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Information About Cannabis Seeds

Information About Cannabis Seeds

We've all been there—taking those first steps into growing cannabis at home can seem like a daunting task. However, it doesn't have to be. Taking the time out now to learn the difference between the types of cannabis seeds, how they are grown, and which are most suitable for beginners will help you immeasurably. This is why we've put together this short guide that will answer all of your questions about cannabis seeds and more.

The Different Types of Cannabis Seeds

The Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds

“Feminized”, “autoflowering”, and “regular” are terms you will often see when browsing different seed banks trying to find that perfect strain. But what do they all mean? And what's the difference between them? Here's a short breakdown of the different types of cannabis seeds and how they compare.

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What’s the difference between regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Feminized seeds grow into female photoperiod plants only. Regular seeds can produce both male and female photoperiod plants. Autoflowering seeds produce female plants that are non-photoperiod.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Arguably the most common type of seed available, feminized cannabis seeds are genetically engineered to produce female plants. This allows for larger, more reliable yields that would otherwise be compromised by male pollination.

What Are the Advantages of Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

One of the main advantages of growing feminized seeds is the ability to fully utilise your growing space. As feminized seeds are guaranteed to only produce female plants, you can also implement training methods to maximise the harvest from each plant. Feminized seeds are often seen as the go-to type for both beginners and the more experienced due to the huge variety of strains available. Whether you're looking for an indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or high-CBD strain, you're certain to find numerous feminized options that fit the bill.

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What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

How Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Made?

Up until the 1990s, growers had an equal chance of growing male and female plants, as regular seeds were the only option there was. However, desperation breeds innovation, and new methods were devised to guarantee only females in the grow-op.

Stressing the plant under controlled conditions, either by changing its light cycle or by spraying it with colloidal silver, results in self-pollination without any male influence. This stress doesn’t harm the plant, but instead produces feminized seeds that vastly increase the chances of growing exclusively female plants.

Can You Clone Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Can You Clone Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

It is entirely possible to clone feminized cannabis plants. Indeed, it is a great method to maximise your yields. It is simply a case of cutting off a branch at a 45 degree angle and placing it in a separate plant pot. This cutting will then grow into its own plant, and the original plant will still flourish.

Can Feminized Seeds Cause Hermaphrodite Plants?

While feminized seeds are cultivated to produce solely female plants, your plant may exhibit male and female characteristics. This could be the appearance of both buds and pollen sacs, which may reduce the overall quality of your harvest. Hermaphrodite characteristics often occur when the plant is stressed due to major fluctuations in light cycle, temperature, or humidity.

Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds and Photoperiod Seeds the Same Thing?

Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds And Photoperiod Seeds The Same Thing?

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, there is an important distinction between the terms "feminized" and "photoperiod". While feminized seeds are typically used to describe cannabis that flowers according to a change in light cycle, technically, a more accurate term for this is photoperiod. Ultimately, feminized simply describes seeds that grow into exclusively female plants, which means you can grow both autoflowering and photoperiod feminized (aka photo-feminized) plants.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are bred to flower automatically after a certain period of time, limiting the vegetative stage of growth. This makes autoflowering seeds hugely popular amongst home-growing enthusiasts, regardless of prior experience. That said, autoflowers are especially suited for beginners.

Why Grow Feminized Autoflowering Plants?

Why Grow Feminized Autoflowering Plants?

Not only are they generally very easy to care for and maintain, but autoflowering plants also have a faster life cycle, with many plants reaching harvest about 70 days post-germination. Autoflowering plants are usually small in stature, making them perfect for those seeking a little discretion when growing at home. Autoflowering strains also tend to be very resilient to pests, mould, and less-than-optimal conditions.

How Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Made?

Autoflowering seeds are created by crossbreeding a sativa or indica strain with Cannabis ruderalis genetics. This allows the main strain (indica or sativa) to take on the robust and resilient traits of the ruderalis, as well as its lightning-fast life cycle. This is achieved by collecting pollen from a male ruderalis plant, then pollinating a female indica or sativa. This will allow her to produce autoflowering seeds.

What Are the Fastest Autoflowering Cannabis Genetics?

Like conventional indica and sativa plants, autoflowering strains vary in how long they take to grow. However, the vast majority of autos spend only 2–4 weeks in veg, before spending anywhere from 5–8 weeks in flower.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds

As the name may suggest, regular cannabis seeds grow as nature intended, with a 50/50 chance of producing male or female plants. They can be slightly trickier to cultivate, and, indeed, there are no “shortcuts” with regular seeds—they will require transplanting, and they will only flower when the light cycle is sufficient, unlike autoflowers.

Why Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds?

You might think that, given the relative ease of growing feminized and autoflowering genetics, no one would bother dealing with regular seeds. This is simply not the case. In fact, those interested in cloning often opt for regular seeds as opposed to the other types, as results tend to be more consistent. Though you will be responsible for identifying the sex of your plants, those looking to experiment with breeding will require regular cannabis seeds to do so.

