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Satin Black Domina CBD (Sensi Seeds) feminized

CBD has become quite popular, but regular cannabis smokers tend to bypass CBD-rich strains in favour of THC. Now, however, we have a strain that will get you lifted while providing high levels of CBD. With a balanced indica/sativa profile and impressive yields, this is a fantastic addition to any grow operation.

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Himalayan CBD (Sensi Seeds) feminized

Himalayan CBD (formerly Sensi #49) is a compact CBD-rich hybrid with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:2. Thanks to its potent Kush parentage, the strain delivers an incredibly relaxing, but never overpowering, effect. Enjoy growing an uncomplicated plant that performs well in temperate and continental climates.

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Lemon Ice 2.0 (Ripper Seeds) feminized

Lemon Ice 2.0 by Ripper Seeds is a great variant of the original OG with a delicious terpene profile similar to classic Hazes. Enjoy complex flavours with refreshing citrus notes and a very powerful indica stone!

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Session Goods Glass Pipe

Session Goods' Glass Pipe will bring a new edge to your pipe collection. It's unlike anything else on the market, and allows you to blaze on the down-low.

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Gorilla Zkittlez Auto (Barney's Farm) feminized

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto descends from legendary Cali genetics. She packs high THC levels, divine terpenes, and impressive yields to boot.

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Gorilla Girl - F1 Fast Version (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Gorilla Girl - F1 Fast Version is the fast-flowering version of Sweet Seeds’ mega-potent Gorilla Girl. Only slightly less potent than the original, she delivers massively dank and incredibly aromatic buds in record time! What’s more, this girl is really easy to grow, so even newbies can expect great results.

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Wedding Cake Auto (Barney's Farm) feminized

Wedding Cake Auto will melt your body and bathe your mind in serenity. Save her powerful effect for the evenings, and prepare some snacks for a serious case of the munchies. This highly potent and productive auto is no joke.

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Crystal Candy XL Auto (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Designed by Sweet Seeds, Crystal Candy XL Auto is a strain with more than just a sweet flavour to its name. This indica-dominant hybrid is easy to grow, maintain, and delivers plentiful yields—especially indoors. Prepare yourself for a luxurious taste, aroma, and high that will keep you coming back again and again! Crystal Candy XL Auto is a hard strain to put down.

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Red Pure Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Red Pure Auto CBD provides a lucid and alert experience that will keep you chilled out yet productive all day long. Her red flowers are so beautiful that they're almost hard to harvest. Sweet flavours and easy growth make her a winning strain for any CBD-lover.

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L.A. Gelato (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Offering some substantial yields and decadent flavours, L.A. Gelato is a perfect strain for experienced home growers and those new to the party. Once harvested, you can expect some sweet and spicy buds that will tantalise your palate (much like actual gelato) and an uplifting, relaxing high powered by high THC levels.

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San Bacio Gelato (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Created by Humboldt Seeds, San Bacio Gelato has a lot in common with its Italian ice cream namesake. Sweet, fruity, and spicy flavour notes make this strain nothing short of a delicacy. This is an overall rewarding grow that offers up dense and plentiful buds sure to put a smile on your face time and time again.

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Lingerie (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

If bountiful buds, invigorating flavours, and high THC levels are what you seek, then you have found it all (and more) in Humboldt Seeds' Lingerie. This slightly indica-dominant strain showcases a satisfying aroma and taste alongside wicked potency and superb yields. Once you give this special Lingerie a try, you may never look elsewhere.

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Kerosene Krash (Dutch Passion) feminized

Coming in to land, we have Kerosene Krash. This indica-dominant strain boasts big yields, big THC levels, and big flavours. Expect a straightforward growing process and rich, full buds reeking of diesel.

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Sunrise Sherbert (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Sunrise Sherbert boasts massive yields, high THC levels, and a euphoric body high that will melt just about every muscle in your body. Oh, and her flavour is top-notch as well!

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Purple Matcha (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Purple Matcha provides massive amounts of spicy and stoning flowers. Her canopy peaks at the height of a medium-sized tree, and every bud packs enough THC to turn a good day into a great one.

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HulkBerry Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Despite its namesake coming straight out of a comic book, this strain is definitely not "make-believe". From Royal Queen Seeds to you, HulkBerry Automatic is a potent, fruit-flavoured strain with a fast-growing superpower. It's easy to see why this auto is a popular favourite amongst seasoned stoners.

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Gorilla Glue Auto (Barney's Farm) feminized

Gorilla Glue Auto epitomises just what autoflowers are capable of. She provides massive yields with sky-high THC levels in a matter of weeks.

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Tropicanna Poison - F1 Fast Version (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version will become the centrepiece of your garden, playing an ornamental role during the flowering stage. Besides their gorgeous looks, these buds produce a fruity-sweet terpene profile and impressive THC levels.

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Gorilla Cookies Auto (FastBuds) feminized

Gorilla Cookies Auto boasts massive levels of THC, a complex flavour profile, and impressive yields that outperform not only her autoflowering counterparts, but many photoperiod varieties too. Get the seeds to this all-around performer, and you'll never look at autoflowering weed the same way again.

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