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Compound Genetics is one of the hottest names in US cannabis, and for good reason. This highly revered collective is known for producing super exotic cannabis varieties through years of pheno-hunting, collecting, and breeding. Compound Genetics is also known to work with only select retailers that share a similar passion for cannabis, so we're honoured to have made the cut (pun very much intended).

The Compound Genetics seed catalogue is constantly growing and never ceases to surprise with exotic names, colours, and aromas. Some of our favourites from the Compound Genetics lineup include Apples & Bananas, a unique Cookies offspring; White Runtz, an ultra-fruity and super-resinous Runtz descendant; and Grape Gasoline, a hard-hitting berry masterpiece. But don't let us influence your buying decision. Browse the full Compound Genetics seed catalogue below and choose from their hottest new creations yourself! One thing we can guarantee is that when you buy from Compound Genetics, you'll never be disappointed.

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Slipstream (Compound Genetics) feminized

Slipstream is a potent and productive cannabis cultivar that develops a shiny sheath of aromatic resin. After a brief flowering phase, growers will be met with buds that offer unique flavours alongside euphoric effects. Best of all, these plants require just the basic level of maintenance and care to deliver stunning results.

€ 75,00
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Luxar-Dos (Compound Genetics) feminized

Luxar-Dos from the team at Compound Genetics is a photoperiod feminized strain that's well-suited to all kinds of settings and environments, making for an easygoing growing project. After just 8–9 weeks of bloom, growers will be met with a giant haul of sweet and creamy buds that deliver euphoric and soothing effects.

€ 75,00
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Marshmallow OG (Compound Genetics) feminized

Compound Genetics presents a cultivar with a truly unique flavour profile. Marshmallow OG is a sweet, stunning strain that produces phenotypes with a rich, marshmallow-like flavour—but it impresses in other areas too. With a well-balanced high and a fast, productive flowering stage, gear up for something special with this indica-dominant standout.

€ 75,00
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High Society (Compound Genetics) Feminized

Want to experience what it’s like to be part of the upper crust? Then give High Society a try! This unique strain displays significant morphological variability, with distinct phenos that keen cannabis growers will no doubt be eager to explore. With decadent flavours and effects, High Society really is for cannabis connoisseurs.

€ 75,00
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La Bomba (Compound Genetics) feminized

From the team at Compound Genetics comes La Bomba. This cultivar promises an easygoing growing experience resulting in buds that are sure to blow your mind. This medium-sized plant spreads out to allow for sizeable yields, delivering buds that offer massive bursts of sweet, creamy flavours with just a hint of diesel, as well as soothing effects.

€ 75,00
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Double Stack (Compound Genetics) feminized

Double Stack from Compound Genetics showcases an accessible and versatile growing experience that results in a sizeable yield of great-tasting and potent buds. Taking just 7–8 weeks to complete flowering and requiring basic maintenance, it's a smooth ride to that eventual harvest date.

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