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Transform your firm, fat buds into smokable, fine-sifted herb material. We stock all the leading weed grinders in metal, acrylic, wood, and novelty varieties. Typically a two-section gizmo, a set of interconnecting teeth shred the bud when the top section is twisted. But grinders also come with 3 and even 4 compartments for an increasingly fine texture. Some grinders contain a crystal catcher for collecting resinous THC powder or "kief", which is traditionally pressed into hashish.

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Metal Grinder Thorinder (50mm)

The Thorinder is made from super-strong anodized aluminum and stainless steel and comes in a casket. Its transparent top allows you to see exactly how finely you grind your herb. Cleaning tool included Available colors: Blue, green, orange, silver Size: 50mm


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Metal Grinder 24K Gold

The Metal Grinder 24K Gold with an ornate “gold bar” design might seem ostentatious, but this solid grinder with sieve and crystal catcher will help you turn even the most mundane bud into a luxurious treat. Simply twist the top to grind and never lose precious weed particles. Note to pirates: It's not real gold. Aarrr!


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Metal Grinder RQS (4 parts)

This Royal Queen Seeds Metal Grinder is a sturdy heavy duty herb grinder that comes apart in 4 parts. This top-notch aluminium grinder sure won’t have troubles if you want to grind even tough pieces to the finest powder. The lid comes in three available colours, red, green and blue.


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Metal Grinder Death Star

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away ... some genius had the idea to turn a regular metal grinder into a death star. The enlarged surface gives the user a better grip and thereby facilitates shredding of the herb of your choice or dried mushrooms. It has the shape of an ellipsoid. These grinders are selling faster than drinks at the Mos Eisley Cantina, so act fast!


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Metal Grinder RQS Pollinator (4 parts)

The Royal Queen Seeds Metal Grinder Pollinator is a top-quality 4-part grinder with excellent performance so you can grind any type of herb with ease. This heavy-duty grinder includes a practical filter and kief catcher so you can collect the best parts of your herb. Made from sturdy aluminium, the grinder comes in a polished silver design and features the Royal Queen Seeds logo on its lid.


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Grenade Grinder (3 parts)

Grenade Grinder- With Pin. This "rechargeable" hand grenade serves three purposes: grinding, sifting and stashing. This three parts metal grinder looks so innocent, no-one would think it's a grinder (or stash). It comes apart in the middle and reveals it's sharp teeth, making weed grinding an ease. The part below is a pollen chamber which collects the most precious part of your herbs.


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King Skull Grinder (3 parts)

Sitting on the shelf, this will look like a bronze sculpture, but the inside reveals its real purpose. When you take the 3 parts apart, the grinding part becomes visible. It's also equipped with a pollen mesh to filter the most precious ingredients of your buds.


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Electric Herb Grinder Easyleaf

The hand-held electric herb grinder by Easyleaf uses a patented blade technology to separate the pollen material from the herb. Unscrew the lower cap (without rabbets), remove the blade-head and fill the grinder with your herb before putting the blade-head back in. Now screw the cap back on and point it downwards before turning the cap with the rabbets to turn the grinder on.


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ZenPen Stainless Steel Hash Grinder

Enjoy smoking hash without the mess! The ZenPen Stainless Steel Hash Grinder is the answer to all of your problems.

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Wooden Grinder XL (2 Parts)

Made by Indian craftsmen, this 2-piece polished hardwood mill is the biggest grinder we’ve ever seen and will easily handle a few grams of bud at the same time. Brass pins set in the lid and base for the grinding effect. Given its size, it’s more of a desktop model than one for on the road.


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Wooden grinder Large (2 Parts)

Well, it is what it is - it is basic ... This wooden grinder is plain, simple, smoothly polished and completely unadorned, but it does what it is supposed to do - it grinds your buds to tiny bits to prepare them for consumption. Warning! Some natural herbs can cause desired effects in both the body and the brain - use them respectfully!


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Metal Grinder Classic Medium

Classic design; simple, milled steel available in a range of anodized finishes. Twist-operated, no nonsense, impossible to break – hell, it would probably stop a bullet. Not that you’ll be anywhere near bullets after smoking some of the powder-fine bud this grinder produces.


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Black Leaf Aluminium/Wood Grinder

Adding this 4-piece grinder to your collection will enhance the appearance and functionality of your smoking equipment. Gone are the days of plastic, single-chamber models.


