Information About Zamnesia

This is a story about Zamnesia, a European company with a burning passion for all things mind-altering. It will explain the interdimensional inception of this unique and taboo-embracing enterprise, which started from humble beginnings and evolved into a strong, cooperative team of 40 devotees to transcendent states and excellent customer service.

Zamnesia currently offers over 5,000 high-quality products, including over 3,000 feminized and autoflowering cannabis varieties, mushroom grow kits and laboratory supplies, vaporizers, entheogenic herbs and seeds, bongs, and CBD oils.

Which Shop Is Right For You?

Expand Your Mind And Body With Exotic Offerings

Zamnesia has 6 different shops, including the Seedshop, Headshop, Vaporshop, CBDshop, Smartshop, and Shroomshop. Let’s check out what these categories have to offer.

Our Cannabis Seedshop offers over 1,500 feminized and autoflowering varieties, featuring genetics from all across planet Earth. Everything from high-THC varieties that blast your psyche to CBD-rich strains that offer a subtle and clear-headed effect can be found in this shop. The diversity of this genetic library truly has something to satisfy everyone. There are small and fast-flowering autoflowering strains that perfectly suit covert and guerrilla growers, and massive, heavy-yielding, tree-like specimens ideal for outdoor cultivation in more exposed environments.

Zamnesia’s Headshop offers all of the paraphernalia and accessories that psychonauts and weed lovers could ever dream of. The shop offers a massive array of bongs, from basic acrylic models to more lavish and complex glass pieces. The Headshop also offers all of the gear you’ll need post-harvest once your buds have reached their resinous prime. Pruning shears, weed curing jars, pollen presses, and oil extractors are all extremely helpful devices during this exciting time. The Headshop also has much more to offer in the form of cryptocurrency devices, ashtrays, grinders, companion plants, cleaning products, chillums, homebrewing kits, lighters, and much more.

Perhaps our Vaporshop has caught your eye? If we laid out every different type of vaporizer in our warehouse, it would stretch as far as the eye could see. Instead, we collated them all in a simple to browse Vaporshop. Handheld, desktop, even recommendation articles if you are not sure where to start, our Vaporshop has it covered.

If you seek the restorative powers of CBD in oil, capsule, edible, or cosmetic form, head to our CBDshop. Made using the finest organic EU hemp, CBD is proving to be an incredibly popular dietary supplement. Legal in the EU, you can browse with total peace of mind.

Our Smartshop features the world's most illustrious vape herbs, exotic power plants, and seeds. Don’t worry though, when you are ready to be born anew, we also have extracts and supplements designed to restore regular cognitive function.

The Shroomshop offers a wide variety of magic mushroom-related products that appeal to the occasional consumer and the large-scale cultivator alike. For customers looking to improve their cognitive function or voyage into alternate realities, the Shroomshop offers microdose packs and mushroom cultivation kits of several strains, including Golden Teacher, Mexican, White Lightning, and PES Amazonian. The Shroomshop also offers spore prints and syringes of various strains for those who prefer to start their grow from scratch. This type of grow requires semi-sterile conditions and equipment such as grow boxes, scalpels, and petri dishes, all of which can be found in the Shroomshop.

Discreet Shipping

Forged In The Fires Of Dank Weed And Determination

All of the products listed above and an entire section devoted to lifestyle merchandise can be browsed, selected, and shipped discreetly at the click of a button. Boxes arrive plain, without any suggestion of the rewards contained within. Any personal information will never be spoken of outside of Zamnesia’s domain. You can read more on the lengths we go to to ensure privacy here.

Our Team

The team at Zamnesia are experts in their field, and have a broad and deep understanding of cannabis strain genetics, mushroom cultivation, entheogenic substances, and the equipment required to ingest such sacraments. These fascinating and intelligent individuals work with incredible efficiency to guide customers to what they're looking for, and do everything they can to answer questions and provide a speedy dispatch.

Nick - Zamnesia Eric - Zamnesia Vincent - Zamnesia Micky - Zamnesia
Nick Eric Vincent Micky
Twan v. H - Zamnesia Patrick - Zamnesia Tom - Zamnesia Dennis - Zamnesia
Twan Patrick  Tom  Dennis
Dave - Zamnesia Jules - Zamnesia Demi - Zamnesia Laura - Zamnesia
Dave Jules  Demi Laura
Jorg - Zamnesia Lesley - Zamnesia Maarten - Zamnesia Calvin - Zamnesia
Jorg Lesley Maarten Calvin
Tim - Zamnesia Cas - Zamnesia Ties - Zamnesia Thomas - Zamnesia
Tim Cas Ties Thomas
Daan - Zamnesia Eliza - Zamnesia Bram - Zamnesia Wilco - Zamnesia
Daan Eliza Bram Wilco
Kim - Zamnesia Kirsty - Zamnesia Lars - Zamnesia Guilherme - Zamnesia
Kim Kirsty Lars Guilherme
Raymond - Zamnesia Robin - Zamnesia Michelle - Zamnesia Sam v. N - Zamnesia
Raymond Robin Michelle Sam
Bjarn - Zamnesia Brent - Zamnesia Daan K - Zamnesia Tara - Zamnesia
Bjarn Brent Daan Tara
Lars v. L - Zamnesia Danjelle - Zamnesia Harm - Zamnesia Joelle - Zamnesia
Lars Danjelle Harm Joelle
Job - Zamnesia Sanne - Zamnesia Jort - Zamnesia Kaya - Zamnesia
Job Sanne Jort Kaya
Perry - Zamnesia Yaniek - Zamnesia Ruben - Zamnesia Tia - Zamnesia
Perry Yaniek  Ruben Tia
Alex - Zamnesia Anne - Zamnesia Antonio - Zamnesia Sam G - Zamnesia
Alex  Anne Antonio  Sam
Brecht - Zamnesia Daaf - Zamnesia Hana - Zamnesia Helma - Zamnesia
Brecht  Daaf  Hana Helma 
Sanna v. C - Zamnesia Nick A - Zamnesia Niels - Zamnesia Regilio - Zamnesia
Sanna Nick Niels Regilio 
Tim S - Zamnesia

See You On The Cosmic Plains

It is not enough to just sell a product. The calling of that fateful night has driven Zamnesia to provide complete guidance, no matter your desires. With the wealth of information contained within our blog, in-house videos, and social media updates, you can rest assured that our services extend far beyond your expectations for a regular online Smartshop.

Ask a question, leave a comment, or extend your thoughts via the cosmic plains. If we don’t hear you, we know someone who might.


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