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Known for producing some of the strongest strains available today, Anesia Seeds has been breeding and developing seeds for over 15 years. Utilising the knowledge of their professional breeders, each species has been finely tuned to provide unique highs and effects. With all of their strains containing huge levels of THC, all manner of users, from the recreational to the holistic, can benefit from the Anesia range.

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Bruce Banner 3 (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

Bruce Banner 3 offers more THC than most strains on the market. Her plump and resinous flowers churn out a THC content of around 28.5%—enough to elevate even seasoned smokers after a couple of tokes. We recommend lighting up this strain when searching for creative inspiration, or when you're in the mood for some deep, philosophical conversations with your weed-loving friends.

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Hyper Glue (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

Breeders are constantly striving to create more powerful cannabis strains. Hyper Glue serves as a great example of just how potent a plant can get. With THC levels close to 30%, it only takes a small amount to feel absolutely blasted. Packing these buds into joints and bowls will do the trick, but if you want to take things even further, craft some high-flying edibles and extracts.

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Mob Boss (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

Mob Boss sends a clear message. The sheer amount of resin encrusting her flowers is an indicator of her insane potency. Not to be underestimated, a THC level of over 28% will instantly change your state of consciousness. Enjoy intense waves of euphoria and eyes redder than roses. Boasting superb yields and a bevy of sweet and sour terpenes, there's little reason not to join forces with Mob...

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Pink Starbust (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

Pink Starburst will get your neurons firing! This sativa-dominant strain serves as an energising ally during the daytime—if you have the tolerance to handle her potency. With THC levels of over 27%, take things slow with this tasty powerhouse, and enjoy her candy-like flavours one hit at a time. After around 60 days or so of bloom, a large bounty of Pink Starburst buds will be ready to...

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Slurricane (Anesia Seeds) feminized

There are productive strains for the daytime, and super-stoning strains that are best reserved for the evening. Slurricane falls firmly into the latter category. Bred for potency, this indica-dominant hybrid packs a mind-blowing THC content of up to 30%. Take things one toke at a time to avoid overdoing things. That might prove difficult, as every hit offers delicious notes of berries.

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White Runtz (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

How does your stash hold up? Sure, it might have some tasty terps and a fair helping of THC, but you don't have anything anywhere near this powerful. How do we know? Well, White Runtz descends from two powerhouse varieties and clocks in with a THC content of up to 29%. It doesn't take much to feel her body-slamming indica high in all of its glory. Better still, each hit goes down a tropical...

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Auto Blueberry Banana (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

Most autoflowering strains offer a quick harvest, but Auto Blueberry Banana offers so much more than that. You'll bring a smile to your friends' faces with her stunning colours of purple and dark green, and once you light up blunts and bongs loaded with these buds, you'll all enjoy some deep philosophical conversation, courtesy of her stoning body high.

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Sleepy Joe (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

Find an uber-potent friend in Sleepy Joe. This absurdly powerful variety flexes a THC content of 34%. After just a few tokes, it exerts a body-slamming high that will have you dozing off in no time. If you're a fan of crafting out-of-this-world extracts and edibles, this is the strain for you. And you'll have a lot of material to work with—Sleepy Joe produces up to 1000g/plant outdoors in 9...

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Auto Blackberry Moonrocks (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

Auto Blackberry Moonrocks combines a speedy life cycle with impressive levels of THC. Autoflowering plants are super easy to grow, but this strain take things a (huge) step further with insane levels of THC. Whereas many autos provide moderate potency, Auto Blackberry Moonrocks delivers extremely potent buds without sacrificing speed. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Strawberry Banana Auto (Anesia Seeds) Feminized

Looking for a fast harvest, but don't want to compromise on strength? Who said you can't have both! Auto Strawberry Banana ticks each of these boxes. This well-rounded variety boasts a short growing cycle of 10–11 weeks. At the end of it, get ready to dry, cure, and blaze some of the most potent buds you've ever grown. Just make sure to approach her THC content of 27% with caution.

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