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Portable Pepper Bomb (Scovilla) 1.5G

These Portable Pepper Bombs from Scovilla allow you to carry 1.5 grams of your favourite chilli powder with you everywhere you go. If you regularly find yourself disappointed at the mildness of your "spicy" meals, be disappointed no longer! Now, you can spice things up to your heart's content.

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Finest Reaper's Knockout (Scovilla)

When it comes to peppers, no chilli does it hotter than the Carolina Reaper. Now you can experience the power of this pepper with this incredible hot sauce from Scovilla. Finest Reaper's Knockout is a scorching sauce and should be treated with due care. Add a little bit of this to your food and prepare to get a spicy KO.

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Powerdrops 3 Million Shu (Scovilla)

If you want extreme, dangerous heat, you've found it! Coming in at 3 million Scoville heat units, these PowerDrops offer unparalleled heat. And, being flavourless, they can be added to all manner of spicy cuisines! Enjoy!

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Powerdrops 1 Million Shu (Scovilla)

These PowerDrops from Scovilla feature a spiciness rating of 1 million Scoville heat units (SHU). In other words, they're extremely hot! Flavourless and easy to administer, use them to add punch to any meal.

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Dragonfire Extreme Hot Sauce (Scovilla)

Dragonfire Extreme Hot Sauce by Scovilla is bound to warm up even the most experienced of spicy thrill-seekers. A little goes a long way, so look to dilute by adding to a dish or cooking sauce. Simply treat with care, and you can't go wrong. Just be sure to have something on standby to cool the burn that this dragon undoubtedly will bring. Extremely hot.


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Finest Brain Burner (Scovilla)

Great things come in pairs, and never has this been more true than with this match-up of mind-blowing chillies. Brain Burner by Scovilla combines two titans of spice: Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion Moruga. The result is a tasty hot sauce that definitely brings the heat. This is one insanely spicy sauce that requires the utmost respect. A little goes a long way here, so beware.

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Oil Rig Orange Flash (Ehle)

Whether you're looking to enjoy oils, concentrates, or waxes, the Oil Rig Orange Flash by EHLE will more than have you covered. This device is handcrafted from 5mm borosilicate glass and measures 15cm in height, making it perfect for use at home and on the go. Complete with an 18.8mm joint, it's ideal for loading up with a substance of your choice. Heat and enjoy—it's never been simpler.

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Davinci Iqc

The IQC takes everything you know and love about the DaVinci IQ and streamlines it into an even more efficient product. Easy and intuitive to use, this vaporizer is suitable for all manner of vape enthusiasts, from the casual to the experienced. With a long-lasting battery, quick heat-up time, and the ability to handle dry herbs and concentrates, the IQC deserves your attention.

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Wifi 43 X Do-Si-Dos (Philosopher Seeds X Zamnesia) Feminized

In an exclusive partnership, Zamnesia is delighted to offer this limited edition hybrid from the expert breeders at Philosopher Seeds. Known only as "Wifi #43 x Do-Si-Dos", this strain is one of a kind—and once it's gone, it's gone. 


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Blue 2.0 (Kannabia X Zamnesia) Feminized

Blue 2.0 not only represents a masterful blend of premium cannabis genetics―it signifies a flourishing collaboration between Zamnesia and Kannabia Seeds. A dream to create, grow, and smoke, Blue 2.0 is an exceptional hybrid that balances exquisite taste, intoxicating aroma, and explosive yields. 


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Black Zz (Exotic Seed X Zamnesia) Feminized

Zamnesia and Exotic Seed joined forces to create Black ZZ, an early finishing hybrid with an indica lean. This unique take on a popular US strain smells fresh with strong ribbons of tropical fruit and Kush running through the silken smoke. 


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Zz Punch (Royal Queen Seeds X Zamnesia) Feminized

*** Limited Edition *** ZZ Punch will have you locked to the couch (when you're not raiding the kitchen for food) after just a few hits. Smoke this strain in the evenings to bliss out in solitude. 


60,00 48,00
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Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds X Zamnesia) Feminized

If beastly potency, mouth-watering flavours, and exceptional brevity are what you seek, Bomberry Glue Auto will knock your socks off. Created in a collab between Zamnesia and Bomb Seeds, Bomberry Glue Auto combines two famous strains into an outright explosive autoflower. Expect sky-high THC levels, a "berry good" taste, and bombastic yields!


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Amnesia Punch (Ripper Seeds X Zamnesia) Feminized

Limited to just 500 packs of seeds, those looking to experience what Amnesia Punch has to offer had better be quick about it. As part of a collaboration between Ripper Seeds and Zamnesia, this is a strain that many cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy. Boasting sweet, fruity flavours and a high that is strong, uplifting, and creative.


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Do-Si-Dos Punch (Advanced Seeds X Zamnesia) Feminized

Do-Si-Dos Punch is the latest collaborative strain from Advanced Seeds and Zamnesia. This flavourful feminized specimen offers an intense fruity taste alongside an uber-potent high. But be quick! Packs are limited to 500 and are sure to sell out fast.


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Coming Soon: Zamnesia Exclusive Collaborations

There's an old adage: "Get them before they're gone", and this couldn't be truer with Zamnesia's strain collaborations. Now and again, we team up with some of our favourite seed banks to make truly special and unique strains. But they sell fast and will only be available once! Sign up to our mailing list so you can be front and centre when they are announced, so you never miss out!

Coming soon

Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Treasure Coast

Found nestled among the shipwrecks of Florida's treasure coast is perhaps the greatest gem: Treasure Coast magic mushrooms! Now you can grow your own at home with this 20ml spore syringe from Mondo Grow Kits. Fast, simple and yielding great results—it's time to get cultivating.

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