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For all your Cannabis Seeds, Headshop, CBD Oil and Smartshop products

CANNABIS SEEDS - Extensive range of autoflowering, feminized and regular seeds

Buy your Cannabis Seeds online in our bulging Seedshop. When growing cannabis it's crucial to choose the right strain, and our huge range consists of more than 1000 different cannabis seeds from all the leading cannabis seed banks, including Sensi Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds and Sweet Seeds (feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds). Whether indoor or outdoor growing, every successful grow begins with the best quality cannabis genetics with the specific characteristics you're looking for. In our extensive shop you can’t fail to find the right cannabis strain for you; sativas, indicas, hybrids and autoflowering seeds containing cannabis ruderalis genetics that thrive in cooler Northern climates. 

Headshop - large assortment of weed grinders, rolling papers, bongs and many other smoker products

Our Headshop offers only the best smoking-related products on the market. Chosen for their stylishness as well as their function, kick back and enjoy a good browse of our catalogue of cannabis grinders, bongs of all sorts and sizes, rolling papers, scales, stash boxes and much, much more. We at Zamnesia are always on the hunt for the latest and best quality products coming onto the market to ensure that our smokers get the most out of their intoxicating delights! So accept nothing but the best by using only the best!


Enter our Vaporizer shop and step into the future of smokeless cannabis. We keep up a stock of classic electric vaporizers, portable and handheld vaporizers, and vaporizer accessories and parts to meet all your THC-vaping needs. From greats like the electric Volcano and portable Magic Flight Launch Box to favorites like the Arizer Solo and the PUFFIT, our amazing selection will have any marijuana enthusiast feeling like a kid in a candy shop. Health-conscious people love vapes for their carbon-monoxide & smoke free vapor, heavy cannabis users love vapes for their exceptionally potent hits, and all in all we can say we love our Vaporshop for the great vaporizers it brings to our customers worldwide.


Check out our CBD Shop for a wide selection of different CBD products, including CBD Oil, CBD Paste, CBD Capsules and CBD Cosmetics. All of the CBD products we stock not only exceed industry expectations, but ours here at Zamnesia as well. It means you can rest assured that the products you get from the Zamnesia CBD shop are some of the best available in Europe. We are currently stocking such high quality brands as Cibdol, Trompetol and Cannabios – all of which are made from 100% natural ingredients. So no matter what your CBD needs are, whether you are looking to ingest it directly, add it to your cooking or apply it to your skin, you can get what you need right here, safely and securely.

Smartshop - Top Quality Salvia, Kratom, Ayahuasca and all kinds of other psychedelics

In our Smartshop you will find a large selection of top-quality psychedelics, energizers, aphrodisiacs, party pills, drug tests and many different herbs. It’s our aim to help you spice up your life by offering the most stimulating substances and coolest products on the market. Our Smartshop is currently offering a wide selection of popular products such as Salvia (extract), Ayahuasca, Zamnesia also stocks the more exotic psycho-actives, such as Blue Lotus Flowers and Kratom. Plus we’re relentless in tracking down the latest trends and sourcing the best-of-the-best quality. Check back regularly to find the newest smart products entering the market, both pre-prepared and grow-your-own.

Shroomshop - Large assortment of fresh Magic Truffles, magic mushroom grow kits and grow supplies

Magic Mushrooms contain the psychoactive substances Psilocybin and Psilocin and belong to the most popular psychedelics. Our Shroomshop offers a large selection of fresh and vacuum packed Magic Truffles (including the famous Psilocybe tampanensis, Psilocybe mexicana and Psilocybe atlantis). Along with the Magic Truffles our Shroomshop also contains a huge selection of products to grow your own magic mushrooms; including ‘ready-to-grow’ magic mushroom grow kits, spore prints, spore syringes and all kinds of grow supplies to ensure a successful harvest of magic mushrooms at home.

  • Jorge Cervantes Interview – Spannabis 2016

    Continuing his way through the wonders of Spannabis 2016, Renzo, our intrepid interview, sits down with none other than the legendary Jorge Cervantes – the man who wrote the bible on growing. They discuss the biggest changes we have seen in the way we grow cannabis, Cervantes’ view on feminized seeds, and his plans for the future – including a new upcoming book!

