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Born out of Coffeeshop Voyagers in Amsterdam, Phenofinder Seeds is a team of growers and breeders from the Netherlands, Spain and the USA. Their mission is to provide you with the finest cannabis strains and most sought-after phenos of new and classic strains in seed form. Phenofinder Seeds has produced multiple Cannabis Cup Winners in Amsterdam, Spain, the Canary Islands and 1st Place in the Cannabis World Cup in Jamaica.

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Fromage Blue (Pheno Finder) Feminized

Cannabis connoisseurs are in for a real treat with Fromage Blue from Pheno Finder Seeds. Created by combining a UK Bluez Cheese clone with a Blue Cheese male, Fromage Blue gives lovers of the famed UK Cheese an especially delicious and very rich Blue Cheese essence sprinkled with hints of fruit. An easy-growing strain that's also highly productive.

€ 45,00
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Grandaddy Confidential (Pheno Finder) Feminized

Pheno Finder’s Grandaddy Confidential is a cross between the famous Grandaddy Purple by Ken Estes, and LA confidential. The beautiful plant delights with wonderful purple shades and tons of massive, densely packed buds. She delivers a powerful, ultra-relaxing indica stone that makes her a viable therapeutic option for stress relief, insomnia, and more.

€ 45,00
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LA Fire (Pheno Finder) Feminized

LA Fire by Pheno Finder is an indica-dominant cross between LA Confidential and Fire OG. The plant shines with very dense and frosty buds that provide a typical OG flavour with a special LA twist. This medium to high-yielder will induce a very strong, long-lasting, and incredibly relaxing indica couchlock!

€ 45,00
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Notorious OG (Pheno Finder) Feminized

Pheno Finder kept a very special OG Kush pheno for years that stood out with a lovely deep and sour OG flavour. Finally, they crossed this incredibly dank variety with a mysterious male seed they received at a kushy testing at Voyagers Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Out comes Notorious OG, an award-winning, super-dank indica bomb that gives you a very heavy stone that lasts a long time.

€ 45,00
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Purple Strawberry Bliss S1 (Pheno Finder) Feminized

Purple Strawberry Bliss S1 is an exclusive pheno that the breeders at Pheno Finder selected from a package of Cheeseberry Seeds given to them from Holland. This strain impresses with an intensive terpene profile, which makes her one of the most aromatic sativas that you can grow. She develops into a gorgeous plant that shows off a spectrum of colours from green to purple to red to blue!

€ 45,00
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Sour Walker (Pheno Finder) Feminized

The breeders at Pheno Finder were fortunate enough to find a special phenotype of a cross between the legendary Albert Walker and a Sour Bubble. Fittingly named Sour Walker, this strain stood out with her unique aromatic blend of sweet and sour flavours and her very long and dense flowers. She induces a relaxing, happy, and uplifting effect, and offers good medicinal potential.

€ 45,00
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Lemon Bubble (Pheno Finder) Feminized

Pheno Finder Seeds took a select phenotype of the awesome Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds and crossed her with a male Silver Bubble. The offspring of this combo, Lemon Bubble, turned out to be quite spectacular. Her superb citrus taste with Silver Haze undertones, her great high, and her copious production of aromatic resin makes this award-winning lady a stunner.

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