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Say Good Bye to disorganization and keep everything neatly in one place with our rolling trays! Our rolling trays help collect even the tiniest spill from your precious herbs and they are great for rolling and packing at home or for the perfect smoke on the go.

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Budhead Metal Rolling Tray Small (Zamnesia)

Roll in style with this exclusive rolling tray from Zamnesia. Crafted for durability from premium metal and elaborated with an exclusive design, this tray is sure to turn heads the next time you roll up. Measuring 18 x 14cm, this tray is also large enough to roll comfortably yet still small enough to fit in any bag or backpack.

€ 9,99 € 7,49
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Metal Rolling Tray X (Zamnesia)

What better way to celebrate Zamnesia's 10th anniversary than with the Metal Rolling Tray X? This accessory sits perfectly on your lap or table and has plenty of room for grinding and rolling your herb. With a timeless all-black look and the Zamnesia logo in the middle, surrounded by our mascot Zammi, this tray makes for an awesome collector's item or everyday accessory.

€ 9,99 € 7,49
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All Black Metal Rolling Tray (Zamnesia)

We know how important the rolling tray is to stoners, so we thought we'd up the ante a bit. The All Black Metal Rolling Tray by Zamnesia gives you the perfect platform to grind your herbs and roll your best blunts—all on a minimal, sleek, and sturdy surface. While some companies try to reinvent the wheel with their trays, Zamnesia improves upon a timeless design with a few (key) extra...

€ 7,99 € 5,99
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Bamboo Rolling Stash Tray (Zamnesia)

Wanna roll with class? Zamnesia's new Bamboo Rolling Tray / Stash Box boasts a sleek, modern design and all the features you need to roll comfortably and in style. With a magnetic lid and clean cutouts to hold your grinder, papers, and all other rolling accessories, our Bamboo Rolling Stash Tray is the one tray to truly rule them all.

€ 19,99 € 14,99
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RAW Rolling Tray

Every little crumb is precious - collect them all with this metal rolling tray by RAW. It is decorated like a packet of RAW natural papers and features the RAW logo in the original colors.

€ 8,95
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LED Rolling Tray (Zamnesia)

Looking for a fun way to spice up your smoking sessions? The Zamnesia LED Rolling Tray is bound to do the trick! Illuminate your stash before finely milling and rolling on this generous surface. Tied together with show-stopping Zamnesia graphics, this accessory is suitable for all. Whether you're a die-hard smoker or an occasional user, don't get caught without a rolling tray!

€ 39,99
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Glow Tray Rolling Tray

Rolling in the dark is hard. Whether you're smoking at a party or in a dimly lit room, the outcome is never ideal. Use the Glow Tray Rolling Tray to optimise your blunts and joints in these environments.

€ 90,00
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Roll Master Bamboo Rolling Tray

Roll perfect joints and catch even the tiniest bits and pieces of your herbs with the Roll Master Bamboo Rolling Tray! The rolling tray comes with a magnetic and detachable rolling aid which makes this tray very practicable and easy to clean. The tray is made from bamboo which is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials. The Roll Master Bamboo Rolling Tray measures...

€ 15,95
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Hemp Tray Kit With Sifting Screen (Santa Cruz)

Measuring 20 × 14.6cm, the Hemp Tray Kit with Sifting Screen by Santa Cruz effortlessly sits on your lap, providing an ideal surface for grinding your herb. It also features an innovative sifting screen to catch any wayward bud, so you don't lose out on anything! If you're looking to streamline your smoking sessions and make the most of your stash, this could be just what you need.

€ 29,95
In stock

Roll Tray Wood

Disordered thoughts are cool - disorganized smoking necessities and accessories are NOT! These wooden trays keep all your stuff in one place and even feature a groove to collect the precious spills - the perfect escort for smoking on the go. Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

€ 9,75
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Metal Rolling Tray Medium (G-Rollz)

Measuring 17.5 × 27.5cm, the Metal Rolling Tray Medium from the team at G-Rollz makes for the perfect surface to grind your herb, roll your joint, and pack out your vaporizer. But functionality and convenience aren't the only attributes on offer; thanks to some great artwork by Banksy, you can turn your smoking sessions into an art gallery with this tray.

€ 15,95
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Royal Queen Seeds Rolling Tray

This eye-catching RQS branded rolling tray keeps your herb contained and prevents spillage while you roll that perfectly tight joint. Buy one of each size so you're prepared whether you're skinning up on a table, in your lap, or stashing one in your backpack for an impromptu smoke session while you're on-the-go.

€ 4,00
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Bamboo Triple Flip Rolling Tray (RAW)

Looking for a rolling tray that's a bit more sophisticated than just the standard plastic trays you find at gift stores and smoke shops? The Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray by RAW is loaded with features, including a built-in ashtray, three different panels, a magnetic closure, and much more. However you roll, this rolling tray has got you covered.

