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Feeling good on the inside is one thing, but we all want to look our best on the surface, too! Catering for all, Zamnesia's Healthshop stocks a wide variety of budget-friendly beauty products that have the potential to help your skin feel refreshed and at its best. From topical creams to supplements, you can buy beauty products that help enhance your body's natural qualities. So, if your beauty regime needs a tune-up, you're in the right place. With products to suit all preferences and needs, place your order today and let Zamnesia be your guide to cosmetic contentment.

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Premium Skin Collagen (Dawn Nutrition)

Anti-ageing formula for younger-looking skin Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines Improves skin elasticity and firmness Includes liposomal vitamin C, hyaluronic acid & coenzyme Q10 Maritime collagen is superior compared with other collagen sources

€ 9,99
In stock

Retinol (Dawn Nutrition)

Premium Retinol 100% of the recommended daily amount per capsule Important for maintaining a healthy skin Easy-to-swallow capsules Beneficial for vision and the immune system* Excellent in combination with DAWN's collagen supplements

€ 10,99
In stock

Vitamin E Softgels

Vitamin E: Protects against oxidative damage from UV rays and air pollution Is an effective antioxidant Supports the immune system Good for healthy arteries

€ 29,95
In stock

Soridol (Cibdol) 50ml

Cibdol designed Soridol to hydrate the skin and leave dry patches feeling refreshed and revitalised. The formula contains natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and respect the delicate nature of our body’s largest organ. Use this nourishing cream when your skin is in need of some moisturising goodness.

€ 39,00
In stock

Zemadol (Cibdol) 50ml

Zemadol features a carefully selected lineup of supportive natural ingredients infused into a robust daily cream. Liposomal technology supports safe and efficient delivery of key nutrients deep into the skin where they are needed most.

€ 39,00
In stock

Aczedol (Cibdol) 50ml

Aczedol utilises a carefully formulated blend of natural ingredients to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and provide soothing and moisturising properties. Colloidal oatmeal serves as the cornerstone ingredient. A fine powder milled from Avena sativa, this nutritional powerhouse and natural emollient works to soften and soothe the skin.

€ 39,00
In stock

Collagen Peptan B (Dawn Nutrition)

Anti-ageing formula for younger-looking skin Formulated with high-quality Peptan B collagen Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines Important for cartilage (vitamin C) Also contains glucosamine and blueberries

€ 29,95 € 4,99
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