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We can’t promise they’re all useful, essential or even tasteful. But our range of cool gifts & gadgets are sure to put a smile on your face and are great for giving. From plasma balls to beanie hats to ambient lights, here’s where you’ll find our hand-plucked harvest of neat stuff. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of novelty!

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Zamnesia Keychain

As a fan of Zamnesia, this is the merch you’ve been waiting for—made from durable materials moulded into a colourful leaf design with our very own spiritual master “Zammi” taking pride of place front and centre. Measuring 5.5 x 5cm with a thickness of 7mm, this keychain is sure to be a conversation starter among friends. If they ask where you got it, just make sure to send them our way, OK?

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Zamnesia Condom (1-pack)

In the heat of the moment ... don't forget about the safety of the both of you. As with cannabis cultivation, precaution is a must when having sex - protect yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and practice safer sex. With whomever you share the pleasure, use a condom - preferably one of ours.

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This alcohol-based liquid contains herbal extracts that freshen the mouth and body for up to an hour afterwards. But be warned that it can interfere with ‘medical tests’ such as saliva swabs and give false negatives. Differs from regular deodorants in killing the bacteria responsible for revealing that you might have forbidden substances inside your body. Nudge nudge.

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Blind Spot 3000

Tune out with the Blind Spot 3000 for the ultimate in relaxation. The comfortable sleep mask creates total darkness even with your eyes open and in bright light. The included earbuds provide total silence. The flexible foam mask with the adjustable straps comforts to your face while allowing air to circulate. Perfect for meditation and tripping and any time when you want to tune out for a...

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Cannadom Premium

Cannadom Premium: Cannabis-Flavoured Premium Condoms Cannadom Premium – The cannabis flavoured condom! No serious stoner and cannabis fan should be without one of these nifty cannabis condoms in their pocket! These premium rubbers have a green colour and a realistic cannabis flavour and smell.

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For a clean and easy marijuana growing experience, the iGrowCan has you covered. Grow it yourself or give it as a gift to a stoner friend. It’s the giveaway for a happy day.

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RAW Smoking Ring

The Smoking Ring by RAW is a great addition to any collection of cool smoking accessories. The rings come with a luxurious gold finish, and the flat top features the classic red RAW logo. But these glitzy rings aren't just for proudly displaying your passion for smoking—you can also use them as a tip for your joint! They have a space that's just the right size to fit your smokes in!

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Kleaner Urea Synthetic Urine (30ml)

Kleaner Urea Synthetic Urine provides you with all the possibilities of the real thing, but with one big advantage. Unlike your own urine, it doesn’t contain any impurities or pollutants. It comes in a small and handy plastic bottle that you can quickly and easily open with one click. Kleaner Urea Synthetic Urine keeps for more than 30 months. Contains bottle with 30ml of synthetic...

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The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag

The STALIN PhoneBAG is an excellent way to keep your devices secure. This anti-spying bag has several fibrous layers and a triple magnetic locking system. This will stop any connection from accessing your phone, including nefarious ones. Keep your devices from being hacked, tracked, or interfered with by storing them in the STALIN PhoneBAG. Material: Premium synthetic...

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Brilliant Bong Water (Zamnesia)

We all desire a hassle-free smoke, and thanks to Brilliant Bong Water from Zamnesia, that can now be a reality. This easy-to-use product is your solution to maintaining a clean bong and achieving smooth, fresh hits. Simply add to your bong before smoking, and it'll keep your pipe completely spotless as you smoke. Once finished, just empty and rinse. No scrubbing or time wasted cleaning....

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Hemp Heroes Board Game

Add some serious fun to your smoking sessions with this weed-themed board game. Collect cannabis strains, win cannabis cups, and pile gram after gram onto your stash.

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Open Your Eyes

Banish red eye! A couple of drops of Open Your Eyes in each eye soothes and revitalizes red, sore or uncomfortable eyes caused by smoky environments, extended computer work or contact lenses. Uses a soft natural mix of herbal extracts such as camomile and eyebright.

