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Storing your stash is important for keeping it fresh, and in some countries, keeping it hidden from prying eyes. We have dozens of stash tins and stash boxes, with or without secret compartments: camouflaged stashes for when you’re travelling (or just to keep your roommate’s paws off!) and stylish storage for a more unashamed display.

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Smell-Proof Puff Pouch Black (Zamnesia)

Need to transport your stash? Then do so in style and without attracting any unnecessary attention with this exclusive Black Smell-Proof Pouch. Made from a special 5-layer fabric, this unsuspecting bag can conceal the odours of even the dankest bud. Best of all, it's also water-proof, meaning it'll protect your bud come rain, hail, or shine.

€ 19,95 € 14,96
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Stash Belt (Zamnesia)

Discover the Zamnesia Buckleless Stash Belt: a sleek, discreet way to keep small essentials hidden. Perfect for those who value both style and subtlety. Its capacity is very small, but it's so discreet that it's perfect when you really want to keep things hidden.

€ 9,99
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Puffin Primates Z-Lock Stash Bags (Large)

Monkey see, monkey do, monkey smoke. These limited-edition ziplock stash bags protect your stash from moisture, oxygen, and UV rays and feature unique Puffin Primates designs that are sure to put a smile on your face.

€ 1,49 € 1,12
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Saint Andreas Z-Lock Stash Bags (Large)

Love to get lost in an imaginary world filled with crime & drugs? Then these zip-lock baggies are sure to strike a chord. Featuring limited-edition designs inspired by the grimy streets of Saint Andreas, these Stash Bags are the perfect accessory for nostalgic gamers.

€ 1,49 € 1,12
In stock

Monstrous Monsters Z-Lock Stash Bags (Large)

Love wacky monsters? Then spice up your stash game with these custom monster-themed ziplock stash bags, perfect for sealing in aromas and flavours while preserving the potency of whatever you're storing. But hurry—only 500pcs of these were printed, so don't miss out!

€ 1,49 € 1,12
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Japanese Z-Lock Stash Bags (Large)

Love Japanese culture? Get your hands on these limited-edition custom stash bags inspired by the mystique of Ancient Japan, its temples, geishas, and samurai. But hurry: there are only 500 of these custom baggies available!

€ 1,49
In stock

Cotton Pouch (Zamnesia)

Every toker needs something to keep their smoking gear in, as we all know how frustrating it is to constantly be searching for your lighter and papers. Fear no more; store all of your essentials in our cotton pouch and take it with you everywhere you go. It's made from recycled cotton and has a very natural look, which is a great canvas for our Zamnesia logo.

€ 2,99 € 2,24
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Smell-Proof Puff Pouch (Zamnesia)

Take your precious flowers with you in our stylish Smell-Proof Puff Pouch. Thanks to the 5-layer fabric, odours are easily contained within the pouch, and your buds are protected from rain and spills. The size of the bag makes it perfect for any backpack, while it's roomy enough to safely store your travel stash and accessories.

€ 19,99 € 14,99
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Zamnesia Kontainer (PieceMaker)

The Zamnesia Kontainer is a compact, reliable, and subtle way to store and transport your concentrates. Thanks to a collaboration with PieceMaker, the lid to this silicone storage vessel can also be used as a cap for your PieceMaker Karma pipe. Dab storage made easy!

€ 3,95 € 2,96
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Labelling Stickers (Zamnesia) 50pcs

Perfect for letting you know what's in your containers, pots, and jars, these labelling stickers from Zamnesia are fit for any task. So, if you've got numerous growing projects on the go and want to ensure your yields are correctly stored and labelled, this product is for you. The labelling stickers come in various colours, so you can have one for your truffles, one for your shrooms, and so...

€ 3,99
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Weed Curing Jar

You probably won’t find better weed curing jars than these quality mason jars “Made in Germany”. The jars are made from extra thick glass and feature a rubber ring and galvanized wire bracket for a 100% airtight seal. Available in 4 sizes: Small (255ml), Medium (400ml), Large (800ml) and Xtra Large (1140ml).

€ 4,95
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Zamnesia Wooden Storage Box (Calumet)

Give your smoking accessories the best, yet stylish, protection. Introducing the Zamnesia Wooden Storage Box. As part of an exclusive collaboration with Calumet Spiritpipes, this ornate box is the perfect storage solution. Providing ample space for lighters, rolling papers, filters, and maybe a little bit of herb too. Stylish enough to be displayed but small enough to be taken anywhere.

€ 37,50 € 28,12
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Zip Lock Bags (100 pcs)

Zip lock bags are perfect for storing marijuana. They seal almost airtight, keeping the odor inside and the weed fresh for a relatively long time. Just remember to store your green medicine in a cool and dark place. Available sizes: 40x60mm, 55x65mm, 60x80mm, 80x60mm, 70x100mm, 120x180mm (100 bags) Thickness: 90 Microns

€ 2,50
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Small Holder (Marley Natural)

Whether you're looking to stash a joint for later or just want something cool to take with you on the move, the Small Holder by Marley Natural has got you covered. Easy to slip into your pocket, this premium quality storage device is ideal for all smokers. The Small Holder is made from tough black walnut wood and offers the best way to keep your joints protected and their smell contained.

€ 18,00
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Re:stash Jar (Cookies)

It goes without saying that your buds need to be looked after. You've taken the time to grow them fully; why leave it up to chance when it comes to storing them? So many settle for the nearest jar or container when you could offer them so much more. The Re:stash Jar with Cookies sleeve is here to do just that. This storage product protects your herb from sunlight and unwanted hands with...