€ 79,95
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RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray

RAW is known for high-quality smoking accessories, but with this masterpiece of a rolling tray they outdid themselves! The plain exterior could make the uninitiated assume it is a portable backgammon or chess game. But no, this crafty rolling tray offers compartments for all the stuff you need for rolling a spliff. 8 strong magnets keep the parts in place.

€ 39,95
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V-Syndicate Metal Rolling Tray Small

V-Syndicate is best known for their top-shelf card grinders, collaborating with the likes of Cheech & Chong and Wiz Khalifa. But besides that, they also manufacture a wide range of smokers' paraphernalia, such as these metal rolling trays that are the perfect size for rolling, packing or for anything else you want to do with your herbs. Available in various designs. Dimensions: 18x14cm.

€ 5,95
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RAW Munchies Box

The RAW Munchies Box provides ample room to stash all of your smoking supplies, and its lid doubles up as a rolling tray. So if you're the kind of smoker that could use a little organisation, keep all of your gear in the Munchies Box, and worry no more about losing lighters, papers, or anything else required for your smoking session.

€ 12,95
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RAW Rolling Tray Girl

Don't be a slouch, smoke in style - and that includes the use of cool paraphernalia. With a size of 34 x 27.5cm it can hold all your crumbled marijuana, papers, grinder, etc. and the enamel-like coating makes it durable and funky to look at.

€ 14,95
In stock

Metal Rolling Tray Skate Deck (RAW)

Whether you're a true skater or those days are well and truly behind you, this metal rolling tray from RAW is sure to cater for all. Stylised to look like a graffiti-detailed skate deck and measuring 42cm, the rolling tray can sit comfortably on your lap and give plenty of space to grind, roll and load up vaporizers and pipes. This high-quality tray will see you right. Just don't try and...

€ 14,99
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Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 (two parts)

Table top or laptop the Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 keeps the goodies under control. With slots for six pre-rolled spliffs and three glass-tip cigarettes an entire evening of joy is at your fingertips. The smaller, but deeper detachable unit can be an ashtray or mini bowl. The fire retardant plastic can cope with many demands and remain unscathed.

€ 14,95
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Metal Rolling Tray Medium (Vibes)

Measuring in at 27.9 × 15.2cm, the Metal Rolling Tray Medium from Vibes provides the perfect surface on which to roll joints, prepare your pipe, or load up your vape. This is a great-looking item as well. Featuring unique designs on a lightweight yet sturdy tray, it's a real showstopper. Small enough to take on the move or keep at home, the rounded and raised edges will keep your herb dead...

€ 14,50
In stock

RAW Rolling Tray BLACK

Keep your spliffs organised and roll in style with the RAW Black Rolling Tray. This cool-looking, black metal rolling tray is designed to resemble the RAW Black Rolling Paper booklets. It features the iconic RAW logo on the face of the tray.

€ 8,95
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V-Syndicate Metal Rolling Tray Medium

When you need a little more space, the rolling tray by V-Syndicate has got you covered. Fans of Girl Scout Cookies will love the design, featuring a stunning close-up. Either way, this tray is bound to impress. Made from a high-quality metal that offers a sturdy surface for when you're rolling for yourself or friends. At 26.7 x 15.9 cm (10.5 x 6.25 inches), there's ample space to roll.

€ 8,95
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RAW Wooden Rolling Tray

RAW is well known for its wide variety of rolling papers and high-quality smoking accessories, and this wooden tray is certainly no exception. Any serious cannabis lover knows that a rolling tray is a sound investment and is something that's used often, so quality and craftsmanship play a huge part. RAW delivers on these requirements and much more.

€ 27,95
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Best Buds Metal Rolling Tray Large

There are certainly a few "must-have" accessories when you start getting serious about cannabis. From rolling papers to a nice grinder, one of the most essential is a rolling tray. While it's easy to compromise and use the nearest surface you can find to roll on, it's certainly worth investing in a tray that will help you get the most out of your herb.

€ 7,95
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Information About Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays

As essential but oft-overlooked accessories, weed rolling trays provide a stable foundation to create all manner of joints, blunts, and spliffs. They prevent precious herb from going to waste, all while keeping your essentials in easy reach.


RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray (3 Parts)

As the name implies, a rolling tray most often appears as a large flat surface with plenty of space to lay out the following:

But, you'll also find cannabis rolling trays with extra compartments and cool features. Every aspect is perfectly designed to complement your session, no matter how or where you like to smoke. With a selection for every occasion, at home or on the go, Zamnesia will take your rolling tray game to the next level.


