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Rich in Omega 3 fats, a deliciously nutty flavour, and the fruit of our favourite plant – what’s not to love about cannabis seeds? Added to chocolate they make the perfect tasty but healthy snack. Or just enjoy our selection of weed-flavoured candy.

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Cannabis Dextrose Sweets

It is very likely you know that feeling ... you have shaky fingers and get weak in the knees - sugar deficiency! What comes next is a circulatory collapse, so it is time to act fast! Pop in some of these dextrose sweets to recover energy and you will feel the symptoms quickly wane. Available flavors: Mint and lime. Content per roll: 13 pcs


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CBD Gummies (SupMedi)

Modulate your endocannabinoid system with sweets. CBD Gummies by SupMedi contain 4mg of CBD per gummy, enabling users to dose with the utmost accuracy. Plus, they're delicious!


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MagicalButter Machine MB2e

Making edibles or lotions has never been easier! Magical Butter MB2e Botanical Extractor combines an immersion blender with a heating unit and a thermostat, allowing everyone to easily infuse their herbs into butter, tinctures, oils and more! The MagicalButter machine grinds, heats, stirs and steeps your herbal extract perfectly for a flawless, easy infusion each and every time!


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Cali Terpenes Terps Spray

The first of its kind, Terps Spray by Cali Terpenes has been designed with the avid cannabis enthusiast in mind. The ability to give your food a little terpene kick and enhance the aroma of your strains and extracts is bound to appeal to many people. A simple shake and a spray are all it takes to get the best from this product. Available in a variety of aromas, check it out today.


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POT by NOIDS Herb Cooker

It can sometimes be a bit of a gamble decarbing your herb or making your own infused oils or butter at home. If the temperature is too high, it can easily ruin your prized buds. Save yourself the heartache and frustration by picking up the POT Herb Cooker by NOIDS. It brings industry-standard herb cooking straight to your kitchen. Enjoy effortless creations that can be savoured again and...


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Hemp Lollies (10 pieces)

Green fruit lollies with real hemp essence. ‘Who loves ya baby?’ Kojak reference, anyone? OK, I’m showing my age… Sold per 10 pieces.


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Rasta Lollies (10 pieces)

Fruit lollies in red, gold and green, with real hemp essence. Shoulda called them Bob Lar-lys. Sold per 10 pieces.


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Silly Silicone Cake Mold Weed Leaf

Add distinctive marijuana styling to your next baking session with this Silly silicone cannabis leaf cake mold.


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Hash Pops (10 pieces)

A true Amsterdam Original: The Hash Pops Lollies by Haze! Made from real hemp extract for a genuine cannabis flavour, every stoner loves these cannabis lollies. They make a great gift as well! THC-free with no narcotic effects. Made in EU. Contains 10 cannabis-flavoured lollypops.


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3 Purify Filters and LoveGlove (MagicalButter)

There was a time when filtering extracts was a case of using the nearest colander or sieve. Thankfully, this is now an issue of the past! With the Purify Filters and accompanying LoveGlove, you can achieve industry-quality extractions in the comfort of your home. With three different micron filtration grades, it's never been easier to experiment with extracts.

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Silicone Gummy Tray (MagicalButter)

Put down those old ice cube trays and jelly moulds, and give your edibles the best shape and flavour possible with these Silicone Gummy Trays by MagicalButter. Enjoy perfectly formed edibles every time! Easy to use and effortless to clean, the trays are made from a hard-wearing and robust food-grade silicone that makes them perfect for cannabis edible concoctions.


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Butter Tray (MagicalButter)

The Butter Tray by MagicalButter is a robust and resilient silicone accessory that allows you to decant your butter and any other edibles that need to set. Simply pour into the generously sized spaces in the tray and leave to set. When ready, you can pop out the exact number you need, thanks to the separate compartments. So, put away that old ice cube tray or container and check this out.


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