Cannabis Genetics

Cannabis Genetics

Whether you opt for autoflowering, feminized, or regular seeds, each type will contain a specific ratio of genetics. These genetics are split into the aforementioned subspecies or main strain types: indica, sativa, and ruderalis. One type may dominate the mix, or the ratio may be more or less evenly split. These genetics will dictate how the plant will grow, and can also influence the terpenes (aroma and flavour) and effects profile of a strain.

Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indica plants tend to be short and stout, taking on a bushy profile as they grow. As such, indica-dominant strains are usually best suited for indoor growing, especially in confined spaces. A major benefit is that indicas usually have a short flowering period of around 8 weeks. As well as growing in tight, dense, and leafy formations, indica strains usually have a strong earthy aroma and a high that is relaxing and soothing.

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Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Sativa plants will grow very tall by default, with many reaching over 3 metres. With a longer flowering period compared to indica, 9–14 weeks will be necessary for the plant to flourish. Sativa plants are lanky, with sufficient space between nodes (where buds develop). These features make sativa cannabis seeds ideal for outdoor growing in warm environments. As far as flavour and effects go, sativas are most associated with spicy, citrusy flavours and energetic, cerebral highs.

Ruderalis Cannabis Seeds

Originally discovered in Russia and surrounding regions, Cannabis ruderalis is a naturally robust and resilient plant known to withstand harsh conditions. Growing shorter than the indica plant, ruderalis reaches a maximum height of around 1.5 metres. Small and more bush-like than the other strains, ruderalis contains low levels of THC and is ideal for cross-breeding to create autoflowering genetics.

What Are High-CBD Cannabis Seeds?

What Are High-CBD Cannabis Seeds?

While THC is the cannabinoid that provides the feelings associated with being high, the second most common compound in cannabis is CBD, which has no psychotropic effects. CBD seeds offer the same growing experience as seeds high in THC, also retaining great flavours and aromas when harvested. While they can be smoked and vaporized, some will cultivate CBD plants to make CBD oils, balms, and edibles to exploit the potential benefits of the cannabinoid.

What Are the Best Cannabis Seeds for Beginners?

Many beginners favour autoflowering seeds for their first grow as they are basically foolproof and do not require any special treatment, aside from normal maintenance. Those looking for a little more of a challenge may want to check out feminized indica seeds, as these plants can be trained to optimise shape, size, and production. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, there are weed seeds and setups for all.

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One high-performing option is Blue Monster Automatic. Easy and rewarding to grow, her ruderalis genetics ensure she grows with vigour and is ready to harvest in a matter of weeks. Other beginner strains include Sticky Beast Automatic and the feminized Purple Punch. Neither strain grows huge, and both can be maintained with ease.

How Are Cannabis Seeds Grown?

How Are Cannabis Seeds Grown?

There are various different techniques and methods used to grow cannabis. Indoors or outdoors, soil or hydroponic—there are many paths to consider when undertaking your home-growing project. Your limitations and preferences will dictate how you grow your seeds, but there is still a lot to consider. Fortunately, there is plenty of information available from Zamnesia that can steer you in the right direction if you're unsure of how to proceed.

Growing Cannabis From Seeds vs Clones

This is a hotly debated subject amongst experienced cannabis growers. While you can grow from seeds relatively easily, many favour clones as they are already in the process of growing and have a potentially shorter cycle. Seeds run the risk of not germinating, while clones do not have this issue. However, clones run the risk of not rooting. Moreover, seeds are readily available online, whereas clones can be a little harder to obtain, unless you know someone willing to part with some cuttings. The option of growing from seeds or clones is entirely down to preference and available resources.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

It may be tempting to just plant your seeds directly into the soil as soon as you get them and hope for the best. However, to boost your chances of successful germination, it’s wise to consider alternative methods as well.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Successful germination requires three key elements: moisture, heat, and air. This combination will allow your seeds to begin their growing journey in the best way. You can choose from various germination options, from the "glass of water" method to the "paper towel method", but germination kits undoubtedly set your seeds up for the biggest chance of success. Germination kits provide a carefully controlled environment for your seeds to pop and start developing into healthy seedlings.

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How to germinate cannabis seeds?

You can germinate cannabis seeds directly in your growing medium, just as nature intended. However, germination kits are available to make things even easier.

When To Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

When growing indoors, you can germinate whenever you wish. If you are growing outdoors and live in a cooler climate zone, late April is a good time to start germinating your cannabis seeds. 

How Long Does It Take to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Germination usually takes between 24–48 hours to complete (around 72 hours at most). You'll be able to tell as the seeds will begin to crack and reveal what looks like a tail—known as a taproot. This means your seeds are ready to be planted.