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Metal Grinder Dutch Passion Pollinator

A 4-piece metal pollinator grinder by Dutch Passion. Just as with their cannabis seeds, Dutch Passion doesn't fool around with quality. This grinder is made from the best quality aluminium and will last a lifetime. The fine screen in the middle will sieve your cannabis, so your precious pollen are collected and saved.


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Zamnesia Acrylic Grinder

Our acrylic grinder is durable, lightweight, and simple to operate. It's ideal for use at home and on the road, and fellow Zamnesia growers will recognise our classic logo.


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Royal Queen Seeds Acrylic Grinder

Quality not always has a high price. If you are looking for a high-quality and efficient, but moderately priced grinder, you cannot go wrong with this 2-part model from our buddies at Royal Queen Seeds. Not only will it grind your buds to small crumbles, it also has a small compartment for a small stock of weed under the lid. Available colors: Red, blue and green.


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Metal Grinder Black Leaf XXL

Size does matter! This out-sized four-parts CNC machined grinder by Black Leaf is the perfect choice if you want to prepare a "little" more weed. The lid slides on a nylon friction ring to allow for easy operation. It is anodized and has an etched "BL" logo on the lid. Comes with a velvet bag.


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Metal Grinder Thorinder Large

The Thorinder is built to last. It is precision-milled from super-strong aluminum and stainless steel and the anodized surface provides a high scratch resistance. Its clear lid allows you to see exactly how finely you grind your herb. Comes in a casket. Cleaning tool included Available colors: Blue, green, orange, silver


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The Grindervac combines a superbly performing grinder with a vacuum sealed container so you can keep your herbs fresh for a long time. It comes with an air-tight storage compartment in the cap and includes a TightPac poker so you can easily get all the grinds out. Made from super strong military grade plastic, the Grindervac grinds just about everything including herbs, spices, nuts and...


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Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies Hemp Grinder

The Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies Hemp Grinder is a hippie's dream. It's made of hemp, contains no plastic, and is biodegradable.


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Metal Grinder Groove Medium (Aerospaced)

The Medium Metal Groove Grinder by Aerospaced switches out regular teeth for razor-sharp blades. Process your flowers faster and easier than ever before.

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Metal Grinder Royal Queen Seeds LIMITED EDITION

Royal Queen Seeds is known for high-quality cannabis seeds, but they want to keep in touch with their product all the way to the end-user. This four-part grinder has diamond-shaped sharp milling teeth that will easily tear your weed to bits and an extra compartment to collect the kief that passes the interior sieve. Limited edition with embossed RQS logo on top.


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Zamnesia Premium Grinder

The Premium Grinder By Zamnesia uses metal blades to swiftly process buds. The three-chamber piece features two collection chambers; one for flower and the other for kief.


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SLX 2.5 Non-stick Grinder (4-part - Ø62mm)

You won’t ever need another grinder once you get your hands on the SLX 2.5 Non-Stick Grinder. This “Mother of all Grinders” 4-part grinder is manufactured to precision from extra strong aerospace-grade aluminium and will last a lifetime! Nothing will ever stick with the SLX 2.5’s non-stick ceramic coating inside and outside which is 100% non-toxic with no harmful Teflon or PTFE.


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Weed Grinders

Grinders are a vital accessory for any smoker. At Zamnesia, we stock a variety of high-quality grinders capable of milling through any herb. From rustic wooden models to flashy novelty items, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect weed grinder in our Headshop to add to your collection.

To browse our full collection, check out the subcategories above. For more information on why to use a grinder, how to clean one, and more, keep reading.

What is a cannabis grinder?

What is a cannabis grinder?

Whether you prefer to smoke, vaporize, or make edibles, a grinder allows you to break up your cannabis flowers before use. With your herb all nicely ground up, you can enjoy a better cannabis experience every time.

Now, not all weed grinders are equal. Just as with bongs, pipes, and other accessories, you can get all kinds of different grinders at different price points. They range from simple and cheap to elaborate, multi-chambered models.

How to use a weed grinder?

How to use a weed grinder?

Pretty much all manual weed grinders, no matter how fancy, work by the same general principle. You start by placing some weed in a chamber with spiked teeth on the bottom and the lid. You then close the lid and turn it a few times, rendering the cannabis inside down to smaller pieces. Simple, but effective!

