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RAW is a maker of all-natural, vegan, and chlorine-free rolling papers and top-quality smoking accessories. Having successfully redefined the smoking accessories market, this experienced Spanish company has truly earned its stellar reputation within the industry.

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RAW Connoisseur Rolling Papers King Size + Tips

This pack of slimline skins made from unrefined hemp and using hemp-based gum comes with cardboard roaches built right into the pack top. Very handy!

€ 1,99
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RAW Cones (3-Pack)

Long famous for its natural unrefined rolling papers, now RAW has produced a range of cones (pre-glued smoking papers that are packed rather than rolled and incorporate a built in filter). They use the same quality paper, and are perfect for the casual smoker who’s never nailed the art of rolling their own.

€ 1,75
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RAW Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim

Did you ever think of smoking in a way more in line with Mother Nature? These RAW Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim are made of 100% unrefined hemp, for a smoother, more natural experience.

€ 1,50
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RAW Rolling Tips

RAW works with hemp, so no trees were harmed in the making of these joint tips.

€ 0,95
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RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray

RAW is known for high-quality smoking accessories, but with this masterpiece of a rolling tray they outdid themselves! The plain exterior could make the uninitiated assume it is a portable backgammon or chess game. But no, this crafty rolling tray offers compartments for all the stuff you need for rolling a spliff. 8 strong magnets keep the parts in place.

€ 39,95
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RAW Classic Cone Loader

Filling cones can be a tedious and time-consuming task without the correct tools. The RAW Classic Cone Loader is the solution - it allows for a much faster filling. Simple fill the funnel with your smoking blend, stick it in a cone and let the content slide into it. To make sure it is properly packed, use the packer. Dimensions: 11cm long - 5.5cm wide.

€ 7,50
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RAW Cotton Filters (200 pcs)

Rolling your own cigarettes is a fairly common practice, and yet smokers pay little to no attention to the type of filters they use. These little devices can make a big difference in your smoking experience. These pure, unrefined cotton filters by RAW are natural, and each bag contains around 200 filters that are approximately the size of a cigarette tip.

€ 2,50
In stock

RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder 2

The RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder is the ultimate accessory for anyone who wants to smoke their joints in style. Specially designed to hold and smoke two joints at the same time, this wood carved masterpiece is sure to be the centerpiece of any party. The RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder comes with a soft velvet carry case.

€ 14,95
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RAW Hemp Wick

RAW Hemp Wick helps minimize the amount you expose yourself to prolonged butane and chemical use by replacing the use of a lighter when lighting your bowl. Grown in China using traditional 1,000-year-old techniques, RAW have ensured that their hemp wick is grown meeting the most stringent sustainability criteria - without the use of pesticides.

€ 1,50
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Rolling Papers RAW Supernatural

These huge rolling papers by RAW are most likely the biggest rolling papers you will find today. These monster papers are 30cm long and are made from purest natural fibers. Unbleached, ultra thin and vegan friendly. 22 leaves per booklet.

€ 3,99
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RAW Parchment Papers

Got something precious (sticky?) you want to wrap up? Fold a small envelope! These parchment paper sheets are unbleached and silicone-coated, so that none of your goods will stick to the paper. Silicone is the most effective and eco-friendly non-stick coating for surfaces. Content: 100 sheets Dimensions: 8 x 8cm

€ 9,95
In stock

RAW Cone Tips Maestro

A classic joint has that typical cone shape and RAW apparently has a heart for classics and an eye for details. With these rolling tips "Maestro" you can roll a perfect cone-shaped tip in no time - fold along the inner perforations to make a "z" or "w" shape and then roll into a cone or strip off the perforations, then fold your shape and roll. A booklet contains 32 tips.

€ 0,99
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RAW Rolling Tray

Every little crumb is precious - collect them all with this metal rolling tray by RAW. It is decorated like a packet of RAW natural papers and features the RAW logo in the original colors.

€ 8,95
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RAW Rolling Tray Girl

Don't be a slouch, smoke in style - and that includes the use of cool paraphernalia. With a size of 34 x 27.5cm it can hold all your crumbled marijuana, papers, grinder, etc. and the enamel-like coating makes it durable and funky to look at.

