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Cannabinoids are non water-soluble and residues build up in any smoking device, whether a bong or a vaporizer. Bowls get dirty, tubes and pipes get blocked and grinders get sticky with hash crystals. Regular cleaning will maintain the quality of your smoking experience and extend the life of your device. We stock all the necessary solvents, brushes and cleaners you need.

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Alcohol Cleaning Swabs

Zamnesia Alcohol Cleaning Swabs provide a solution to cleaning pipes and vaporizers. The more complex the device, the harder it is to clean. But not anymore. These swabs feature a mix of alcohol and water.

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Hand Disinfection Gel

This lipid replenishing disinfection alcohol gel by CMT can be used without subsequent rinsing. It is the perfect choice for cleaning your hands from microorganisms when the next task requires fastidious cleanliness - particularly when working with mushrooms (spores).

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Screen Brush

This small stiff wire brush is ideal for getting into the metal nooks and crannies of your smoking device and pipe screens.

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Pipe Tool

A tamper, a pick and a little spoon - this classic 3-way pipe tool is an indispensable accessory for every pipe smoker and pothead.

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Pipe Kleaner Concentrate

Reclaim a stainless bong. The "Kulu" pipe cleaner concentrate is a universal cleaner for bongs and other smoking devices made of glass, plastic, aluminum and other materials. Easy to use. Content: 500ml.

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Grinder Brush

Keep your tools clean. An often used grinder collects resin, pollen and dust from the ground marijuana. With this two in one grinder brush it is an ease to give your grinder a good clean. The fine hair brush will gently wipe off the dust and the pointy end helps remove the persistent resinous chunks.

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Bong Shine Cleaning Concentrate

A clean bong is a bliss, a dirty bong as regards taste a miss - one cannot overemphasize the importance of this. Simply put 1-2 teaspoons of Bong Shine into your bong and fill it with hot water. Wait for 5 minutes, then rinse with hot water - done! No shaking, no scrubbing required! Don't use on synthetics and anodized parts.Content: 350 grams

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Zamnesia Pipe Cleaners

Keeping your smoking device clean is crucial if you want to enjoy a satisfactory and flavorful smoke. Chillum, regular pipe or downpipe - these pipe cleaners with woven wire bristles will help you get the job done. Length: 15cm. Content: 100 pcs.

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Bong Cleaning Sponges | 3 Pieces

There was a time when your prized glass rig glittered in the light. Now it sits there coated in tar with a chamber full of dirty bong water. Restore your bong to greatness with these cleaning sponges and watch it sparkle once more. Not only do these sponges do a great job of removing grime, they come in hilarious shapes of cannabis leaves and bongs. You'll be tasting fresh, clean hits in no...

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Bong Brush

The bong brush is a long and narrow brush ideal for accessing those hard to reach areas of your bong. The tough bristles work well to rid your rig of tar and ash.

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Pipe Stix (Higher Standards)

Pipe Stix by Higher Standards are the ideal two-in-one tool designed for pipes and other smoking devices. They feature a dart-shaped cotton tip that prevents the cotton from getting dislodged in your pipe. The flat side of the Pipe Stix is perfect for removing debris. Made from smooth premium cotton and optimal for delicate surfaces.One pack contains 60 Pipe Stix.

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Tube Tops (Higher Standards)

Tired of making a mess when cleaning your rig? Keep your kitchen squeaky clean with these silicone plugs. They prevent spillages and ensure every bit of grime ends up down the sink.

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Dot Wipes (Higher Standards)

Dual-textured Dot Wipes by Higher Standards get the job done! One side of these durable 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes features small scrubbing dots so you can take on even the most stubborn cleaning jobs. The perfect wipes for glass, metal, and silicone surfaces!

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Salt Rox (Higher Standards)

Higher Standards Salt Rox will leave your bongs, pipes, and bubblers looking squeaky clean.