Although this is how a typical weed grinder works, you can also find electric grinders that are handy if you have loads of weed to grind and are not keen on using a manual one all day long (carpal tunnel, anyone?). Other cannabis grinders look like a miniature cheese grater: the so-called "card grinder". These types, however, are not as common.

Benefits of using a weed grinder

Benefits of using a weed grinder

Now that you have a general idea of what a grinder is and how it works, you might be asking yourself, “But why would you want to grind up your weed in the first place?”. What makes ground weed so much better? Well, there are some good arguments:

  • Better smoking, vaping, edibles experience

By grinding up your weed, you’re increasing the available surface area. This makes it easier for cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds to be released from the plant material when smoking, vaping, or making edibles. Said differently, grinding your weed allows you the best access to the good stuff in your weed.

Likewise, grinding your weed will help it burn/vape more evenly. You don’t want large chunks of weed in your cookies and brownies, either. For making edibles, finely ground weed will be much better.

  • You can collect kief

Some grinders have a kief sieve. Every time you grind, you will collect and store highly concentrated trichomes at the bottom chamber of the grinder. These multi-chambered grinders are a little more expensive, but totally worth it.

  • Grind to your desired size

How fine or coarse your weed will be depends on your method of intake and your personal preferences. If you’re planning on using a bong or pipe, you’ll generally want to leave your weed a little more coarse to avoid sucking any smaller pieces through the bowl.

If you want your weed finer, for instance when making edibles, all you need to do is grind a little longer. This way, you can grind your weed exactly like you want it for the most tailored cannabis experience.

Types of weed grinders

Types of weed grinders

Although most weed grinders work in a similar fashion, they can differ in some important aspects. The main differences between them are the materials they are made of, how many parts they consist of, and whether the grinder is manual or electric. Let’s take a look at each of these types and their pros and cons.

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Material: what is the cannabis grinder made from?

Material arguably plays the largest role in a weed grinder’s quality, as different types are much more efficient at milling than others.


Acrylic weed grinders

Acrylic weed grinders are very common and usually inexpensive. They can do the job just fine, but rarely are they deemed the “best” option. Their biggest advantage is that they are cheap and come in lots of cool colours and designs. But to be honest, this is how far it goes when it comes to their pros. Most of them are made overseas and their quality is more often than not “meh”. They can be harder to grind with over time and are at risk of breaking more easily than other kinds.

The cheapest grinders Not very sturdy
Colourful/fun Grinding ability degrades over time
Not suited for tough pieces


Wooden weed grinders

If you ask someone who uses a wooden grinder why they chose it, they will most likely respond with “I like the feel”. After that, it would have to be the aesthetic of these pieces. Wooden weed grinders are typically hand-made, which makes them relatively rare. These devices are very often streamlined and don’t come with a ton of chambers or extras.

A wooden grinder may look and feel nice, but their performance doesn’t match that of a sturdy metal grinder. On the other hand, a wooden one can make a great collectible. And, let’s be honest, when have you ever impressed your friends with a cheap acrylic grinder?

Look & Feel Not suited for tough jobs
Natural Simple
Difficult to clean


Metal Weed Grinders

Weed grinders made from metal are arguably the best types. They are sturdy enough to tear through even the densest of nugs. They can last long and don’t have the “cheap look” of acrylic ones. They feel satisfyingly weighty in the hands, hinting at their grinding prowess. If you’re shopping for a metal grinder, know that you will find both aluminium and titanium options. The latter is the sturdiest, but won’t come cheap. Most good 3-part and 4-part grinders featuring multiple compartments and kief filters are made from metal.

Sturdy Expensive
Will last a long time
Available as 2-part, 3-part, 4-part grinders

Number of parts: how many chambers does the grinder have?

Number of parts: how many chambers does the grinder have?

The number of parts a grinder consists of is another important criteria to consider. You will often come across 2, 3, and 4-part grinders:

  • 2 parts (1 chamber)

A 2-part grinder is the simplest type. It has a chamber for your weed and a lid. These are simply used to shred your weed, and can be a bit messy.

  • 3 parts (2 chambers)

A 3-part grinder has two chambers. The main “grinding chamber” has holes at the bottom. As your grind, your bud will fall through the holes into the bottom chamber. Larger pieces will stay in the top part, and you can collect your filtered, ground weed at the bottom. This gives you an overall better grinding result.

