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Whatever you’re smoking, by definition you’re going to produce ash. And since you’re a civilised, house-proud type, you’re going to want something to tap it in. A standard piece of kit in any smoker’s possession since the discovery of tobacco, recent tightening of public smoking laws means the need for small, pocket-size ashtrays and smokeless ashtrays has grown. Whip yours out to impress, outdoors or in. Plus, of course we have the more standard tabletop varieties and smokeless ashtrays.

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Smokeless Ashtray

With this smokeless ashtray you can minimize the smell of ashes and smoke in your flat. It draws the smoke through two replaceable activated carbon filters located inside and under the ashtray - the filters should be replaced after roughly 40 days of extended use. The top can be removed for easy emptying and is washable. Powered by 2 AA batteries. 2 Carbon filters included.


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Replacement Filters Smokeless Ashtray

Replacement filters for the smokeless ashtray - these activated carbon filters should be replaced after roughly 40 days of extended use to ensure for maximum performance. Content: 6 pcs


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Metal Ashtray With Cannabis Leaves

That's how a stoner's ashtray should look like! This ashtray is made of metal and it's extremely durable. The detailed cannabis pattern is beautiful against the white background, making this the perfect statement piece on your side table. The ashtray is 13cm in diameter and has 4 cigarettes rests. It's simple, sturdy, cool and easy to clean.


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Butt Bucket Ashtray

Drastically reduce the smell of cold cigarette butts with this Butt Bucket Ashtray. It is 10cm (3.93") high and fits in any standard (car) cup holder. Simply drop your cigarette in the center hole and it is extinguished in seconds - and there are no ugly butts to see. Your non-smoking partner will love it (and you for buying one).


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Briq Ashtray (BRNT Designs)

BRNT Designs has come up with a stylish, durable, and robust ashtray made to adorn and complement your coffee table. Not overbearing in size and certainly a conversation starter, the Briq is the modern stoner's solution to discarding ash.

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Crystal Ash Tray (Marley Natural)

Created with the cannabis connoisseur in mind, the Crystal Ash Tray from Marley Natural offers a unique take on the standard ash tray we all know and love. Melding crystal and walnut, the result is an accessory that will look at home on any table, inside or out! With plenty of features, this is one sleek ash tray that is sure to impress all those who see it.


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Interbreed x RAW Wooden Ashtray

The result of a collaboration between RAW and Interbreed, the Chilling Wood Ashtray is an all-natural Japanese-made white ash wood solution to your smoking sessions. This exclusive ashtray showcases style and premium quality that deserve to be flaunted at every opportunity. With some handy features you don't often see with regular ashtrays, the Chilling Wood really sets itself apart.


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Glass Ashtray Hotlips

Peace? Ahhh, that’s just what I was thinking as I exhaled this lungful of Lemon Haze. Pax vobiscum, as the Pope would say.


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Glass Ashtray Revolution

Deep enough to take a whole evening’s butts and roaches, heavy enough to avoid getting knocked over by stumbling guests, this attractive and substantial ashtray has the good looks to brighten any room. Embellished with a great pirate skull logo, this ashtray is a budget-friendly must-have tool for every stoner.


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Metal Ashtray Peace

The familiar hippie peacenik icon finds its way onto everything eventually, even this tin ashtray.


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Metal Ashtray Cannabis Buds

The most essential accessories of a smoker—lighter and ashtray. This ashtray is made of metal and it will last a lifetime—unless you run a tank over it! It's not only useful, but it also depicts one of the most beautiful crops Mother Nature has to offer! This asthray features famous genetics names written along the edge, next to 4 cigarette rests. Inspiration for your next seeds maybe?


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RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray

Since a lot of people stopped smoking cigarettes, it's much harder to find a big, heavy ashtray like the ones you saw everywhere in the 1950s. RAW changed that with their lead-free crystal glass ashtray modelled after authentic antique designs. Weighing in at a whopping 3.5lbs (1.6kg), they didn't cheap out on either "raw" materials or craftsmanship with this quality piece.

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Premium Crystal Ashtray (Higher Standards)

The Premium Crystal Ashtray by Higher Standards isn’t your average smoking accessory. Brilliantly combining style and function, this ashtray has been designed with the smoking enthusiast in mind. A solid and beautiful ashtray that will impress. Made from heavy-duty crystal.

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