€ 14,95
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RAW Silicone-Coated Parchment Pouch (20 pcs)

These silicone-coated parchment pouches made from 100% natural, unbleached paper come handy if you have to transport something sticky. RAW - always paramount when it comes to eco-friendliness. Dimensions (folded): 8 x 8cm. Content: 20 pcs.

€ 9,95
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RAW Smoking Wallet

Cleanliness is next to godliness - with this wallet by RAW for your smoking paraphernalia you can keep all you need for a blunt in one place. And as a bonus it is made from an eco-friendly blend of cotton and hemp. The wallet features 3 compartments: a big one for your tobacco and weed. 2 smaller ones for papers, tips etc. Measurements: 15.5cm x 9cm x 1.5cm

€ 18,50
In stock

RAW Wooden Pipe

Using a pipe is THE classic way of smoking - be it marijuana or whatever herb you choose. This RAW pipe is made of uncoated, natural wood and features the RAW logo laser-etched into the stem. For a healthier smoke, use it with a regular 9mm activated charcoal filter. Comes with a carrying pouch. Length with mouthpiece: ~14cm

€ 34,95
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RAW Wooden Stash Box

Over the past few years RAW has garnered a reputation as a good source of all things related to "roll-your-own". This wooden stash box is a good example of their accessories - well thought out and handy. The lower compartment is big enough for your herbs, the upper one, separated by a wooden divider held in place by magnets, is reserved for rolling papers. Dimensions:12.8 x 8.8 x 6.3cm

€ 19,95
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Rolling Papers RAW on Roll

RAW on Roll rolling papers actually let you choose a comfortable size to smoke - everything is possible, from a little stump to a giant 3 meter blunt (if you can really handle it). The papers contain unbleached and non-chemically whitened fibers, hence the natural tan color. 100% chlorine free, 100% vegan and practically taste-free. 55mm wide.

€ 1,99
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RAW Cone Tips Perfecto

The cone shaped rolling tips by RAW are the perfect choice for stylish smoking with a "green" touch. The tips are made from purest natural, chlorine-free fibers and are vegan friendly. 32 tips per booklet.

€ 0,99
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Rolling Tips RAW Pre-rolled

The pre-rolled Rolling Tips by RAW are made from purest natural, chlorine free fibers and are vegan friendly. Always perfectly shaped and delivered in a matchbox style box. A box contains 21 tips.

€ 0,99
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Joint Roller RAW Plastic 110MM

RAW is dedicated to providing smokers with the best experience possible through innovative and sustainable products, such as this world-first plastic-free cigarette/joint rolling machine made from 100% hemp composite plastic. If you're in the market for a rolling machine, say no to plastic and opt for this sustainable alternative made from the best brand in the rolling paper biz!

€ 3,50
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Rolling Papers RAW King Size Slim

The King Size Slim Rolling Papers by RAW are rolling papers that are entirely natural and vegan. They are unbleached and made from unrefined paper without any chemical additives. The gum used for the RAW papers is natural hemp gum. These finest quality ultra-thin rolling papers burn evenly and make for a very clean and pure taste. One pack contains 32 rolling papers. Made in Spain.

€ 0,99
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RAW Smoking Ring

The Smoking Ring by RAW is a great addition to any collection of cool smoking accessories. The rings come with a luxurious gold finish, and the flat top features the classic red RAW logo. But these glitzy rings aren't just for proudly displaying your passion for smoking—you can also use them as a tip for your joint! They have a space that's just the right size to fit your smokes in!

€ 40,00
In stock

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Information About RAW Smoking Products

Information About RAW Smoking Products

Only a handful of cannabis companies have become widely recognised brands across the world. Even novices take one glance at certain logos and associate it with high-quality cannabis products. As one such business, RAW has become known globally for their organic hemp papers and natural wooden products.

RAW rolling papers


RAW has earned impressive status in the worldwide cannabis community. Known for their unbleached, organic and environmentally friendly approach, RAW crafts some of the purest and most natural rolling paper on Earth. Look closely, and you’ll notice each and every rolling paper features a special criss-cross watermark. Aside from looking good, this unique pattern contributes to a smooth burn and prevents runs.

The company has striven to create papers that offer a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience while eliminating the presence of harmful chemicals and additives. Their unrefined natural papers allow smokers to fully experience the terpene profile of a given strain, free from the tastes of dyes and chemicals that don’t belong in the lungs.

