to grow and it’s really difficult not to recommend this fantastic Indica!

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Special Kush 1 (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

The feminized Special Kush #1 by Royal Queen Seeds is the "resurrection" of an old school Kush strain that loves to grow in the wild and then it fills all available space and reaches and exceeds 3m height. Indoors, this 50-50 Indica/Sativa hybrid requires 7-8 weeks of flowering to produce its small and tight nuggets. Expect an average yield of 400g/m² and a very hash-like taste.

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Monster Bud Kush (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Taking it back to the very roots of cannabis origins, Monster Bud Kush is an original landrace strain that exemplifies all of the qualities that have led to Kush strains becoming so popular. With decent yields, a 7-8 week flowering time, and a well-rounded body high, this genetic legend will show you what cannabis is really about.

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Auto Purple CousKush (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

Auto Purple CousKush is an autoflowering strain that comprises a well-balanced mix of cannabis genetics. This special cultivar exhibits amazing colours and provides stealthy growers with a perfect growth structure. The highs and flavours are absolutely spectacular. Learn more about this potent strain.

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OG Kush (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Kush cannabis family is surrounded with a mythology and reverence. The Royal Queen Seeds feminized O.G. Kush lives up to those high expectations, offering powerful marijuana with great taste. A prime example of successful transatlantic cooperation between American and Dutch breeders.

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Larry Bird Kush (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

This legendary strain by Zamnesia is named after Larry Bird, the famous Boston Celtics basketball player. The nearly perfect hybrid (50/50), made from a Sunset Sherbert and a Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint phenotype shines with a fantastic aroma that is sweet, tangy, and minty, and a great high that is relaxing yet wonderfully upbeat and mood lifting.

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Master Kush (Dutch Passion) feminized

A much acclaimed strain derived from the pure Indicas brought from their Afghan homeland. A high yielding, potent plant with very high levels of both THC and CBD. Don't get mistaken by the smooth, sweet aroma - the Dutch Passion feminized Master Kush is a real killer weed that produces a lasting stone.

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Pure Kush (Original Sensible) feminized

Pure Kush doet haar naam eer aan; ze is een 100% zuivere en onaangepaste Hindu Kush-variant. Deze supersnelbloeiende en hoogproductieve cannabissoort heeft veel medicinale toepassingen. 22% THC en een flinke dosis CBD maken haar een veelzijdige allrounder. 

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Strawberry Kush (White Label) feminized

Strawberry Kush by White Label is a solid Kush with a touch of Haze. Sweet and seductive strawberry aromas go great with a wonderful high that is both relaxing and uplifting. Previously only available as a clone, Strawberry Kush is now available as a feminized seed.

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Skunk Kush (Sensi Seeds) feminized

Sensi Seeds latest high-class Skunk hybrid mixes Afghani genes of Hindu Kush with the dynamic vigor of Skunk #1. Bursting forth with an unconventional flavor and aroma, she flaunts a heap of weighty resinous buds, oozing with her unique aroma. Although Indica-dominant she does display strong Sativa traits - especially in terms of her amazing high. A red-eyed high that will never let you...

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Bubble Kush (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Bubble Kush is the result of crossing the famed OG Kush with the sweet Bubble Gum. Despite the significant Indica dominance of 80% the plants grow rather tall, reaching 80-140cm in an indoor plantation, respectively 160-200cm outdoors - with accordingly high yields. Expect yields in the range of 550-650 grams of highly potent weed per plant.

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Pineapple Kush (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Pineapple Kush is not only great choice for any recreational user looking for a strain with a pleasant cerebral high, but also for medical users seeking help for ailments such as tension, anxiety, mental stress, migraine, PMS and many other indispositions. Pineapple Kush requires 7-8 weeks of flowering to produce a yield of 500-550g/m².

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Master Kush (Nirvana) feminized

Master Kush (feminized) by Nirvana Seeds is an easy to grow multiple award winning strain, that has been created by crossing two Kush varieties. How about half a kilo of weed within a very short time?

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Cookies Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

Outstanding newcomer and Cannabis Cup winner, Cookies Kush is sending shock waves right through the entire cannabis community. A Kush of seemingly unmatched quality, she reveals herself as an enticing specimen, that Indica lovers will absolute adore. The result of crossing of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, Cookies Kush adopts all the finer qualities of both her amazing parents.

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Kushberry (DNA Genetics) feminized

Kushberry is an award-winning flavorbomb that will satisfy your mind and your body.

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Gypsy Kush (Kannabia) feminized

Gypsy Kush is an exotic local strain from Andalusia in Spain. Great strong plant with a very effective result!

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Royal Kush Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

A ripe Royal Kush Automatic exudes a rich, spicy, almost fruity aroma, owed to her parent Sweet Special Auto, which is a genetic blend of Grapefruit, Hog and Cream Caramel Auto. The influence of her Kush parent on the other hand shows in the height of the plant - it is still compact, but slightly taller than many other autoflowering strains.

