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The breeders at Growers Choice in the Netherlands started growing over 20 years ago, as early as 1996. At this time, they were still experimenting and learning the ins and outs of creating strains. As they gathered knowledge and experience, they started to work with several large seed companies.

In 2011, the breeders began offering their own cannabis strains under their Growers Choice brand. They expanded their staff, which consists of experienced professionals in horticulture as well as enthusiastic growers, and are now one of the fastest-growing seed companies in Europe. Increasingly, cultivators from all over the world are sourcing their seeds from the experts at Growers Choice.

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Bruce Banner III (Growers Choice) Feminized

Those into comic books will know Bruce Banner, the alter ego behind the Incredible Hulk. Aptly named after the green superhero, Bruce Banner is also a range of strains that became popular due to their insane potency and flavour. Bruce Banner III is one of the three phenotypes of Bruce Banner, scoring with a crazy amount of THC and a superb high that’s euphoric and relaxing all at the same...


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Watermelon Punch (Growers Choice) feminized

Watermelon Punch isn’t just one of the fruitiest strains that you can find. This mouth-watering indica is also very potent and boasts an ultra-relaxing effect. The best thing is, you don’t need to be an expert grower to achieve top-notch bud with this specimen as it is very easy to grow!


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Zkittlez (Growers Choice) Feminized

Zkittlez is an award-winning new-school strain that stole the hearts of indica lovers. This variety develops a large amount of THC and delicious terpenes. Zkittlez is a flavoursome treat that flowers super fast. It’s an ideal strain for those seeking a well-rounded high.


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Banana Sherbet (Growers Choice) Feminized

Banana Sherbet is an indica-dominant cultivar that has the potential to steal the thunder from some of the most renowned strains on the market. With its potent THC levels and stable growth patterns, cannabis aficionados can't wait to get a hold of this excellence. The tropical essence of this strain delivers an organoleptic delight every time.


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White Fire OG (Growers Choice) Feminized

White Fire OG displays a kaleidoscope of colours when mature, and packs a high-THC punch when smoked. The plant grows to very manageable heights, takes well to training techniques like SOG and ScrOG, and features a rich and full flavour.


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Blue Forest Berry (Growers Choice) feminized

Blue Forest Berry by Growers Choice is one of their newest creations and she turned out just spectacular! This gorgeous sativa-dominant hybrid looks spectacular when she shows off her blue and purple colours during growth. She is easy to grow and rewards with enormous yields of very potent and oh so sweet-tasting bud!


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Brain Damage (Growers Choice) feminized

Brain Damage by Growers Choice is one of the most potent strains available right now. This 50% sativa, 50% indica hybrid with its high THC and CBD levels is so strong, that even experienced smokers may be surprised by the heavy stone from this strain. Better make sure, that you have nothing important planned for the rest of the day, because this lady will have you couchlocked for some time!


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Gelato 41 (Growers Choice) feminized

Gelato 41 by Growers Choice is a fantastic hybrid from the famed Cookie family of genetics. Her parents include a minty pheno of the popular Girl Scout Cookies on one side and a Sunshine Sherbet, which also is a heir to the Girl Scout Cookies throne on the other. This Californian girl doesn’t just delight with an amazing ice cream flavour. Her skyhigh THC content ensures a very powerful...


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Monkey Glue (Growers Choice) Feminized

This is the Growers Choice version of the famous Gorilla Glue #4, one of the strongest cannabis strains on the market. Created by accident via pollination of a Sour Dubb by a hermaphrodite Chem Sister, Monkey Glue brings extremely high THC levels, a superb aroma, and insane amounts of sticky resin to the table. Plus, the strain is easy to grow, despite her many impressive qualities.


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Chocolate Sherbet (Growers Choice) feminized

Chocolate Sherbet brings old school hashish flavours into the 21st century with big yields, great strength and an updated flavour. Up to 25% THC and 70% sativa genetics make for an invigorating, cerebral high—great for daytime smoking. Like the sound of it? With a bit of careful training, you can get yourself up to 650g/m²!

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Octane Fire (Growers Choice) feminized

Octane Fire has it all. Hard-hitting diesel and kush flavours, mixed with a seriously potent body-stone—it’s a strain bred for indica lovers and those who just need to chill. The 25% of THC and terpenic profile all contribute to the potent effect of Octane Fire by Growers Choice.

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San Fernando Valley x The Purps (Growers Choice) feminized

The Purps has risen from the dead with this incredible hybrid. With three possible phenotypes, and flavours that can only be described as mystical, it’s one for the passionate grower to get their hands on!

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Silvergrape Sherbet (Growers Choice) feminized

A genius mix of strains culminating in a very special, unique terpene profile—you won't find flavours like this anywhere else. Combine that with 25% THC and giant yields, and it’s possible we’ve got a winner.

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