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The Firefly 2+ vaporizer will impress even the most experienced of vapers. This device represents a step forward in the world of vaping, offering never-before-seen features.

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Colour: Jet Black € 179,00 In stock
Colour: Blue € 179,00 In stock
Colour: Zebra wood € 179,00 In stock
Colour: Gold € 179,00 In stock
Colour: Oak € 179,00 In stock
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Firefly Vapor - Firefly 2+: Cutting Edge Vaporization Technology

The Firefly 2+ is as efficient as it looks. It combines futuristic aesthetics with ground-breaking functionality. The device is a perfect example of how modern technology is changing the vaporizing experience. It appears like captured alien technology, and performs like something out of this world.

READY IN 3-2-1

The device is ready to use within three seconds—there’s no waiting around with this vape. Simply place your flower or extract into the temperature-resistant borosilicate glass bowl, and you’re good to go.


The Firefly 2+ makes the most of every hit by precisely vaporizing every targeted cannabinoid and terpene; this means zero waste. Instead of operating at a single, sustained temperature, the device sweeps through a temperature range of between 93–260°C.

The smartphone application allows users to set their temperature maximum. The device then utilises dynamic heating to work its way up the temperature range. The Firefly 2+ is the only vape on the market to offer this revolutionary function.

This enables users to target a wide range of cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, CBN, and THCV. Such a diverse range of molecules makes for a more colourful and wholesome high.


This temperature sweep also pulls out all of the terpenes from the strain, ensuring maximum flavour. The Firefly 2+ implements dynamic convection technology and heats material using airflow as opposed to direct contact with a heating element. This makes for a buttery smooth hit with zero harshness.

This high-tech masterpiece can handle dried herb and concentrates with equal ease. The vapor flows through the glass vapor path and directly into the lungs, making no contact with plastic along the way.


Done with toking? No worries, The Firefly 2+ is only heated during inhalation. You won’t waste material if you decide to stop. However, the device offers a full inhalation time of 10 seconds, allowing cannabinoids and terpenes to fully absorb into the lungs.


If you’re looking for technology, efficiency, and style, then the Firefly 2+ is for you! The portable device is made using high-quality materials and features a magnesium alloy chassis. It’s not going to break in your bag. And last but not least, the previous Firefly 2's mouthpiece, battery lid, charger, and other parts are interchangeable!


Charging dock
USB 3.0 cable
Extract pad
3 alcohol wipes
Firefly 2+ data sheet
Adjustable Temperature Yes
Brand Firefly
Heating Technique Convection
Temperature range 93-260°C
Type Portable
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs, Concentrates
Size 120 x 40 x 250 mm
Weight 143gr

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Reviews (14)
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    App non disponibile, cambio temperatura tramite link. Da buongustai, richiede pratica e accorgimenti per l'utilizzo

    P. S.

    ottimo prodotto, consegnato puntualmente, ottima confezione. quello che colpisce però è l'efficacia dell'utilizzo, niente più tosse niente più odori particolari, solo l'effetto desiderato. Necessita di un minimo di pratica per capire la temperatura ideale per la vaporizzazione e capire quando la "carica" è ormai esaurita. Unica pecca l'APP non viene caricata in alcuni smarphone. Consigliato

    D. S.

    Geweldig toestel voor shatter!!!!!

    T. V.

    Bien mais pas pour tout le monde
    Je ne suis malheureusement pas convaincu par ce Firefly 2+. L'airflow est réduit comparé à un Mighty. La batterie tient entre 80 et 100 boufées, c'est pas trop mal. Personnellement je ne trouve pas le design très pratique (le fait de devoir appuyer sur les deux boutons). Vous allez devoir aussi touiller dans le bol mid-session puisque la distribution de chaleur n'est pas vraiment homogène (chose que je n'ai pas à faire avec le Mighty). Voici mon avis honnête et constructif.

    B. V.

    Super fijne vaporizer
    Ik heb jarenlang de arizer solo gebruikt met veel plezier, maar ik wist wel dat wanneer ik een nieuwe vaporize zou kopen, het een ander model moest zijn. Dit vanwege de omslachtigheid van het schoonmaken en ook vanwege de verwarmingstechnieken, waardoor het soms aanbrandde. Na uitgebreid onderzoek gekozen voor de Firefly 2+ en helemaal tevreden mee. Mooi modern apparaatje dat heel handig in elkaar zit. Via de app kan ik de temperatuur precies instellen wat heel fijn is ivm het effect dat ik zoek (ofwel gewoon plezier, ofwel pijnstilling voor hoofdpijn). Het open en dichtdoen met de magneten is heel fijn en daardoor is het ook heel gemakkelijk schoon te maken. De firefly is super snel opgewarmd waardoor je hem gemakkelijk snel even kan gebruiken zonder lange opwarmfase, en ben je ook snel weer klaar. De vapor zelf komt er het beste uit als je heel rustig en langzaam inademt. Door de effectiviteit van deze vaporizer gebruik ik veel minder wiet dan voorheen terwijl ik er veel meer effect van ervaar. Heel blij mee!

    M. E.

    I didn't know what to expect cause it's my first vaporiser and I m a smoker for years but it is very very very good. It took me about a week to find my perfect hits (its a combination of tempetature ,quantity of herb and how grinded it is) but since then I have enjoyed it way too much! It's very easy to use, very easy to clean ,to charge , generally it's not a complicated device ! The only thing I should warn you about is that it doesn't produce a lot of smoke ( optically) although that doesn't make any difference to the result!

    K. K.

    Produit top
    Je l'utilise depuis 1 mois environ et effectivement le goût est très présent, la taille du bol est correcte et comme c'est un vapo "on demand", c'est à dire qu'il ne chauffe que quand on s'en sert on ne gâche pas de produit. Cependant comme pour tous les vapos il y a une courbe d'apprentissage un peu longue, il faut pas mal d'essais avant de trouver ce qui vous convient le mieux en termes de réglages, quantité vaporisée etc. L'appareil est très facile à nettoyer ce qui pour moi est un grand plus, la qualité est très bonne de plus il est discret et très léger.

    L. W.

    Awesome Vaporizer
    I've had it for a few hours only and I'm in love with it. It feels much more accessible than any other vaporizer. I've used the Arizer Air (and many others before including high range), and this is my favorite. To be honest, I'm really baked right now. I forgot all the good things I was going to bring up. Nevermind. It's a big step up. I wish it could get back to cold as fast as it heats up... You can't win them all I guess. Ok goodbye.

    J. C.

    Buen vap
    Excelente vaporizador. Da unas nubes de vapor muy buenas y tiene excelente sabor. Cómo pega diría que la cazuela es pequeña y admite poco material. Pero la calidad es muy alta.

    R. C.

    Top Qualité
    Perso, je n'ai que quelques critères: facile d'utilisation, nettoyage facile, qualité de vapeur: il excelle dans les 3 !!! et ce n'est pas le cas de la majorité d'entre eux. A acheter les yeux fermés ... même si c'est un peu cher !

    O. D.
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