  • Pax2 Hidden Features!

    Check out some of the extra features of the Pax2 you may not know about. It is full of hidden Easter Eggs, offering additional lighting modes, some games, and even an extra handy stealth mode.

    So watch on and learn all the hidden tricks stowed away in this portable vaporizer.

  • How to Use: African Dreamroot

    Making the most of your African Dreamroot is not always straightforward. We have put together a short and informative video detailing everything you need to know about this herb, and more importantly, how to use it.

    So if you are thinking of getting your hands on some Dreamroot, be sure to check out this video.

  • Kannabia Interview – Spannabis 2016

    Renzo, our resident chatty man, has taken it upon himself to find out everything there is to know about the seed banks of the world. He stopped by the Kannabia stand at the 2016 Spannabis expo to find out what makes them tick, and what we can expect to see from them in the coming year. So stay tuned and watch the interview for some of the facts!

  • CBD Crew Shantibaba Interview – Spannabis 2016

    Renzo sits down with the infamous Shantibaba – one of the masterminds behind CBD Crew – to see how things are going. They discuss the growing demand for CBD-rich strains, the importance of terpenes, what CBD does, and what the future holds for CBD Crew. Things are looking good, and as the market look more to a mellow, therapeutic experience, we are sure even more CBD-based strains will be on the horizon.

  • Flowermate Aura Overview

    We unbox the Flowermate Aura portable vaporizer and run through what it includes and how it is used. It is able to vaporize all types of substances, including dry herb and concentrates – all at an affordable price! Without a doubt, it is one of the best entry level vapes of 2016!

  • Dinafem Interview – Spannabis 2016

    Dinafem is a seed bank renowned for innovating cannabis genetics. In fact, they have been at the forefront of both the feminized and autoflowering seed revolution in Spain. They took the time at Spannabis 2016 to tell us their philosophy, the future of CBD, and some of their fondest memories growing cannabis.

  • Sensi Seeds Interview – Spannabis 2016

    We caught up with Sensi Seeds at Spannabis 2016 to have a chat and see what they have coming up in 2016. From novice tips to some of the deeper philosophies of Sensi, Renzo finds out everything there is to know, including their views on supplying high-quality regular seeds, when the rest of the market is turning towards feminized varieties.

  • Spannabis 2016 Highlights

    The boys and girls from Zamnesia headed over to Spannabis 2016, hosted in Sunny Barcelona. Wondering around the many and varied stalls is always a pleasure, and there are always so many people to talk to. So here is a highlight reel taking you around this year’s expo, checking out some of the sights that couldn’t be missed.

  • How To Use: Kanna

    Next in our How To Use series is kanna. We cover all the need to know facts about this herb, including a bit of its history, what it can be used for, and most importantly, how to use it!

    So if you want to find out the lowdown on Kanna, be sure to watch this video!

  • How To Use: Kratom

    Kratom has long been used as a traditional herbal remedy. So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a short, sweet and informative video detailing everything you need to know about this complex herb – including origin, effects and how to use it.

  • How To Use: Salvia

    Saliva is a herb well known for its psychedelic potential. The thing is, how do you use it? We have put together a small video outlining everything you need to know about this herb, and how it can be harnessed for a trippy time!

  • The Blaze Dabbing Bong

    Check out this overview of the Blaze Dabbing Bong to get some of its basic stats, as well as see it in action. Made entirely from glass and featuring two swirlers, it is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys the use of cannabis oils.

  • The Vapir Prima Vaporizer

    We take a look at an unboxed Vapir Prima vaporizer and run through its features and use. It is a light and stylish vaporizer that harnesses both conduction and convection heating to get the most out of your bud. Well worth a watch if you are thinking about picking one up for yourself!

  • How To Make an Ice Bong Using the Eyce Bong Mold

    How does using a bong made completely of ice sound? Pretty awesome of you ask us – especially if you want an ultra-smooth smoke. The great news is that it is possible using the Eyce Bong Mold, so here is how you use it!

  • The Pax2 Vaporizer by Ploom

    We unbox one of the new Pax2 portable vaporizers to see what all the fuss is about, take a look at its features, and show you how it is used. It is a pretty impressive bit of kit, so if you are thinking of picking one up, check out the video!

