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Growing your own magic mushrooms requires a lot more than just mushroom spores and a growing medium. Luckily, we've got you covered; this category combines all the accessories and grow supplies you'll need to produce large yields of high-quality shrooms at home, including environmental control gear, lab supplies, mushroom growing books, and much more. Purchase everything you need to achieve a successful flush of psilocybin mushrooms.

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Mushroom Heat Mat (Infrared)

Just like you magic mushrooms don't like cold feet - at low temperatures they grow at lower rates and the percentage of aborts can increase significantly. Giving them a little extra care in form of a heat mat translates to faster colonization and fruit-body formation. Instead of cranking up the radiator use this handy small heat mat to provide cosy warmth to your brood.

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Grow Kit Heat Guard

Optimising the environment for your developing shrooms can be an involved process. From humidifiers to heat mats, dialling in each metric can be tricky. One thing that's bound to make it a whole lot easier is the Grow Kit Heat Guard. This premium silicone surface sits neatly atop your heat mat and allows your mushrooms to grow at a steady temperature, giving them the best chance of...

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Filter Bag

The bag has several microporous filters incorporated into it so gas can pass in and out but moisture stays in and contaminants are kept out. This is important as during mycelium growth phase, a lot of CO2 is given off and needs venting, but the medium must not dry out. In short, the bag creates and maintains the perfect environment for shroom growth. These bags are autoclavable.

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Magic Mushroom Hygrometer / Thermometer

Ideal humidity and ideal temperature make ideal psilocybe mushrooms. Always be in control of your grow environments with this easy to use combination tool.

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Filter Box

Consists of a polypropylene box with an airtight lid that has a microporous air filter built into it. The filter allows gasses in and out, while keeping out any contaminants (such as bacteria, or the wrong fungal spores) and at the same time keeping moisture in.

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Erlenmeyer Flask

Erlenmeyer flasks are a necessity for every serious magic mushroom homegrower. They're perfect for sterilizing water (to make sporesyringes) and agar media. The narow neck drastically reduces the chance of contamination. Available in 2 sizes (25 and 100 ml).

€ 9,95
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Syringe (empty)

Empty syringes to make your own spore syringes with. Syringes and needles are sterile and packed separately. Available in 2 sizes; 5 and 10 ml. Syringes can be re-used again and again, but sterilize them first for a period of 15-20 minutes in a pressure cooker (not longer).

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Syringe with Luer Lock 16G

When handling liquid cultures, you want to ensure that nothing goes to waste and that everything is safe and sterile. Allow this syringe with Luer lock to help. This handy device comes with a special 16g needle that provides the perfect, secure seal when used with the Luer lock. These syringes are sterile and easy to use for all cultivation projects, no matter how big or small.

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When working with spore prints it's important to work as clean as possible. Tweezers are the perfect tool for picking up or taking out a spore print out of the zipbag. These 11cm stainless steel tweezers come in a sterile packing, making them perfect for delicate jobs where cleanliness is key!

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Mouth Mask

Mouth masks should be used to avoid any bacteria or any other contaminants on your magic mushroom spores, supplies or grow kits.

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Parafilm is often used in the laboratory industry to seal Erlenmeyer flasks and petri dishes with. It keeps bacteria out the door, while it does allow fresh air to come in. The Parafilm is 10 centimers wide and available in two different lengths - rolls of 38 meters and cuts of 1 meter. Parafilm is very flexible and it's possible to stretch it 3-4 times of the original length.

€ 49,95
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Mondo Liquid Culture Vial

Double the colonization speed compared to the use of spores with the Mondo Liquid Culture. Simply inject 1ml of spores into the vial and shake once a day and after 2-14 days you will see the mycelium grow. There is no need for a sterile environment. Can be stored at 4-6°C for over a year. This is the perfect solution for mass production, preservation, and trading of cultures.

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One of the most essential accessories when working with fungi is a scalpel, preferably a sterile one like this. You can use it to cut out live tissue from a fruit-body or to scrape spores from the foil. As with all potentially dangerous tools, keep out of reach of minors and pets.

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Latex Gloves

When growing your own magic mushrooms at home, it's important to work as clean as possible. Latex gloves come in real handy at this point. Wear the gloves and clean them with some alcohol and get busy with your experiments. Box contains 100 latex gloves (non-sterile).

