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Samsara Seeds was created to not only provide its customers their seeds for growing marijuana but also to also inform people about cannabis and the lifestyle that comes with it. Each strain of cannabis that they create has been carefully developed for quality, focusing on customers and their specific marijuana needs.

Samsara Seeds' goal was to become something different to other seed banks. They listened to what the public wants and came up with unique strains that are unlikely to be found anywhere else. They have spent considerable time choosing these strains, ensuring they are well rounded and offer users a great experience—be it sativa or indica-based.

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El Alquimista (Samsara Seeds) feminized

A cross between the Northern Lights and AK 47 simply has to be a kick ass marijuana variety. A 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, the Samsara Seeds El Alquimista produces abundant crop both indoors and outdoors. With 21% of THC it certainly makes a powerful smoke.

€ 23,00
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Punky Lion (Samsara Seeds) feminized

This 100% Indica cannabis variety comes from a cross of two pure Indicas: the famous chronic and an Alaskan Matanuska Tundra. The genetics of a tundra strain makes it a sturdy plant that deals bravely with suboptimal conditions, providing ultra high yields no matter what.

€ 21,00
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Holy Grail 69 (Samsara Seeds) feminized

Why improve something that is already close to perfection? The breeders at Samsara Seeds are relentless in their quest for fresh new perspective and marijuana experiences. Crossing their acclaimed Punky Lion with a pure Haze was made out of curiosity and ended up as the Holy Grail 69.

€ 21,50
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Green Love Potion (Samsara Seeds) feminized

Green Love Potion feminized autoflowering weed by Samsara Seeds is the combination of the best available marijuana genes. This cannabis is the proud descendant of the Indica Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghan combined with the deadliest Hawaiian, Korean and American Sativas. In summary, has been created a variety of 80% Indica and 20 % Sativa genotype.

€ 19,25
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Spiritual Punk (Samsara Seeds) feminized

Spiritual Punk from Samsara Seeds is a hybrid combination of a prize winning Mazar crossed together with the famous Northern Lights genotype. This marijuana variety is mainly known for its medical properties and is bred for smokers suffering from hyperactivity, insomnia or is under prolonged stress.

€ 18,50
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Sweet Black Angel (Samsara Seeds) feminized

Sweet Black Angel specimen by Samsara Seeds is a feminized cross of the most unusual and famous weeds. The Indica and Sativa mix of Super Silver Haze and the pure Indica Black Domina. In the result of this hybrid, Samsara Seeds breeders have obtained an 80% Indica and 20 % Sativa genotype specimen.

€ 17,50
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Supersonic Cristal Storm Automatic (Samsara Seeds) feminized

Supersonic Cristal Storm Automatic created by Samsara Seeds is a feminized hybrid strain of a Lowryder autoflowering genotype crossed together with the famous Black Domina mother that has been re-crossed to keep its autoflowering properties. In summary this marijuana specimen holds an Indica dominant genotype.

€ 21,00
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Shot Adrenaline Automatic (Samsara Seeds) feminized

Shot Adrenaline Automatic created by Samsara Seeds is a combination of the vigorous White Dwarf crossed together with the classic Skunk cannabis. The strain has been then re-crossed to keep its well know autoflowering properties. In the result we have obtained an extremely fast growing and strong, Sativa dominant, variety with compact, dense and resinous posture.

€ 18,50
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Thunder Bloody Mary Automatic (Samsara Seeds) feminized

The Thunder Bloody Mary Automatic created by Samsara Seeds is an Indicia dominant combination cross of the famous Mazar mother and the deadly White Dwarf strain that kept its autoflowering pattern of a vigorous rapid growing genotype. This cannabis variety is a surprising nature creation.

€ 19,75
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Flash Babylon Auto (Samsara Seeds) feminized

The feminized Flash Babylon Auto created by Samsara Seeds is known in the breeders’ environment to be one of the most potent and the most vigorous in productivity automatic cannabis variety. This combination is a hybrid obtained by crossing Low Ryder genetics with carefully chosen genetics of Northern Lights.

€ 19,25
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Ultraviolet Automatic (Samsara Seeds) feminized

Created by Samsara Seeds, the feminized Ultraviolet Automatic is a hybrid genotype of the original White Dwarf x Skunk strain crossed with Lavender that has been re-crossed again to keep the autoflowering properties. This marijuana variety has kept untouched all the unique Lavender characteristics.

€ 23,00
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