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How long does it take to germinate cannabis seeds?

On average, cannabis seeds need 1 to 5 days to sprout.

The Best Medium for Germination

The Best Medium For Cannabis Seeds Germination

While germination kits are one of the most common methods used to germinate cannabis seeds, they're certainly not the only way. Some prefer to germinate directly in the soil to avoid transplanting. Placing the seeds in pre-dug holes and loosely covering them with moist soil will act in a similar way to the kit. You can use other germination media as well, such as stone wool blocks, peat pellets, and other rooting cubes. The best medium for germination will once again be down to your preference and grow style.

Should You Add Nutrients During Germination?

Because of how important the early stages of growth are to the cannabis plant, the use of nutrients is not recommended during germination or early growth. Although the seedlings will naturally get nutrients from the soil and water provided, additional nutrients could potentially be detrimental to their growth. If you're looking to use nutrients, it may be worth waiting 2–3 weeks after germination once plants have developed some size and foliage.

The Best Temperature to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

The Best Temperature To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

For best results, seeds should be germinated at temperatures between 22–25°C. Any higher or lower, and the likelihood of seeds not germinating increases.

The Best Humidity Level to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

A relative humidity level of between 70–90% will provide the perfect amount of moisture in the air for seeds to flourish. Too dry and they won't start germinating.

Should Cannabis Seeds Get Any Light During Germination?

Cannabis seeds do not require any light during germination. You will only need to turn on your grow light when roots appear and young seedlings are moved to their first home. Until that point, it's best to keep them out of the light.

How to Store and Preserve Cannabis Seeds

While you might be raring to plant your seeds, sometimes you’ll need to store them before you have the opportunity to use them. Storing your seeds in a cool, dark place will do the trick, but there are a few other areas to consider for short and long-term storage.

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How to store cannabis seeds?

The best way to store your cannabis seeds is in airtight, heat-resistant containers left in a cool, dark, and dry place. You can also add a desiccant (so-called humidipaks) to your container to maintain optimal humidity.

Storing Cannabis Seeds Short-Term

Storing Cannabis Seeds Short-Term

Storing your cannabis seeds for a short period is a fairly easy task. Keeping them in a sealed container in a cupboard will be enough to keep them fresh for quite some time. It is important to note that the temperature should remain consistent for best results.

Storing and Preserving Cannabis Seeds Long-Term

For a longer period, cannabis seeds can be stored in the fridge in a sealed container. If you're looking to store a sizable amount of seeds, it may be worth using a second fridge, as the constant opening and closing to grab food will result in inconsistent temperatures. If the fridge is not an option for you, you can always put your seeds in the freezer, allowing you to store them for up to 5 years.

What Is the Best Temperature and Humidity Level for Storing Cannabis Seeds?

What Is The Best Temperature And Humidity Level For Storing Cannabis Seeds?

As stated, storing your seeds in a cool cupboard, fridge, or freezer is the best way to keep them fresh: Try to prevent temperatures over 10°C. Humidity is another issue entirely. Too low, and the seeds can attract pests and insects; too high, and they'll germinate or spoil. As a rule of thumb, seeds should be stored in roughly 20–30% relative humidity.

What Are the Different Brands of Cannabis Seeds?

If you're looking for the best cannabis seeds, they should always be purchased from a reputable seedshop. Brands such as Zamnesia Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, and Barney's Farm are just a few of the premium seed banks offering a diverse array of high-quality cannabis seeds. Whether you're after autoflowering, feminized, or regular seeds, these seed banks have you covered!

Cannabis Seeds: Questions & Answers

🌱 How to germinate cannabis seeds?
There are plenty of different methods for germination. We recommend germinating cannabis seeds directly in your growing medium. To make it even easier, you can use a germination kit. These kits come with everything you need to give your seeds the best start possible.
📦 How to store cannabis seeds?
Cannabis seeds should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place. The best option is to store your cannabis seeds in glass containers as they are airtight and heat-resistant. Make sure to cover them up to protect your seeds from light. Adding a desiccant (such as silica gel packs) can help to maintain ideal humidity levels for your seeds. If stored correctly, cannabis seeds will last for several years. Depending on conditions, they can even last up to 5 years.
❓ When to germinate cannabis seeds?
If you are growing cannabis indoors, you can germinate your cannabis seeds at any point in the year. Outdoors, for most regions in the northern hemisphere, you should aim to germinate your seeds in late April, so they are ready for the warm weather in May. We recommend germinating indoors. After about three weeks, your plants are strong enough to continue growing outdoors.
🕒 How long does it take to germinate cannabis seeds?
The germination time depends on the environmental factors, your cannabis seeds and the selected germination method. In general, cannabis seeds will sprout between 1 to 5 days. After this, they'll enter the seedling stage.
🌿 What’s the difference between regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis seeds?
In short, the differences are: