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Gelato 420 (White Label) feminized

Gelato #420 is White Label’s improved version of the popular Gelato from California. Finally available in seed form, this potent indica hybrid tickles the palate with all the flavours of an ice cream parlour. A strain so delicious, connoisseurs may be tempted to keep her just for themselves…

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White Gorilla Haze (White Label) feminized

In White Gorilla Haze, three famous cannabis strains come together for an extremely potent sativa-dominant experience. Resin-drenched bud with a mind-blowing effect may even school the occasional "advanced" smoker...

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Chocobang (Delicious Seeds) feminized

Chocobang by Delicious Seeds is a THC-heavy sativa hybrid that shines with a fresh and exciting terpene profile. The strain is also extremely resinous, which makes it a great candidate for hash-making! Get ready for a powerful upper high that will last many hours!

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Auto Creeper (Super Sativa Seed Club) feminized

Auto Creeper by Super Sativa Seed Club is the perfect candidate for impatient sativa lovers with high standards. Grow this plant indoors or out, and enjoy a genuine sativa high par excellence.

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RAW Organic Hemp Cones

Bad weather? Too high to roll? Use these all-natural hemp cones to produce massive joints with zero effort.

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Wedding Cheesecake (White Label) feminized

Wedding Cheesecake will light your taste buds on fire with her tantalising terpene profile. Her dessert-like tastes are accompanied by a soothing indica effect.

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Nicole Hindu Kush (White Label) feminized

Nicole Hindu Kush boasts hardy genetics and a satisfying yield. Grow this indica-dominant lady indoors or outdoors for a personal stash of stoning flowers.

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DynaVap VapCap M

The DynaVap VapCap "M" is a small flame-fuelled vape pen that’s very efficient and produces incredibly flavourful vapour. The 2020 model features several improvements and a new classy design.


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Actitube Activated Carbon

Activated carbon pellets by Actitube for use with the "Turn On" or similarly constructed bowl. With these pellets your smoking experience is significantly improved in many ways without affecting the high. Not only the taste is improved, but smoking pure weed is made much easier, your pipe itself stays clean for longer and the amount of tar that reaches your lung is reduced.

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Wedding Cheesecake Auto (FastBuds) feminized

Wedding Cheesecake Auto provides a delicious and powerful harvest within a matter of weeks. Ideal for beginners, this productive autoflower delivers a decent yield of exceptionally tasty flowers with a THC content of 22%. Its fruity-sweet taste makes it a great contender for hash and concentrates.

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Fast Flowering Green Crack (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Fast Flowering Green Crack by Humboldt Seeds is the super-speedy version of the popular original, an indica-dominant hybrid beloved for its intense aroma and relaxing effect. This easy-grower delivers true bumper crops in record time.

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THC-Victory (Dutch Passion) feminized

THC-Victory is a groundbreaking cultivar selectively bred to produce high levels of THCV. There's a lot to be discovered about this cannabinoid, but early research suggests it to have some beneficial properties.

Coming soon

Strawberry Kush (White Label) feminized

Strawberry Kush by White Label is a solid Kush with a touch of Haze. Sweet and seductive strawberry aromas go great with a wonderful high that is both relaxing and uplifting. Previously only available as a clone, Strawberry Kush is now available as a feminized seed.

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Silver Fire (Sensi Seeds) feminized

So many asked for it that Sensi Seeds just had to add Silver Fire to their catalogue. This child of award-winning strains scores with a powerful high accompanied by citrusy and spicy scents.

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