RAW Rolling Tray Girl

One does not simply buy any old rolling tray on a whim—first, you need to know what they offer. Although these accessories appear straightforward, understanding their nuances will pay dividends in the long-run.

First and foremost, virtually all trays use a lipped, rectangular design. So, even if you do accidentally move or tip the tray, the contents won't spill all over your lap. Every stoner can recall at least one time they've lost precious weed while trying to cradle everything in their lap. A rolling tray almost entirely remove the risk of such a disastrous event!

Another significant benefit of these accessories is their layout. Many include designated sections for papers, blunt wraps, etc. This not only keeps your stash organised, but it makes rolling an efficient and enjoyable affair. You'll easily get several joints wrapped in no time at all.

Last but by no means least, they look fantastic! Whether you go for a simple wooden design or something a little more flashy, nothing sets the mood like a dope-looking tray. Plus, if you aren't entirely confident with rolling, a rolling tray gives you that assurance to keep trying.

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How To Roll A Perfect Joint?


As we've alluded to, trays come in dozens of materials and sizes. No matter your style or needs, Zamnesia has a comprehensive selection that's guaranteed to catch your eye (and your buds!).


Trays Made From Different Materials

One of the main differences between these accessories the material used to make them. Not only can you get durable plastic trays, but handcrafted ones made from wood, bamboo, coconut, and more.

Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Wooden options tend to be more durable than their plastic counterparts, but with a heftier price tag and weight.

  • Plastic options are lightweight and easily stashed in a bag if you need to roll on the move. They thrive on simplistic design, and you may want more functionality than plastic can offer.

  • The remaining material types offer a blend of pros and cons from both wood and plastic, alongside properties such as being eco-friendly, handcrafted, or particularly visually appealing.

Ultimately, the right type of rolling tray will come down to your budget and desired features.


Plastic And Metal Rolling Trays

The mainstay of our rolling tray category, plastic is one of the most common and popular options. Sturdy, lightweight, and perfectly balanced (as all things should be), they make it so easy to roll, you'll wonder how you managed before. The second most popular material is metal, which is another of Zamnesia's best sellers.

There are many eye-catching designs to choose from, such as the RAW Rolling TrayRAW Rolling Tray GirlRoyal Queen Seeds Rolling Tray, and RAW Rolling Tray BLACK. After all, what good is a rolling tray if it isn't aesthetically pleasing and functional?


Glow Tray Rolling Tray

Find yourself jealous of that one friend who not only rolls the best blunts, but does it on an incredible-looking rolling tray too? Well, Zamnesia has your back with our glowing and light-up option. However, don't be fooled into thinking these products are all show and no substance.

The Glow Tray is a seamless collision of technology and classic design. Utilising a powerful series of LEDs, you'll be able to roll the fattest blunts, even in the dead of night. And, with rechargeable batteries, you can stay on the grind night after night without worry.


Wooden Rolling Trays And Boxes

For the connoisseurs out there, you cannot beat a wooden rolling tray. Not only do they ooze sophistication, but they feel weighty in hand. The trade-off with wood is the price. But, for not much more than a plastic version, you get improved durability and other useful features, such as extra compartments.

The box-style is especially useful if you plan to travel around. While they are small enough to fit in a bag, they're plenty large enough for your grinder, papers, and buds. Then, when you get to your destination, you can unpack and get straight down to business. A versatile storage method, the RAW Wooden Box is the perfect container for use at home and on the go. On the other hand, the Roll Tray Wood is an ideal portable option. And don’t forget the high-quality and cool designs of the RAW Bamboo Backflip Tray and the Roll Master Bamboo Rolling Tray.


Rolling Trays In Different Sizes

There is no universal size for a rolling tray, so it's good to buy one that meets all your needs. If you need plenty of space to practise, or you have a lot of weed to get through, then a larger rolling tray is perfect. However, if you plan to travel around, or you want a tray that's more discreet, smaller designs are ideal. Given the diversity of these accessories, you're guaranteed to find something that meets your requirements.


Fum Box

For the best in rolling tray functionality, several products go above and beyond just being a flat surface for rolling joints or spliffs. These models have storage compartments for all your smoking accessories: an incredibly handy feature for stoners who like to stay organised.

If you want to produce the finest joints this side of the cosmos, the Fum Box is a premium option that delivers something no other rolling tray can match—perfect humidity. To achieve the best possible flavour and high from your weed, it needs to have just the right level of moisture. The Fum Box is specially designed to keep buds in perfect condition; despite the high price tag, it guarantees your joints stay in tip-top shape.

Whether you want to keep things simple or take your rolling game to new heights, the comprehensive selection of rolling trays at Zamnesia has everything you need, with trays of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Browse our rolling tray collection today, and say goodbye to mess and disorganisation!