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Candy Kush Express - Fast Flowering (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Candy Kush Express is a nicely balanced 60% Indica/40% Sativa hybrid bred by crossing Sweet Special and Royal Kush. The trailing "Express" is well-deserved for she requires only 7 weeks to finish her flowering cycle. Royal Kush is known for its sedative effects, but adding Sweet Special gives the high a heady and euphoric aspect. Boasts with a THC level of 18%.

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Original Auto OG Kush (FastBuds) feminized

Bringing a whopping 23% of THC to the table, the Original Auto OG Kush is FastBuds’ most potent strain in their Original Auto series. The autoflowering variant of the world-famous OG Kush is just the right strain if you’re into potent weed and want a long-lasting couch lock effect.

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Critical Kush (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Created from the cross of OG Kush and Critical Mass, Critical Kush is an unbridled beast that brings together the best of both. Be ready for a potent and deeply relaxing high, generous yields, a short 8 week flowering time, and a taste and aroma worthy of its illustrious parents. This is a super strain of cannabis seeds, ideal for the indica lover.

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Bubble Kush Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Bubble Kush Automatic incorporates the most desirable traits of three excellent varieties - Bubble Gum with its distinctive sweet taste and smell, OG Kush with its intense and long-lasting high and the high yielding and fast growing Royal Critical Automatic. Requires only 8-9 weeks from germination to harvest. Relaxing and full of flavor.

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Skywalker Kush (Reserva Privada) feminized

Skywalker Kush by Reserva Privada is the love child of Skywalker and OG Kush, producing marijuana that resembles the taste of OG Kush, but the yield has increased a lot. Skywalker Kush rewards the grower with an extraordinary weed and harvest.

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About Kush Strains

About Kush Strains

Seen as a rite of passage for any self-respecting stoner, Kush strains are beloved by the cannabis community at large. With unique genetics dating back many years, the popularity of Kush has remained to this very day. There's genuinely something extraordinary about Kush specimens, and advancements in breeding have only served to make these plants better and more well-rounded. So whether you’re seeking classic Kush seeds or something with a unique edge, there’s a Kush cultivar for you.

Origins of Kush

The origins of Kush can be traced back to landrace strains native to the Hindu Kush mountains, a range that spans Central and South Asian countries such as Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, and India. It's thought that Kush was used for centuries by locals before being rediscovered by travellers on the “hippie trail” back in the 1960s. Since this point, it has been part of the cannabis lexicon, and an extremely popular choice amongst die-hard and casual stoners alike.

Bolstered by a reputation of great flavours, potency, and aesthetics, Kush has gone from strength to strength, with many seed banks adding their own improvements to the classic formula to really cater to all preferences.

Why buy Kush seeds?

You may see the term “kush” a lot when browsing for cannabis. It's often used as a slang term to define any premium-quality strain. However, we're strictly talking about the real deal here, and here's why you should get involved.

Kush predominantly boasts a savoury flavour and aroma, showcasing some earthy and woody-pine notes that are ideal for smoking and vaping (and combine well when crossed with other strain types).

With an average THC content of around 20%, Kush certainly doesn't hold back when it comes to potency. With a unique combination of terpenes, she leans very much toward soothing, relaxing effects, with a full-bodied physical high that will treat you like royalty. This strain is well-suited to both social smoking and those more introspective solo sessions, but in any case, don’t be prepared to do much physical activity after enjoying her.

As a primarily indica-dominant strain, Kush tops out at a manageable height, but features robust growth and churns out sizeable returns indoors and out. This makes her suitable for the experienced and inexperienced grower alike.

Popular Kush varieties

Thanks to its huge popularity, there have been many new Kush iterations and recreations. There's truly a variant to suit all needs and preferences, from hybrids to autoflowering and regular strains.

OG Kush

As arguably the most popular modern Kush variety available, OG Kush came to prominence in the 1990s as a staple of hip-hop culture. This innovative strain from the USA results from crossing classic strains Chemdawg and Lemon Thai with some Pakistani Kush. OG Kush invokes the traditional soothing Kush high, but combines the pine undertones with a bit of citrus to make for a unique and inviting flavour combination.

Afghan Kush

This true old-school strain pulls no punches, offering up the pure, unadulterated Kush experience. When it comes to flavour, she features the classic earthiness with a hint of spice. Rounded off with a respectable THC level, Afghan Kush delivers an extremely relaxing effect that will instantly take the edge off. Perfect for an evening blaze, many turn to Afghan Kush as a way to wind down.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush combines the aforementioned OG Kush with a landrace Afghan Kush to create a unique take on the Kush legacy. The strain provides an effortless growing experience that even complete novices will get on with. The end result is a plant that provides huge yields of up to around 1kg/plant of earthy buds to enjoy.

Will you push for Kush?

There are so many other Kush hybrids that we'd need much much more space to discuss them here. However, one surefire way of getting to know them is to buy some Kush strains for yourself. With that in mind, you don't have to look far for the finest Kush cannabis seeds. Simply check out our range, and you too will be cultivating some incredible Kush in no time.