€ 14,95
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Zamnesia Misting Bottle

Every gardener needs a reliable misting bottle. Whether you need to moisten mycelium, hydrate cannabis and pepper seedlings, or spray any other plant in your garden, reach for this inexpensive, reliable plastic misting bottle by Zamnesia. 200ml

€ 2,99
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Hand Disinfection Liquid

This lipid replenishing disinfection alcohol gel can be used without subsequent rinsing. It is the perfect choice for cleaning your hands from microorganisms when the next task requires fastidious cleanliness - particularly when working with mushrooms (spores).

€ 3,95
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Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook

The Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook provides its reader with accurate instructions for cultivating different types of psilocybin mushrooms, with step-by-step illustrations and full colour photographs. This book additionally serves as a reference guide for mushroom biology and it also explores the traditional, modern and medicinal use of psychoactive fungi.

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Filter Bag XL

These polypropylene filter bags with built-in filter strips create and maintain the perfect environment for growing your shrooms. The micro pores of the filter material make it so that CO2 can vent but the moisture is kept inside and contaminants kept out for optimal shroom growth. These XL-sized filter bags are autoclavable with each bag having 4 filter strips.

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Sterilised Substrate Kit

This sterilised substrate box is the perfect habitat to grow magic mushrooms at home. First, you need to inoculate it with the spores of your choice. Then, you must keep it warm as the mycelium colonises. Finally, you can open it up and let the mushrooms grow, and before you know it, they’ll be ready to harvest!

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Silica Gel Packet

Silica gel has an enormous capability to keep things dry since it absorbs water and controls humidity. Small packs with silica gel beads are often used as an effective desiccant to keep moisture away from clothing, shoes, electronics and much more. Because of the drying power and ease of use, silica gel can be a helpful tool for the advanced herbalist and grower! Packet...

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Alcohol Wipes (100 Pcs)

These handy 70% alcohol wipes are ideal for disinfection and cleaning while being gentle enough not to damage plastic and other surfaces. They are also much gentler to your skin than other wipes. Great for cleaning of your vaporizers and growing tools and a plethora of uses where you want thorough but gentle cleaning action. The 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes come in packs of 100 pcs.

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The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

Expert knowledge accompanied by detailed pictures gives you invaluable insight into how to grow high quality mushrooms in your own home. Interesting mushroom history gives modern use a deep perspective.

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Measuring Cylinder 200ml

This 200ml graduated measuring cylinder is made from BPA-free material and is alcohol-resistant. Never worry about breaking glass equipment again.

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Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Avoid sticky hands and contamination with these handy powder-free nitrile gloves. Perfect for growers with latex allergies. 100 pieces

€ 10,95
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Buy Mushroom Growing Supplies And Equipment

Buy Mushroom Growing Supplies And Equipment

Growing magic mushrooms at home is intense but extremely rewarding work. Having access to the right tools and grow gear is one of the best ways to ensure you end up with big flushes of potent mushrooms at harvest time. Below, you'll find a full selection of all the growing gear you could imagine (and then some) to get you from spore to harvest hassle-free.

Everything you need to grow mushrooms

Whether you're looking for sterile spores of your favourite Psilocybe cubensis strains, equipment to properly set up your grow space, or tools to help you harvest and store your shrooms once they're ready for picking, you'll find all the mushroom grow gear you could ever need below.

Environmental control equipment & tools

Make sure your shrooms are growing in the perfect conditions from day one using heat mats and heat guards, hygrometer/thermometersmisting bottles, and more. This section contains everything you need to create the perfect environment to grow healthy mushrooms at home.

Grow supplies

Growing great mushrooms requires a rich, clean substrate. In this section, you'll find filter boxes and bags to help you store and handle your substrate with care.

Lab supplies

From Petri dishes and syringes to scalpels, tweezers, measuring cylinders, and alcohol wipes, we stock a wide variety of lab supplies to help you handle and process your shrooms come harvest time. Remember that cleanliness is key to growing great shrooms at home, so make sure to browse our lab equipment to avoid contaminating your shrooms.

Mushroom growing books

Growing mushrooms at home is a fascinating process. And while there's a lot of information online, no internet article can cover the complexities of magic mushroom cultivation in as much detail as a book. To help mushroom cultivators continually deepen their knowledge and understanding of fungi, we stock a selection of some of the best mushroom-growing literature from the most esteemed authors.

Get your mushroom supplies now at Zamnesia

Ready to grow great shrooms at home? Browse our full range of mushroom grow supplies and ensure you've got all the tools necessary to get to harvest without complications.