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Regular cannabis seeds are as nature intended, with both male and female present. It can offer the cannabis enthusiast a lot of versatility, as well as allow them to learn about the finer points of cannabis. The regular cannabis seed line-up here at Zamnesia includes all of the big names, include old classics like Warlock, Chronic and Jack the Ripper. For those looking for a bit of inspiration, we have put together a list of our top 10 regular cannabis seeds here at Zamnesia – updated on a regular basis to reflect what is hot right now.

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Mexican Sativa (Sensi Seeds)

You are looking at Sensi Seeds’ legendary Mexican Sativa. It combines genetics of the famous Oaxacan line, which was used to create a number of highly potent Haze varieties, with Durban Poison and a fast-flowering Indica from Pakistan. Although its genetics are greatly influenced by Sativa (70%), Mexican Sativa finishes quick, in just 50-70 days of flowering.


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Jamaican Pearl (Sensi Seeds)

Jamaican Pearl by Sensi Seeds is a sativa dominant hybrid that has its origin in the tropical Caribbean. By crossing Marley’s Colli and Early Pearl, both Jamaican sativa breeds, they managed to get a very durable hybrid that performs well in any climate. It’s a big plant with a short flowering time of 7-10 weeks, producing a substantial amount of sweet and sour tasting buds.


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Mango Crunch (Royal Queen Seeds) regular

Mango Crunch will send your taste buds into a frenzy. Her fruity-sweet terpenes make edibles taste better than you thought possible.


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Garlic Haze (Earth Witch Seeds) regular

If you desire an extra-resinous strain with an outstanding terpene profile, Earth Witch Seeds has you covered: Garlic Haze combines an intense citrus aroma with notes of garlicky spice into a mouth-watering smoke that’s great (not just for) making top-quality concentrates! Her well-balanced effect and excellent yields make her a true all-round performer.


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Marula Fruit (Royal Queen Seeds) regular

Marula Fruit has complex ancestry. Half of her genetics stem from the African wilderness, and the other half come from California. It just so happens that these two strains mix perfectly. Diversity is the spice of life, after all.


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Z3 (TerpHogz Geneticz) regular

The fruity-fresh Zkittlez teams up with the dank Hindu Kush in the fabulous Z3 by TerpHogz Geneticz. This indica-dominant hybrid is extremely resinous and aromatic, making her a great candidate for creating top-quality extracts.

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Frosty Friday (Super Sativa Seed Club) regular

Cannabis connoisseurs are in for a real treat with Frosty Friday. This fast-growing powerhouse is literally dripping with resin in its final weeks of flowering. Remember that good things come to those who wait, and nothing tastes better than premium-grade hash made from dense buds. Frosty Friday represents the pinnacle of trichome production in a predominately sativa hybrid.

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Eagle Bill (Sensi Seeds) regular

Created in honour of Eagle Bill Amato, Sensi’s Eagle Bill combines world-class strains into an amazing hybrid. Its well-rounded flavour and energetic high make it perfect for vaporizing.


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Ghost Train Haze 1 (Rare Dankness)

Insanely powerful, being able to deliver a sensational Haze high, Ghost Train Haze #1 is one of Rare Dankness’ most popular creations. She delivers it all and shines not just with some serious potency but excellent resin production and an outstanding flavour profile. A dream for Haze lovers!


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Outdoor Mix (Sensi Seeds) regular

Sensi Seeds’ outdoor mix contains 25 quality seeds from their outdoor collection. This is a great compilation of seeds for an entire season. The outdoor pack is also ideal for new growers who want to learn more about different cannabis traits.


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