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CVault Cleaner Rubbing Alcohol

CVault containers offer unparalleled freshness. Keep the state of your stash clean using CVault Cleaner.

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Alcohol Wipes (100 Pcs)

These handy 70% alcohol wipes are ideal for disinfection and cleaning while being gentle enough not to damage plastic and other surfaces. They are also much gentler to your skin than other wipes. Great for cleaning of your vaporizers and growing tools and a plethora of uses where you want thorough but gentle cleaning action. The 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes come in packs of 100 pcs.

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Resin Rags (Higher Standards)

If you fancy yourself as an elegant smoker, who can only be seen looking your best when you're toking on your bong or pipe, then you'll need your smoking devices to also look fresh and shiny. With Higher Standards' Resin Rags, you'll achieve exactly this! These fine-cotton cloths are just what you need to get your glassware looking as good as new.

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Grinder Cleaner Mix'n'Ball Purilizer

Cleanliness is next to godliness and this not only applies to the cleanliness of your smoking device itself, but all paraphernalia! Every time you use your grinder, some resin remains on the teeth; after scraping off the bigger pieces, spray some Purilizer once or twice into both parts, clean the teeth with a toothbrush and then rinse with hot water. Your grinder will work as if it is brand...

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Pipe Dreamz (Higher Standards)

Hitting bowls is one of the most enjoyable ways to smoke weed. But there is a downside: cleaning. It doesn’t take long for residue to build up in hard to reach crevices and corners. Pipe Dreamz offers an easy solution to this problem. These fine-bristle pipe cleaners tackle the curves of intricate bong and pipes. They can flex, bend, twist, and turn! Each pack contains 60 pipe cleaners.

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Bowl Cleaning Station (ROOR)

Cleaning your bowl and water pipe needn't be a big ordeal; and, with the Bowl Cleaning Station, why let it be? This easy-to-use station offers a streamlined way to give your bowl a thorough clean, keeping it gleaming. The station also serves as a great way to display your bowl until you next need it.

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ROOR Lime Cleaner

Sometimes, over the course of owning a bong, they can begin to lose their shine after many smoking sessions. However, this doesn't mean you need to throw it away and get a new one. With the Lime Cleaner by ROOR, you can restore your bong to its former glory with very minimal effort. Let the cleaner do the hard work and enjoy a brand-new looking water pipe in next to no time.

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ROOR Bong Cleaner

Take the effort out of cleaning with the Bong Cleaner by ROOR. This easy-to-use cleaning product will have your water pipes gleaming in no time at all. Mix with a little warm water and let it work its magic. It removes any leftover residue from a smoking session, and also takes out any lasting limescale that may be hiding in your bong. Perfect for regular maintenance and cleaning.

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Salt Chute (Higher Standards)

If you're finding cleaning your water pipes to be more of a hassle than it should be, you should check out the Salt Chute. This handy device rests on the opening of your bong, pipe or even your vaporizer herb chamber and allows you to pour in your cleaning solution. All without spilling a single anything! Make the chore of cleaning a thing of the past and keep your cannabis accessories...

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Information About Cleaning Products

So, you’ve saved up and treated yourself to that vaporizer you have been after for a long time. Congratulations! It’s now yours to enjoy, but if you are looking to get as much use out of it as possible, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to keep it clean and well maintained. Although this may sound like a seemingly obvious observation, the upkeep of all your smoking devices is hugely important. Below, we offer a few tips and product suggestions to help you keep your pipe, bong, or vaporizer (and its accessories) clean and operational for a long time to come.


Why Clean A Smoking Bong, Pipe, Or Vaporizer?

Although the answer may be quite clear, it is perfectly valid to question why you would need to clean your device. After all, you spent a substantial amount on it. Why should you then have to clean it too? Well, trust us when we say it’s in your best interest to keep your device clean. You will thank us in the long-run.