€ 45,00
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Bamboo Rolling Stash Tray (Zamnesia)

Wanna roll with class? Zamnesia's new Bamboo Rolling Tray / Stash Box boasts a sleek, modern design and all the features you need to roll comfortably and in style. With a magnetic lid and clean cutouts to hold your grinder, papers, and all other rolling accessories, our Bamboo Rolling Stash Tray is the one tray to truly rule them all.

€ 19,99 € 14,99
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Roll Tray Wood

Disordered thoughts are cool - disorganized smoking necessities and accessories are NOT! These wooden trays keep all your stuff in one place and even feature a groove to collect the precious spills - the perfect escort for smoking on the go. Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

€ 9,75
In stock

Retro Metal Tube (RAW)

For the best way to protect your perfectly rolled joints and cones, it has to be the Retro Metal Tube from RAW. Measuring slightly under 11.5cm, it's the perfect pocket-size companion for those looking for a smoke on the go. With a screw-on natural cork lid that effortlessly masks any unwanted odours, the Retro Metal Tub offers unrivalled discretion when transporting your pre-rolled herb.

€ 4,50
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Stash Hair Brush

This round hair brush is secretly a nifty stash. It looks like a commodity brush, but there is a hidden compartment in its handle. What a clever way to combine hair care and discretion ... Length: 21cm.

€ 8,50 € 6,80
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Glass Jar (1062ml)

Ideal for autoclaving mushroom grain as well as storing weed, this Glass Jar (1062ml) is the perfect solution for all of your needs. While technically you can use any airtight container for the task, you'll quickly discover that you're doing yourself and your mushrooms/buds a massive disservice. Investing in a suitable container will make the whole experience much smoother.

€ 2,25
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Jar Lid (82mm)

Couple this lid with your 1062ml jar to effectively seal the contents inside. Whether you're looking to store items securely, cure your weed, or make sure your mushroom grain spawn is autoclaved properly, this handy accessory will more than do the trick. Keep the contents airtight and sealed without...

€ 0,65
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Vacuum Sealer (Qnubu)

Qnubu's Vacuum Sealer is the answer to your long-term storage needs. Go a step further to keep your cannabis flowers or dried shrooms fresh for longer. The device offers two options—vacuum and seal, or seal only—and it's a breeze to operate. The process is over in seconds, so it's very little effort in exchange for significantly extending your product's shelf life.

€ 34,95
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Battery Stash Box

Discretion often plays a large role in a stoner's life, and few things are more important than keeping your stash out of sight. With this battery-shaped stash box, you can keep your herbal activities under wraps. Measuring 5.1cm and looking like an ordinary AA battery, simply twist the top off to reveal the secret compartment inside. Perfect for taking on the move or for discreet storage at...

€ 3,95 € 3,16
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Pocket Stashbox iVAC

You are looking for an odor-tight, pocket-sized container to transport or store a small amount of marijuana? No problem, the iVAC seals vacuum-tight and will keep your precious goods fresh, without allowing smell to escape. Diameter: 7.3cm. Height: 2.5cm. Choose from three available colors: Black, white, or blue.

€ 9,95
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Information About Storage Gear

Information About Stash Gear

Whether you're heading to a party, curing your stash, or trying to keep it hidden from prying eyes, Zamnesia has you covered. Regardless of what you're stashing, our Storage Gear is perfectly designed to fit your budget and needs. In what follows, we break down some of the high-quality Storage Gear you can purchase from our Headshop.

Curing gear

Curing cannabis is key to producing bud that smells, tastes, and smokes great. Our Glass Curing Jars are perfect for curing dried bud to further develop its aroma and flavour, and for storing flower over extended periods. Meanwhile, Boveda HumidiPacks can help you keep humidity levels optimal to further preserve the taste and smell of your weed, while Terpene Essentials Packs can be used to infuse your bud with your favourite terpenes as it cures.

Transport gear

Want to take your party on the road? From regular Zip Lock Bags to Noaks Odor-Tight Zip Bags, Cigarette Tubes (Savarettes), vacuum-sealed Pocket Stashboxes, and everything in between, we have all the gear you could possibly need to transport your stash securely and without drawing unwanted attention.

Smoking accessories

Papers, filter tips, herbs, and a grinder—lighting up takes quite a bit of gear, and carrying it all can be a pain. Luckily, we stock a variety of accessories to help you keep all of your smoking gear in one place. Check out the RAW Smoking Wallet and Revelry Mini Confidant for something small and easy to transport, or consider our Bamboo Rolling Stash Tray or Wooden Storage Box to neatly organise your smoking gear at home.

Secret stash items

Sometimes, keeping your stash hidden is a top priority. Whether you live with nosey roommates or are expecting visitors with dissimilar habits, we have stash gear that comes in all shapes and sizes, including Hairbrushes, Briefs, Keychains, and more!

Long-term cannabis storage

Did Mother Nature reward you with a particularly heavy harvest this year? We have a wide variety of long-term storage solutions for cannabis, designed to preserve the flavour, aroma, and potency of your hard-earned weed for months or even years, including the CVault (for bud) and the RAW Magnetic Storage Jar (for concentrates).

Luggage and accessories

Looking to travel with your stash? We stock a variety of travel bags and packs designed to make your travels easy and stress-free. The Escort Backpack by Revelry, for example, is the perfect everyday backpack complete with a smell-proof stash compartment. Meanwhile, the RAW Weekender Travel Bag is a larger hard-shell bag that is both odour and water-proof, ideal for taking on a weekend getaway! If you're looking for something more compact, make sure to check out the HeadCase Carbon Series by Ryot or The Amigo Hip Pack