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Growing your own magic mushrooms requires a lot more than just mushroom spores and a growing medium. Luckily, we've got you covered; this category combines all the accessories and grow supplies you'll need to produce large yields of high-quality shrooms at home, including environmental control gear, lab supplies, mushroom growing books, and much more. Purchase everything you need to achieve a successful flush of psilocybin mushrooms.

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Buy Mushroom Growing Supplies And Equipment

Buy Mushroom Growing Supplies And Equipment

Growing magic mushrooms at home is intense but extremely rewarding work. Having access to the right tools and grow gear is one of the best ways to ensure you end up with big flushes of potent mushrooms at harvest time. Below, you'll find a full selection of all the growing gear you could imagine (and then some) to get you from spore to harvest hassle-free.

Everything you need to grow mushrooms

Whether you're looking for sterile spores of your favourite Psilocybe cubensis strains, equipment to properly set up your grow space, or tools to help you harvest and store your shrooms once they're ready for picking, you'll find all the mushroom grow gear you could ever need below.

Environmental control equipment & tools

Make sure your shrooms are growing in the perfect conditions from day one using heat mats and heat guards, hygrometer/thermometersmisting bottles, and more. This section contains everything you need to create the perfect environment to grow healthy mushrooms at home.

Grow supplies

Growing great mushrooms requires a rich, clean substrate. In this section, you'll find filter boxes and bags to help you store and handle your substrate with care.

Lab supplies

From Petri dishes and syringes to scalpels, tweezers, measuring cylinders, and alcohol wipes, we stock a wide variety of lab supplies to help you handle and process your shrooms come harvest time. Remember that cleanliness is key to growing great shrooms at home, so make sure to browse our lab equipment to avoid contaminating your shrooms.

Mushroom growing books

Growing mushrooms at home is a fascinating process. And while there's a lot of information online, no internet article can cover the complexities of magic mushroom cultivation in as much detail as a book. To help mushroom cultivators continually deepen their knowledge and understanding of fungi, we stock a selection of some of the best mushroom-growing literature from the most esteemed authors.

Get your mushroom supplies now at Zamnesia

Ready to grow great shrooms at home? Browse our full range of mushroom grow supplies and ensure you've got all the tools necessary to get to harvest without complications.