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Rolling Tray Pink Dolphin (Glow Tray)

Bring some colour to your smoking sessions with the Pink Dolphin Glow Tray. This handy tool will help you keep things tidy when rolling joints in darker environments. Whether you’re camping, at a rave, or simply want to enjoy some mood lighting at home, this item will help you see clearly with its six multicoloured LED lights. What’s more? It even has a party mode for when those edibles kick...

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Drug Test (Dope Or Nope)

Drugs can help us connect with each other, enjoy music, and dance the night away. But sometimes things don't go as planned. Bad batches are extremely dangerous and can turn a fun time into a disaster. Use the Dope or Nope drug test to rule out potentially dangerous substances and ensure that you're actually taking what you think you are.

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Eco King Size Rolling Papers (Roll Seda)

Made from 100% natural reforested wood, Eco King Size Rolling Papers from Roll Seda are the perfect choice for those seeking great flavours and potency. As well as being environmentally friendly, they contain no additional chemicals and haven't been bleached. This means nothing gets between you and a great smoking experience. Ready to go in a booklet of 33, these papers are the perfect...

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Banana Mash Auto (Exotic Seed) Feminized

If you're after a rapid harvest, you've just found it! Banana Mash Auto provides a canopy loaded with buds only 10 weeks after germination. The best part? These flowers are packed with fruity terpenes that make every hit a sweet, decadent delight. Her stoning and euphoric high augments these flavours and makes her a top pick for evening blazing.

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Ehleminator Glass Bong (Ehle)

What do you look for in a bong? If you're searching for something with a fierce and futuristic look, you just found it! The EHLEMINATOR will steal the show in your bong cabinet. But it offers more than unique aesthetics. The deep bowl and diffuser make for large, creamy, and smooth hits.

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Funnel Bowl Turbo (Ehle)

The Funnel Bowl Turbo by EHLE is the perfect bong bowl for those who like to take giant hits! The bowl is much wider than standard bowls, allowing for a lot more flower to be packed in without compromise. Made from borosilicate glass for ultimate quality and available in both 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint sizes, this is not a bowl to miss. Go large or go home!

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Exotic Pure Cbg (Exotic Seed) Feminized

Not everyone wants to experience a potent high every time they use cannabis. Exotic Pure CBG contains almost no THC at all. Instead, it offers CBG levels of 5%. This non-psychotropic cannabinoid clears the head and allows users to remain functional and motivated. Enjoy these flowers at any time of day for a relaxing experience.

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White Banana Auto (Exotic Seed) Feminized

From the team at Exotic Seed comes White Banana Auto. This finely-tuned strain has some impressive parentage but can stand on her own two feet. She offers a unique and easygoing cultivation project that responds well to LST and SOG growing techniques. But the proof is in her indica-dominant buds as she offers up great, rich flavours coupled with a deeply relaxing high.

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Blazy Susan Vegan Pre-Rolled Cones 1¼

Use pink cones to get red eyes. These Vegan Pre-Rolled Cones (size 1¼) from Blazy Susan offer an easy way to get high. Whether you can’t roll or you’re not in the mood, these cones will save you some effort, and result in superior joints. Each pack contains 2 stacks of 3 pink cones, alongside eco-friendly straws to pack your herb down. Enjoy slow-burning, super-thin, and GMO-free cones!

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Airvape Xs Go Wax Pad

Ever wished you could use wax or concentrates with your AirVape XS GO? Well, now you can with this handy accessory. Simply remove the mouthpiece and insert the wax pad underneath. Once in position, place your chosen resin on the pad and then reattach the mouthpiece to the device—that's all there is to it. Effortlessly enjoy concentrates with this must-have accessory!

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Oil Pipe (Ehle)

Vaporizing oils provides a more condensed hit of cannabinoids and terpenes than raw flower. This small clear glass oil pipe makes the experience that much more satisfying. At a length of 135mm, it can easily fit into a bag or pocket, allowing you to take a hit of oil both at home and on the go. Plus, it looks beautiful. The spherical bowl and curvy stem add some serious aesthetic value.

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G Pen Elite Mouthpiece Screens

Has your G Pen Elite lost its smoothness? Well, before you decide you need to get a new vaporizer, have you considered freshening it up with some mouthpiece filter screens? These screens simply lock into place and will help provide a new, cleaner experience. Available in a pack of 5 so you can keep your G Pen Elite in action for a long time to come.

