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These fresh Psilocybe cubensis mushroom spore syringes are produced and packed under sterile laboratory conditions. Each spore syringe contains 20 ml of spore suspension made from sterile, viable mushroom spores - enough for 5-10 batches. Magic mushrooms can be grown on a range of nutrient substrates (various grains, rice flour cakes, used coffee granules). Whatever you choose, there is some preparation required, so you’ll need to do a bit of research. Most cubensis mushrooms look pretty similar and all grow in the same substrates and conditions. The differences between varieties are small; some are known for fast colonization, or large caps, or higher potency. But effects and preferences vary from person to person, so rely on your own judgment.

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Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis B+

The popularity of this B+ variety is directly related to the fact that this mushroom can get very big, so keep in mind to keep the substrate well-hydrated to get the most of this wonderful strain.


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Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodia

The Psilocybe cubensis cambodia was first discovered near the stunning Angkor Wat temple complex by a guy who was in the country filming other species of magic mushrooms. It’s our recommended fungus for inexperienced growers, being an easy species to cultivate and a nice fast grower with relatively predictable yields.


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Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador

This Psilocybe cubensis variety is from the mountains of Ecuador; it’s another shroom favoured by inexperienced cultivators as it is well domesticated, grows readily and produces bigger than average caps with very dark prints. The Ecuador was originally collected in the Ecuadorean Andes in 2000. Apparently, its discoverer was told by a shaman that mountain shrooms are clearer and stronger.


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Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher

It’s golden and reputed to be a teacher – it’s Golden Teacher! A classic cubensis, and very domesticated, its origin is unknown but it was probably discovered in the Gulf region of the USA. Some Golden Teachers grow to be quite large and may develop a nipple on the top of the cap. Colonization and fruiting times may be a little slower than average.


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Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe cubensis Hawaii

The Psilocybe cubensis Hawaii (aka Hawaiian PES or PESH) is a fast colonizing magic mushroom strain that produces heavy and big fruit-bodies with caps of 25-75mm across. Aside from producing massive flushes it is also one of the most potent strains. Sterilized rye is the perfect growth substrate for inoculation.


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Mondo Spore Syringe Psilocybe Cubensis Treasure Coast

Found nestled among the shipwrecks of Florida's treasure coast is perhaps the greatest gem: Treasure Coast magic mushrooms! Now you can grow your own at home with this 20ml spore syringe from Mondo Grow Kits. Fast, simple and yielding great results—it's time to get cultivating.

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