  • 4 parts (3 chambers)

A 4-part grinder has 3 separate chambers. The difference to the 3-part grinder above is that it has a kief sieve above an additional chamber at the bottom. With these grinders, you can collect and store the kief separately in the bottom chamber for future use.

Electric vs manual: how is the weed grinder operated?

Electric vs manual: how is the weed grinder operated?

Whether you choose a manual or electric grinder will primarily come down to how much weed you need to grind, and how hard you want to work.

  • Electric

If you’re just grinding a few buds every now and then, you may do fine with a simple manual one. On the other hand, you don’t want to get sore arms grinding up a huge harvest. In such a case, consider an electric weed grinder.

Most of the time, electric weed grinders are similar to small coffee or herb mills. You fill the grinder with weed, push a button, and a sharp blade will shred it. Nifty!

  • Manual

Common manual grinders require you to turn the lid until your weed is sufficiently milled. This isn’t a big deal if you’re just grinding up enough for a smoke or two. Some manual weed grinders even come with a crank to make the job easier.

Cannabis grinder size and why it matters

Cannabis grinder size and why it matters

Before you go and get a weed grinder, consider another important factor: size! Typically, they have a diameter of 4–6cm, but there are other sizes beyond that.

If you’re often on the go and want something small, portable, and unassuming, a smaller one (e.g. 4cm in diameter) may serve you well. But if you’re often grinding batches for smoking at parties, you may want a larger model that can hold more. In this case, go for a medium-sized one 5–6cm in diameter. These will also be good for using at home.

If you’re a very heavy smoker and/or you often need to grind large batches of cannabis, you can find XXL grinders with a diameter of 7–8cm.

Cannabis grinder teeth differences

Cannabis grinder teeth differences

The performance of your weed grinder will largely depend on the shape and material of the teeth. Better grinders have diamond-shaped teeth that do an excellent job shredding your weed. Some older grinders still have peg or nail-style teeth. Instead of really milling it, these “nails” tend to rip and crush weed. The pegs can also be difficult to clean.

The other thing to look for is how many teeth the grinder has. Then again, there is no general recommendation here. Most of the time, how sharp the teeth are and how they are cut will determine the efficacy of the device. Some manufacturers advertise “special cuts” for better performance.

Special features you can find in weed grinders

Special features you can find in weed grinders

  • Handle/crank

Some manual grinders have a crank. These "hand mill" style grinders make grinding easier.

  • Magnetic closing or airtight seal

Many grinders feature magnets so the lid stays safely on at all times. This isn’t just beneficial as you grind; some grinders also serve as storage containers. It can then be advantageous if the grinder also has an airtight seal. No “suspicious” smells will escape!

  • Transparent tops or view windows

Not really essential, but these can be useful if you want to see your weed as you’re grinding along. Practical to reduce your chances of overgrinding.

  • Novelty grinders

You can find grinders in all kinds of fun shapes, from Poké Ball grinders to Star Wars BB-8 grinders and everything in between. Some grinders are designed with camouflage in mind. They won’t raise suspicion as they look like a toy, battery, lipstick, or some other regular everyday item. And, of course, all these novelty grinders make great stoner gifts!

Best way to clean your cannabis grinder

Best way to clean your cannabis grinder

Like most other smoking tools and accessories, your weed grinder will get icky in time. It won’t take many uses before it’s covered in sticky resin, attracting dirt and bacteria. The accumulated ick won’t just hamper your grinder’s performance, but will likely spell a premature end for your grinder. It can also be a health hazard if you happen to grind your weed with a dirty, mouldy, and bacteria-laced grinder…

Here’s the best way to clean your grinder:

  1. Disassemble your grinder and put all the parts on a clean desk or tray.

  2. Using a toothbrush and a toothpick, coarsely clean and scrape the larger grinder pieces. But be careful if your grinder has a fine mesh!

  3. As you go along, if you happen to collect kief that’s not old and mouldy, KEEP IT! This is also why you want a tray for cleaning your grinder!

  4. Once you've brushed and scraped, place the grinder parts on a towel.

  5. Use Purilizer Grinder Cleaner and spray all the parts, including the filters.

  6. Wait a minute or two for the cleaner to dissolve the nasty stuff.

  7. Grab the toothbrush again and give all the parts, including the kief filters, a final scrub.

  8. Rinse the parts under warm water.

  9. Put the grinder pieces somewhere to dry.

  10. Reassemble the grinder. It will work like new!

For more tips on how to clean your grinder, see our post about cleaning grinders.