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Glass Dabbing Bong Malachite (Ehle)

With an interchangeable head, this glass dabbing bong can be used for dabbing oils and smoking herbs. Small, attractive, and from a top-quality brand, this versatile EHLE product is the perfect addition to your blazing arsenal. Comes with a carb hole!

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Active Charcoal Adapter (Ehle)

You’ve probably heard of activated charcoal, but what does it have to do with smoking weed? Well, it might help to filter out certain nasties while hitting a bowl. Activated charcoal has a large surface area, a porous texture, and a negative electrical charge. By loading this adapter with the substance, you can achieve cleaner and smoother hits every time. Available in 14.5 and 18.8 joint...

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Funnel-Shaped Bowl (Ehle)

Changing up your bowl allows you to customise your glassware to your taste. This medium glass Funnel-Shaped Bowl boasts depth and allows you to pack in a good amount of weed. Use a pen or the tip of your little finger to pack your bud down and create a pillar of weed ready to blaze. The precision joint also provides a snug, accurate fit onto your piece. Available in 14.5 and 18.8mm...

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Screen Notch Bowl (Ehle)

Knocking your screen loose while lighting herb can cause a ball of ash to shoot into your rig. Also, if you don’t wedge them down, screens can move around while loading your piece. This screen notch bowl solves both of these issues. It features an engineered groove to hold screens firmly in place, and boasts a precision joint for an accurate fit. Available in 14.5 and 18.8 configurations.

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Glass Oil Bong Shower Head (Blaze Glass)

The Blaze Glass Oil Bong will take your dabbing experience to the next level. Not only does the glass pan make vaporizing oil incredibly easy, but the shower head percolator serves to swiftly cool down the vapor. This results in smoother and creamier hits that go down a treat. A body of borosilicate glass means this piece boasts great heat resistance and can handle blow torches with ease.

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Joint-4 Jointmaker

Can't roll? No worries! The Joint-4 Jointmaker will take care of that for you. This helpful device creates 1–4 perfect joints each time. Simply fill it with a few cones, add the strain of your choice, and you're all done.

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The Magic Mushroom User's Guide

Divided into three parts, this book deals with the "how" and "why" of taking magic mushrooms, before delving into the depths of ceremony and science. It is perfect for both total novices to the world of psychedelics and seasoned users. Moreover, if you're sceptical about the hype, you may find your mind changed by this work. Whatever your motivation, share in the journey that starts here.

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The Dark Side (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

Unfortunately, The Dark Side won't cause your body to start pumping out midi-chlorians. But you don't need Sith-like powers to have a good time. Blaze these beautiful dark-purple flowers in the evening to enjoy a meditative state. But be warned; this strain might end up playing some Jedi mind tricks on your short-term memory. Stay hydrated and snack away to relish her upbeat effects!

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Malibú (The Kush Brothers Seeds) Feminized

Malibú from The Kush Brothers Seeds will light your mornings ablaze. These compact flowers serve up an energising cocktail of cannabinoids and terpenes that synergise to boost focus and attention. Smoke this strain throughout the day to stay engaged with your tasks and for an extra creative edge. If you like to smoke before heading outdoors for a hike or walk, Malibú will also hit the mark.

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Gelato Royal (The Kush Brothers Seeds) Feminized

Dazzling colours. Earthy and berry flavours. Yields that are worth your while. Gelato Royal boasts a long list of attractive traits. Breeders at The Kush Brothers Seeds managed to achieve all this by crossing legendary genetics hailing from the US. Grow this indica-dominant cultivar indoors or outdoors for impressive yields and flowers that sparkle with trichomes.

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Malasaña Gelato (Exotic Seed) Feminized

Malasaña Gelato ticks all of the boxes for indica lovers with a sweet tooth. This strain descends from world-class Cookies genetics that are packed with candy-sweet terpenes and high quantities of THC. You'll feel these terps light up your taste buds during inhalation. Soon after, her soothing high will relax your body and open your mind. She's the perfect strain for cosy nights in.

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Wifi 43 X Do-Si-Dos (Philosopher Seeds X Zamnesia) Feminized

In an exclusive partnership, Zamnesia is delighted to offer this limited edition hybrid from the expert breeders at Philosopher Seeds. Known only as "Wifi #43 x Do-Si-Dos", this strain is one of a kind—and once it's gone, it's gone. 


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