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French Touch Seeds is the first French seedbank, but for obvious (legal) reasons, they operate out of Spain. This rather young company advocates for simplicity, recycling, and preservation of nature. Their main goals are to reintroduce regular seeds to the market, and to preserve the best French clones.

To get started and meet popular demand, they released their first two varieties as feminized, but kept working hard on two regular strains. Today, they have feminized, regular, and autoflowering seed lines—so stay tuned and check back frequently, because we are sure these folks are good for more!

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DeeDee (French Touch Seeds) regular

French Touch Seeds took their time to develop their version of the famous Riri cut, which is a special Sour Diesel variety. They achieved an exceptional sour sativa hybrid that is nothing for beginner smokers because of its high THC content. Get uplifted and activated by its potent sativa high that will keep you chatting!

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Douce Nuit (French Touch Seeds) feminized

The feminized Douce Nuit (silent night) by French Touch Seeds is a fast flowering stable 80% Indica with a rapid growth. The plants reach an average height of 120cm and really pack up with weight in the last few days of flowering, so you better arrange something to support her or the heavy crop will bend and possibly break the stem. Helps find sleep and alleviates physical pain.

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Frencheese (French Touch Seeds) feminized

The feminized Frencheese by French Touch Seeds is the French response to the smelly Cheese variety from the UK - a crossing of Super Skunk and Master Kush with that unforgettable English Cheese aroma. While you may enjoy the pungent aroma, your neighbors might think differently, so top-notch carbon filters are a must when cultivating this stinker indoors. Highly resistant to moisture.

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Guillotine Auto (French Touch Seeds) feminized

French Touch Seeds wanted to create a fast flowering and small plant with a great flavor, so they crossed their NYC Diesel with Ruderalis until they had achieved an equilibrium of 50% Sativa and 50% Ruderalis. And here is their very first autoflowering variety - the feminized Guillotine. At the end of the flowering period of 60-65 days the plants look like one giant cluster of buds.

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Sativa Des Rois (French Touch Seeds) feminized

The feminized Sativa Des Rois by French Touch Seeds is the outcome of long and selective breeding with the famous AK-47. This "Sativa Of Kings" requires 60-65 days of flowering to produce its big and beautiful lime-green umbels and you will love the harvest for both the look and its high THC level. Outdoors she requires a well-ventilated and not too moist location due to her compact buds.

€ 28,00
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Nuttea Haze (French Touch Seeds) Feminized

Nuttea Haze is an easy-to-grow Haze strain from French Touch Seeds, offering fast flowering times, great yields, and an energizing high characteristic of a great Haze.

€ 24,99
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Beldia (French Touch Seeds) Regular

Want to grow a true landrace sativa? Here's your chance; Beldia originates from the Riff Mountains in Morrocco and boasts a delicious hash-like aroma and gentle high incomparable to that of modern THC-rich strains.

€ 20,00
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Auto Douce Nuit (French Touch Seeds) feminized

Auto Douce Nuit is a fast-flowering, easy-to-grow auto that's perfect for stealthy outdoor grows or small indoor setups. After roughly 60 days of bloom, Auto Douce Nuit will reward you with big, dense, sticky buds with notable diesel aromas and physical effects.

€ 22,00
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Respeto (French Touch Seeds) feminized

Love stretchy, high-yielding sativas? What about strong citrus aromas and an uplifting, energizing high? If so, you need to meet Respeto, a unique Gelato hybrid from French Touch Seeds that ticks all these boxes and many more. If you're a sativa lover, this is the strain to add to your garden.

€ 28,00
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Senmbelek Cookie (French Touch Seeds) Feminized

Need an exciting new indica to add to your garden or grow room? Senmbelek Cookie is the ideal choice. Specially bred for reggae/dancehall singer Tiwony, this soothing strain grows exceptionally well in various setups and consistently produces great harvests of dense, frosty flowers with bold aromas of cookies and diesel, as well as a calming stone.

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