A primary reason for keeping it clean is to remove any leftover residue from the previous smoking sessions. Any remaining resin can clog the device, and it acts as a hazard. Maintenance will only increase the longevity of your device; it will also provide cleaner vapor/smoke and give you an overall much smoother pull, resulting in a better smoking experience.

A sanitary device is also a hygienic one! Meaning, if you are looking to share with friends, you and they needn’t worry about an unhygienic mouthpiece. It is good to get into a routine of cleaning after a smoking session with your buddies (but more on that later!).

You’ve spent your hard-earned money on your new device. Why not keep it looking brand-new and functioning the same way for as long as you can? Simply keeping it clean will give the appearance that it is fresh out of the box. This is especially the case with ornate glass pipes and bongs that feature varied and unique designs.


How Often Should You Clean Your Bong, Pipe, Or Vaporizer?

Good question! But this depends on your overall usage. If you find yourself smoking or vaping several times a week, you may want to look at cleaning your device after each use. There is absolutely no harm in that whatsoever; it’s just common practice.

Vaporizer owners often give their device a deep clean about once a month. However, you can use brushes and alcohol wipes for the more day-to-day cleaning tasks of eliminating leftover residue. Those using bongs will want to change the water frequently too. Fresher water makes for a smoke that is smoother and much more flavourful by far.


Now that we’re on the same page when it comes to cleaning your smoking or vaping device, this next section will offer you a short breakdown, as well as a few handy tips, on how to keep things clean.


How To Deep Clean Your Filthy Bong Or Pipe

The process of cleaning your bong should begin with emptying the chamber. Again, this may sound obvious, but removing the water and any loose residue will save you trouble further down the line. Once emptied, completely take apart all the removable pieces of your bong. Now disassembled, you can begin cleaning properly. Running the parts under hot water will remove a lot of the surface gunk and residue that your bong may have acquired since its last clean.

You can then place the parts, including any bong bowls, into either a Ziploc bag or a small container. Once inside, add a little concoction of baking soda, a small splash of vinegar, and then fill roughly halfway with warm water. It is possible to use rubbing alcohol/isopropyl alcohol with Epsom salt instead, should you prefer. Give the bag or container and little shake and then leave it to rest; you’ll be back for it soon.

Now, empty a tablespoon of baking soda into the chamber of your bong, cover any holes with Higher Standards Tube Tops, and vigorously shake. Because of the rinse earlier, you will notice the baking soda coating the inner walls. Using a bong brush, you can begin to clean the inside. Once you are satisfied with your cleaning job, add a tablespoon of vinegar and fill the chamber with warm water, cover the holes once again, and shake. Shaking will loosen any leftover residue. Once done, pour out the liquid. There are specialised bong cleaners available, such as Bong Shine, that you can add to the chamber instead of the vinegar method that will leave your bong looking all shiny and new. A bong cleaner takes a lot of the hassle and effort out of the process.

You can now go ahead and get your bag or container full of your other bong parts and begin cleaning them. Open the container and pour out any liquid inside. You will notice everything already looking pretty clean. We’ll give them a once over with some warm water and use a cotton bud to remove any stubborn remaining pieces. For your chillum, a pipe cleaner comes handy.

There you have it! You have one clean bong that is ready for action once again. It is possible to adapt our cleaning tips to your liking. There are numerous other cleaning products available on the market that will make the task much less strenuous. Bong brushes or a pipe cleaner will help you tackle those hard to reach areas.


Black Leaf Pipe Cleaners (20 pcs)

Next up is how to clean your pipe. Although technically easier to clean as they usually do not have any removable parts, pipes should still be given the same amount of care you would give accessories with more features. Cleaning a pipe is similar to cleaning a bong, and there are even a few unique cleaning products to make your life a whole lot easier when doing so. Pipes also tend to lose their shine and can get pretty dirty after multiple uses. Time to bring that shine back.

