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Positronics is a seed bank from Spain that is offering cannabis lovers the best flavored strains available. They keep researching and working to upgrade and improve their existing strains and keep all growing enthusiasts happy! We are offering 17 great feminized strains from their catalogue.

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Black Widow (Positronics) feminized

The feminized Black Widow by Positronics Seeds is a white magic maiden with a relaxing and sedative spell. Become a sorcerer and raise your own medicine with a THC level of 19% and 0.3% CBD. After a flowering time of 55-66 days your little black ladies have reached a height of around 1m and gladly reward your time and care with a yield of 400g/m².


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Blue Rhino (Positronics) feminized

When a customer is looking for a highly medicinal, CBD loaded strain, we recommend Blue Rhino without hesitation. Positronics crossed Blueberry and White Rhino to produce positively outstanding feminized seeds, and these beauties grow up packed with 1.9 % CBD. With a sublime blueberry aroma and colossal yields, you can’t go wrong adding an elegant Blue Rhino plant to your grow.

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Jack Diesel (Positronics) feminized

Love those sky-high sativa hitters that leave you in a cerebral daze after just a puff or two? Love the all-time sativa strain king Jack Herer? Love sitting back with a half-orange bud of New York City Diesel? Then share all that love and grow yourself a shiny new Jack Diesel plant from our all-feminised seeds. A hybrid that gets the best of both parents!

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Somango 47 (Positronics) feminized

Somango 47 by Positronics is an easy to grow indica classic. With strong tastes, smells and highs this strain is sure to impress novice and veteran growers alike. Find out for yourselves why many have nicknamed this strain “The Beast”. Somango 47 is result of crossing Somango and Critical #47.


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Super Cheese (Positronics) feminized

Super Cheese by Positronics is a classic Skunk x Skunk mix and is a solid choice for any looking for a reliable, old school tasting Skunk with modern genetics. Super Cheese will not disappoint, it will keep you coming back time and time again.

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CBD+ Critical 47 (Positronics) feminized

The original Critical 47 is a very potent strain, but not necessarily optimal for medical cannabis users. Positronics’ high-CBD version, CBD+ Critical 47, is the perfect medical strain for all those who love a more balanced and less psychoactive effect. She is as powerful as the original and will give you the same great taste and aroma.

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Afghan Express (Positronics) feminized

Exhausted of scrolling through pages of autoflowering cannabis seeds that don’t match up to the standards of regular seeds? Positronics is here for you with their autoflowering Afghan Express. A tasty indica that is great for both medicinal use and recreational purposes. New cannabis users smoking and growing will definitely fall in love with this cultivar.


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Northern Haze Express (Positronics) feminized

Northern Haze Express is an autoflowering cannabis strain that combines two popular hybrids with ruderalis. Northern Lights #5 and Haze were crossed with Lowryder, making this strain fast-flowering, potent and a large yielder. When smoked, its sticky buds provide a sweet, hashlike taste and deliver a balanced high with a pleasant body stone. It’s a good all-round strain for any time of the...

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Super Cheese Express (Positronics) feminized

Super Cheese Express by Positronics is a successful variety of Positronics' champion strain Super Cheese. This express version was made by crossing it with their finest Afghani ruderalis breed, resulting in an autoflowering variant of an already remarkable strain. This smelly, resinous beauty takes the best from Cheese and Afghani and sets the standard for new autoflowering breeds.


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Jack Diesel Express (Positronics) feminized

Jack Diesel Express is a lovechild between two mainstays of the cannabis world: Jack Herer and NYC Diesel. The breeders at Positronics bring us a heavy-yielding and durable, autoflowering sativa-dominant hybrid. The high is mostly cerebral - the initial stage gives you intense body and mind relaxation, which is then followed by a wave of happy, uplifting energy accompanied by a creativity...

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Express Collection Pack (Positronics) feminized

This mix pack is the best way to try the autoflowering strains in the collection of Positronics.

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Caramelice (Positronics) feminized

When skunks were first introduced into the popular cannabis world, smokers everywhere were raving about their intensely fruity aromas and wildly euphoric highs. Today, Positronics has hit another genetic jackpot by expertly breeding Hektol and Red Skunk, creating feminized Caramelice seeds that pack all the best skunk qualities into a quick-flowering, mould resistant strain.

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