  • Introducing The Zamnesia Truffle Grinder

    Love magic truffles but hate the taste? We have the product for you! The Zamnesia Magic Truffle Grinder allows you to churn your truffles into a paste without damaging the content. It makes truffles easier to swallow, and makes it perfect for adding to a small snack! Here is how you use it!

  • A Look At The Classic Volcano Vaporizer

    We explore some of the finer points of the Classic Volcano Vaporizer, take a look at what comes in the box, and show you how it is used. This is considered done of the best desktop vapes around, so it is well worth checking out!

  • The Summit Solar Charger

    Need to charge your portable vaporizer while traveling? The Summit Solar Charger may be the answer! With its rugged design and handy USB port, most portable vaporizers are able to the extra juice they need from it – even when up a mountain!

  • The Dr. Dabber Portable Vaporizer

    The Dr. Dabber Portable Vaporizer is the ideal vaping solution for those who love to vape waxes and other concentrates. We take one out of the box to see how it functions and how easily it is used. So if you are in the market for a concentrate vaporizer, be sure to check out this video.

  • Vapium Summit Review

    We take a look at the Vapium summit to see what you get in the box, how it all works, and test out the quality of vapour it produces. This portable vaporizer screams excellence and is a great choice for anyone wanting to vape herb on the go.

  • How To Roll You Joints Properly With The Futurola!

    If you are interested in buying a Futurola joint rolling machine, or want some advice on using it, we have put together a handy how-to video outlining its features and use. Whether your hands are shaky, or you just want to make things easier, the Futurola is ideal for anyone looking to roll the perfect joint! 

  • Zamnesia Take A Look At The Magic Flight Muad-Dib!

    Simple, sleek, and refined, the Muad-Dib by Magic Flight offers high-quality concentrate vaporizing without any fuss. We take a closer look at one to see what it comes with, how it functions, and how easy it is to use. If you are in the market for a portable concentrate vaporizer, the Muad-Dib is worth a look at! 

  • Medical Seeds – Exploring Seedbanks With Zamnesia

    We sat down with Medical Seeds at Spannabis to see how they were enjoying the festival, and find out a little bit more about them and their philosophy. We also discuss how they choose which cannabis seeds to breed, as well as what we can expect to see from them in the future.

  • Unboxing The Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

    They say good things come in small packages, and the Arizer Air portable vaporizer proves it! We take a closer look at what you get at its features, what you get with it, and how it performs when used. Without a doubt, it is a proud addition to the Arizer line-up! 

  • Dutch Passion – Exploring Seedbanks With Zamnesia

    In this video, we took the time to sit down with the guys from Dutch Passion to see how they were getting on at Spannabis, Barcelona. We discuss their recent award, their philosophy, new cannabis seeds they are working on, and see if they have any views on CBD. 

  • Bulldog Seeds – Exploring Seedbanks With Zamnesia

    We caught up with Bulldog Seeds at Spannabis in order to see what their plans for the future are. We find out how they are helping shape the cannabis market, and get insights on some of the best strains they have on offer. We also get a look at their new packaging, and how they are adopting an all-new professional look. 

  • Devil’s Harvest Seeds – Exploring Seedbanks With Zamnesia

    We were invited to sit down with Dara from Devil’s Harvest Seeds to celebrate their latest award at Spannabis, and get to know them a little better. We get their views on CBD, get some funny insights into Dara’s first grow, and find out if they have any special Devil’s Harvest tips to share with our customers. 

  • Greenhouse Seeds – Exploring Seedbanks With Zamnesia

    Greenhouse Seeds are one of the most recognised seedbanks of the Netherlands, so we were keen to sit down with them at Spannabis to see what makes them tick. We discuss all things cannabis with none other than Franco Loja, getting to know the seedbank better and discuss their movement into the autoflowering market. 

  • Fast Buds – Exploring Seedbanks With Zamnesia

    We headed over to the Fast Buds stand at Spannabis, Barcelona to find out how they put the magic into their autoflowering cannabis seeds. They tell us about the latest strains coming out of the US, give some handy advice to new growers, and reveal some specials they have been working on.