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We've searched high and low for the greatest selection of products on this side of the cosmos and are delivering them to you with incredible discounts. You'll find cannabis seeds, mushroom grow kits, CBD oils, vaporizers, and much, much more.

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Chemipro OXI

Chemipro OXI is a no-rinse multifunctional cleaner for cleaning with one simple treatment. It is the ideal cleaner for all light duty cleaning tasks for beer brewing and winemaking. The active oxygen formula ensures fast cleaning action, minimum contact time and guaranteed hygienic results. Comes with instructions for use in 11 languages.

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Grinder Hamburger (3 parts)

Amusing or grotesque, we’re undecided. This mini-hamburger will certainly not prompt a case of the munchies, but its fine ground contents just might. The screw off base keeps your hash dust safely collected, and metal teeth ensure the weed above is ground to perfection.


6,95 5,56
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Metal Grinder Mill

Just as attractive as its smaller 3-part brother grinder, this shares the same precision-milled steel, fold away handle and see-though section in the lid. Includes a tiny plastic scraper for scraping your weed crystals into a pile.


21,95 17,56
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Glass Bong ROOR Black 5.0 mm

This is the next higher level to quality, this is a luxury glass bong! The tubular ROOR Glass Bong Black 5.0mm is made from high-grade 5mm thick borosilicate glass and stands 45cm tall. Emblazoned with the boastful ROOR logo and delivered with down-tube and 3-point glass screen. The joint size for the down-tube is 14.5mm in diameter. No carb hole. Superb quality "made in Germany".

197,50 177,75
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Firefly Concentrate Pads (3-pack)

Made by Firefly for their Firefly 2 Vaporizers, the set includes 3 stainless steel liquid pads for easy and convenient vaporizing of solid, waxy and liquid concentrates. Made from FDA food-grade stainless steel wire mesh. Pack includes 3x Firefly Concentrate Pads.


9,95 7,46
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Aluminium Grinder With Print

The durable 4-part Grinder with Print by Black Leaf is made from tough aluminium. It features razor-sharp teeth with a diamond cut, allowing you to grind even the toughest herbs and spices. It also boasts a practical magnetic lid and a kief filter screen. The grinder has a diameter of 49mm. Available in three cool designs!


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Fenix Screens (2 pcs)

Set of 2 original spare or replacement screens for your Fenix vaporizer.

2,95 2,21
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Kleaner Cleaning Wipe (9ml)

Kleaner cleaning wipes come in a convenient sachet, which makes them very practical for mouth and body hygiene. They are ideal for cleaning and deodorising your skin, with immediate action that lasts for at least 1 hour. Also suitable for quick cleaning of other surfaces—for wiping phones, laptops, steering wheels, etc. Cleaning wipe in sachet (9ml).

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Smoking Dragon Incense Burner

Turn your room into a mythical dragon den with this beautifully crafted Smoking Dragon Incense Burner and holder! Place your incense sticks inside the purple dragon and it will breathe smoke through its nostrils. Awesome and super-cool to watch, and makes a perfect gift too!


29,00 26,10
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Phoenix Tears - The Rick Simpson Story

From vilified underground medicine distributor to cult hero. Phoenix Tears - The Rick Simpson story is the tale of a man committed to making cannabis a recognised medicine.

18,00 15,30
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Fenix Full Magnetic Top

When blazing this vape on the go, it's always best to have a few parts to hand, just in case of malfunctions or damage. The Fenix Full Magnetic Top is one such piece that is critical to the operation of the vape.

9,50 7,12
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