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Lysergic acid amide (LSA/ergine) is an indole alkaloid produced in many plants, typically accumulating in the seeds. Our LSA seeds are currently based on Hawaiian baby woodrose and ololiuqui, the Aztec visionary intoxicant found in the seeds of the Christmas vine.

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This herbal psychedelic from Happy Caps is based on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (HBW) seeds (Argyreia nervosa), with a shot of cafeine for added buzz.

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) is a perennial climbing vine with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. Originally native to India, it now grows around the world, including Hawaii. Its large furry seeds grow in seedpods and contain the psychedelic LSA.

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Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 grams

The Morning Glory vine was favoured by the ancient Maya civilisation thanks to its "heavenly blue" appearance and abundance of the psychedelic tryptamine lysergic acid amide (LSA). Once used ceremonially, its seeds are now available to buy from Zamnesia.

€ 4,95 € 2,97
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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)

Due to popular demand, we've added this Madagascar variety of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds, which is reportedly stronger than other varieties.

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