RAW proudly manufactures their papers without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Most cannabis smokers go out of their way to avoid consuming GMOs, making RAW a great choice for the conscious smoker.

RAW also makes their rolling paper unbleached—without chlorine bleach and dyes. Other companies add these products to create a more natural look without taking any real steps to make their products purer. RAW, in contrast, provides the real deal. Their papers contain no burn additives or chemicals made to falsify quality.

RAW rolling papers in several sizes


RAW papers accommodate every user and every occasion. Different-sized joints are required at different times, so keeping a variety of paper sizes in your rolling kit comes with big advantages. Raw Organic King Size Hemp Rolling Papers offer the perfect size for a casual smoking session. These sheets burn down slowly and fit just enough weed to get one person totally stoned. Share with a friend or partner during a wake-and-bake or mid-day session to remain functional and elevated.

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Are you looking for something a little bigger? RAW Huge Rolling Papers will whet your appetite! These sheets are 30cm in length and suitable for rolling baseball bat-sized joints. Take them out of the rolling box when you’ve got some friends over, or when you feel like taking a deep solo dive into your own mind.

If you’re constantly changing the size of your joints, check out RAW on Roll paper. The product features a whopping 3m of RAW rolling papers. Simply rip off the amount you need, when you need it. Roll anything from a tiny personal joint up to a metre-long beast to pass around the party.

RAW rolling papers made from different materials


Most cannabis users love RAW for their finely crafted hemp rolling paper. However, this is for more reasons than novelty alone. Humans have used hemp as an effective and reliable resource for thousands of years, and rolling papers represent another domain where the plant provides an effective, robust solution.

But what about the gum strip? RAW Hemp Rolling Papers feature a pure natural gum derived from organic Acacia trees. Sustainably harvested in Ethiopia, the substance effectively seals the paper at the end of each roll.

Some smokers prefer to keep things simple and familiar with standard papers. RAW offers traditional papers as well, but they’re also of superior quality. RAW King Size Rolling Papers are completely unrefined, free of chemical additives, and unbleached. Each sheet also features natural hemp gum to seal each cone.

The RAW imperium

The RAW Imperium

RAW’s imperium has expanded far past their high-quality rolling paper. The brand now offers a massive assortment of accessories designed to make the smoking experience easier, more pleasant, and far more aesthetically refined.

The RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray makes smoking cannabis more simple than ever before. The natural container features space for everything you need to carry during an on-the-go smoke session: papers, flower, tips, and tobacco or an herbal mix. Eight strong magnets hold all of the supplies securely in place.

For some smokers, two joints are better than one. The RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder 2 allows you to burn two at a time. That’s twice the terpenes and double the THC! Take a few hits and pass it around to instantly identify the most experienced smokers in the room.

RAW Hemp Wick shines more light on RAW’s penchant for the plant! Light your joints, blunts, and bowl with this natural cordage to avoid polluting your tasty terpenes with lighter gas.

Sometimes you need to put the joints aside and blaze like a hobbit instead. Find a nice patch of grass in the sun and hit the RAW Wooden Pipe to experience some real-life Shire vibes. This beautiful piece comes with its own carrying pouch.

Too high to roll or never learned the art? Throw your flower into the RAW Joint Roller (made from eco plastic) and conjure a perfectly crafted joint in seconds.

RAW foundation

RAW Foundation

RAW doesn’t just create environmentally friendly cannabis accessories. The company founded a philanthropic arm—The RAW Foundation—that is spreading good vibes all over the world. They’ve invested in numerous humanitarian visions, including the RAW water well project with Wine To Water.

The RAW Foundation has supplied hundreds of thousands of hungry children with meals, dug wells in Ethiopia, sponsored an orphanage in Bali, funded permaculture projects in Africa, helped to protect 3,000 acres of the Sumatra Rainforest, and much more.

Buy RAW papers online at Zamnesia

We’ve become extremely accustomed to the finest smoking accessories here at Zamnesia. Our vast archive of cannabis genetics and merchandise have enhanced the smoking sessions of weed lovers all over the world. After reviewing all of the gear RAW has to offer, we selected their very best items. Check out our extensive RAW range here.