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The Kush Brothers Seeds are a team of artisan breeders based in Barcelona, Spain. Known for its cannabis clubs, this coastal city has quickly become one of the cannabis hotspots of Europe. The breeders at The Kush Brothers Seeds have a deep passion for cannabis and have spent decades crafting a unique portfolio of high-quality genetics. They have their eyes on the future and are working to create strains that really stand out. But they also have a strong appreciation for the past and a love for the classics. The Kush Brothers Seeds have harnessed some of the best modern and classic varieties to create crosses that offer new colours, flavours, smells, as well as potent effects. Their vision is impressive, but they also have real-world achievements to back up their talk. Their stains have impressed judges all over the world and have emerged victorious in national and international competitions.

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Banana Sherbet (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

Do you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur? If so, you need to expose your taste buds to Banana Sherbet. Even if you're new to cannabis, this strain will give you an excellent idea of just how scrumptious terpene profiles can get. Approach this variety with a vaporizer to get a true appreciation for her sweet and fruity notes, not to mention her happy high.

€ 39,00
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Cheese Cake Cookies (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

What happens when you cross the old with the new? Cheese Cake Cookies from The Kush Brothers Seeds is an excellent example of such a merge. It combines the high THC content of Dosidoss with the nostalgic, stoning effects of UK Cheese. This cultivar lets the mind slip into a state of peace—the perfect option for camping trips, meditation sessions, and cosy nights at home.

€ 39,00
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Confidencial Medicine (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

You've spent all day blazing your favourite sativa strains to remain elevated. But now it's getting late and it's time to wind down. Confidencial Medicine from The Kush Brothers Seeds will help you relax the body and get the mind ready for some deep rest. While the effects are enough to attract growers, its delicious earthy and piney terps are the cherry on top.

€ 24,00
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Dosidoss (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

If you love indica varieties, you need to try Dosidoss by The Kush Brothers Seeds. This stoning strain offers a pleasant physical high, perfect for relaxing evenings. Its moreish earthy and wood flavours add to the soothing experience. And the plants' medium height means you can grow them in a medium-sized grow tent indoors or outdoors in a small garden among protective companion plants.

€ 39,00
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Gelato Royal (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

Dazzling colours. Earthy and berry flavours. Yields that are worth your while. Gelato Royal boasts a long list of attractive traits. Breeders at The Kush Brothers Seeds managed to achieve all this by crossing legendary genetics hailing from the US. Grow this indica-dominant cultivar indoors or outdoors for impressive yields and flowers that sparkle with trichomes.

€ 39,00
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Langui Kush (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

Named after hip-hop master El Langui, this sativa-dominant strain sends a surge of energy through the body. Breeders at The Kush Brothers Seeds harnessed legendary genetics and created a strain loaded with sweet and fruity terpenes. They also struck the perfect balance of THC and CBD, which offers a clear-headed and pleasant high, ideal for any time of day. Say hello to Langui Kush.

€ 33,00
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Malibú (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

Malibú from The Kush Brothers Seeds will light your mornings ablaze. These compact flowers serve up an energising cocktail of cannabinoids and terpenes that synergise to boost focus and attention. Smoke this strain throughout the day to stay engaged with your tasks and for an extra creative edge. If you like to smoke before heading outdoors for a hike or walk, Malibú will also hit the mark.

€ 19,00
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MassKush (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

MassKush is a monster in terms of yield. Critical Mass and Confidential OG genetic mix offers yields of up to 600g/m² when growing indoors, or up to a staggering 1000g/plant when growing outdoors. What's more, MassKush is not even a difficult plant to grow. Thanks to 90% indica genetics, plants are robust and resilient, with a strong resistance to pests and fungi. What are you waiting for?

€ 21,00
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Petro $ OG (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

If you're after relaxing, stoning effects, great resin production and dank, diesel flavours, Petro $ OG from The Kush Brothers Seeds might just be the strain for you. And it has a great name! Ready for the shears in the first week of September and producing generous yields—this indica-dominant variety is hard to beat.

€ 36,00
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The Dark Side (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

Unfortunately, The Dark Side won't cause your body to start pumping out midi-chlorians. But you don't need Sith-like powers to have a good time. Blaze these beautiful dark-purple flowers in the evening to enjoy a meditative state. But be warned; this strain might end up playing some Jedi mind tricks on your short-term memory. Stay hydrated and snack away to relish her upbeat effects!

€ 18,00
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Yellowstone (The Kush Brothers) Feminized

The potent love child of The Dark Side and Cheese, The Kush Brothers Seeds' Yellowstone takes everything that makes the aforementioned strains great and presents it in a package that's easy to grow and even easier to enjoy. After a reasonably short and undemanding growing cycle, yields are huge and offer impressive sweet flavours as well as uplifting effects.

€ 15,00
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