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The Accomplice Flask (Revelry)

It can be tricky finding room for your joints when you're getting ready for a party or gathering with friends. However, make it easy on yourself with the Accomplice. This handy flask allows you to bring your favourite spirit or liquor, and even has a compartment where you can place a few pre-rolled joints for when you need them. Effortless and stylish.

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Playing Cards (Cookies)

Your friends will struggle to maintain their poker face when they see this. From smoking accessories company Cookies comes their take on playing cards. Perfect for stoned blackjack, rummy, or just about any game you can think of. Just don't ask us to settle any disagreements with the rules!

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Dice 5-Pack (Cookies)

Whether you fancy a game of street craps while having a smoke or want to spice things up in Monopoly, these dice are for you. The team at Cookies has designed the best accessory for the game enthusiast; their own custom dice. Available in a bag of 5, the dice are branded with Cookies' unmistakable logo in place of the "1". Impress your friends with these beauties at the next game night!

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iGrowCan x Zamnesia Seeds (Runtz Auto)

This exclusive collaboration between iGrowCan and Zamnesia is one of the finest and easiest ways to cultivate cannabis from home. Regardless of experience or space, it's truly effortless to grow premium-quality cannabis that rivals some of your favourite coffeeshops or dispensaries. With your own supply of Runtz Auto seeds, ready within 10 weeks, this is not a product to miss out on!

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Trippy Glasses

Simulate a Sativa white-out with these light polarising lenses that’ll transport you into a hazy world of rainbows. It’s like tripping for free - and safe too!

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Terpene Infused Soy Candle (Candle Budz)

Ever wanted to fill your home with the seductive aroma of freshly lit bud? Well, now you can with the Terpene Infused Soy Candle from Candle Budz. Made from wax and natural terpenes, you can harness the delicious aroma of well-known cannabis strains, creating the ultimate stoner ambiance, with none of the high.

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Rolling Tray Alien Labs (Glow Tray)

The Alien Labs Glow Tray will illuminate your smoking sessions. The 6 LED colour options (plus "party mode") will light up your rolling area as you craft joints in darker environments. You’ll have no problem assembling the goods while camping, during raves, or while basking in mood lighting indoors. The rounded edges also make rolling a tidy affair—this tray will catch all of your loose...

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Glow Tray Rolling Tray

Rolling in the dark is hard. Whether you're smoking at a party or in a dimly lit room, the outcome is never ideal. Use the Glow Tray Rolling Tray to optimise your blunts and joints in these environments.

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The Amigo Hip Pack (Revelry)

Few hip packs can live up to Revelry's Amigo. Thanks to a unique multi-layer design featuring an activated carbon filter, this odour-proof hip pack is the only one you'll ever need.

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Gold Poker (RAW)

When it comes to tightly packing your cones, you're going to want to do it in style. Cue the RAW Gold Poker. This handy tool features the unmistakable RAW logo and even comes on a braided hemp cord so you can keep it close and wear it around your neck. Perfect as a gift, or if you just want to flex next time you're getting your joint ready—RAW Gold Poker is sure to make an impression.

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Canna Popcorn Bucket (CannaShock)

Enhance your movie night with some sweet cannabis treats. The Canna Popcorn Bucket is sure to do the trick! Enjoy the classic cinema snack with a cannabis twist. Perfect for sharing with friends, or if you fancy an entire bucket to yourself, we won't tell! With no THC, it's ideal for eating at any time without the risk of impairment, perfect for those with the munchies too. Get yours now.

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D-ODR Mist

Sometimes, a name says it all. D-ODR is a highly effective deodoriser made to rid the room of any unwanted odours with just a few sprays. Whether you've just finished smoking with friends or want to add a fresh fragrance to a room you've just cleaned, there's no shortage of ways you can use D-ODR to freshen up your home.

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