Begin by using pipe cleaners to shift any outstanding residue left inside, especially in the pipe stem. Once you have removed any surface dirt, it’s time for a deep clean. As mentioned before, you can use the vinegar and baking soda method or the isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol and epsom salt approach. But those looking for a thorough clean should look to products such as Pipe Kleaner Concentrate. This is a robust universal cleaner that you can use to restore your pipe's perfect shine.

Like before, place your pipe into a Ziploc bag or container and add some Pipe Kleaner with a little bit of water. If you pip has a detachable pipe stem, be sure to take it apart for more coverage. Shake the bag, then let it sit for about 10 minutes. This will allow the Pipe Kleaner to work its magic, removing any leftover resin as well as those stubborn stains. Now, remove the pipe from the bag and give it a rinse under warm water. We’re nearly done, but it’s time for one more clean around the bowl and through the pipe using the brushes and pipe cleaners from before. Lastly, one more rinse under the tap will reveal the extent of your cleaning. It really could not be simpler than that. Your pipe is now spotless and looks exactly like when you first bought it.

Also, don’t forget to give your pipe screens some attention. The small mesh can make it difficult to clean thoroughly, which is why there are specific screen brushes made to solve this problem.


Alcohol Cleaning Swabs

OK, now this one may seem a little intimidating, more technical, and trickier to clean, but your vaporizer is designed to be taken apart for this very purpose. So, when unscrewing and removing parts, don’t worry—they will all fit back together with no problems. By doing so, you will be adding countless more hours to the lifespan of your vaporizer.

As mentioned previously, it is good to get into the routine of cleaning after each use. With most vaporizer purchases, you will get a small cleaning kit that might contain a brush and some alcohol wipes. These are perfect for those smaller cleaning jobs. Emptying the chamber of your vaporizer after each use and giving it a brush to remove leftover herb will curb any tacky residue. Unlike the other paraphernalia mentioned, it is not a good idea to rinse or let your vaporizer come into contact with water if it is electronic, as this will undoubtedly affect its performance.

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How To Clean Your Vaporizer

Make sure you pay particularly close attention to the mouthpiece of your vaporizer; this is the main part of the device you make contact with. This part can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol wipes, or you can look to invest in some alcohol cleaning swabs for a more intensive clean of your vaporizer. A pipe cleaner is also once again a good option.


Grinder Brush

A weed grinder can be one of the most neglected cannabis accessories. As long as it's working fine, many people will not look to clean their grinder. But after processing enough sticky buds, your grinder will amass a look of grime and residue before you know it. Now is the time to do something about it— and fortunately there are many cleaning products to do it.

Unscrew and use a grinder brush to get in between the teeth of your grinder. You never know; you may have enough leftover weed in there to do something with later on, so leave it to one side in the meantime. But for now, let’s concentrate on getting it clean. It is possible just to run your grinder under a warm tap, and while this will get the surface clean, it won’t do a proper job. Using a specific grinder cleaning product such as Mix‘n’Ball Purilizer will undoubtedly get your trusty grinder clean. Simply spray the Purilizer over the teeth and use a brush to remove any remaining residue. Rinse the grinder parts and allow them to dry, and there you have it! One clean and fully functional weed grinder. Now, where did you leave those leftovers?


Dot Wipes By Higher Standards

Alongside a grinder, weed containers seldom see their share of cleaning attention. Time for that to change. After a while of using your weed container, you’ll notice the walls have collected a substantial amount of resin. This is a huge clue that your container needs a clean. Any leftovers have the potential to attract mould and bacteria, which will certainly hamper your next smoking session.

Using several of the cleaning products we have mentioned will bring your container back to its former glory. Alcohol wipes, swabs, and brushes all play a part in the cleaning process. You can also use specific products to really restore your containers, such as CVault Cleaner. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your container afterwards, and allow it to dry fully so your herb isn't sullied by a damp atmosphere.

There you have it; just a few suggestions and tips to help you thoroughly, and safely, clean your smoking and vaping paraphernalia!