Hyer Big-E Rig


The Hyer Big-E Rig is the next generation of bong smoking. This device offers storage, phone charging, accurate heat parameters, a cleaning mode, and more.

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Hyer - Big-E Rig: Easy To Clean, Smooth To Use

How cannabis users inhale weed is changing. Innovation is setting the future standard high with devices that generate zero combustion and run using electricity. Using lighters and breathing in carcinogens seem like ancient relics of stoner past when discovering the incredible technology utilised by the Hyper Big-E Rig.

This futuristic device isn’t an alternative to your favourite glass rig. The Big-E Rig is simply designed to enhance bongs that you already own. However, it does so in a way that means you won’t ever need to use blowtorches again.

Instead, the device uses electricity to power a quartz glass heating element. This element far outperforms torches when it comes to blazing weed. It eliminates combustion, carcinogens, and chemicals, and is free of glue, plastic, and terrible tastes. The quartz glass is powered by a 48W cordless power supply that makes the device portable. Bring it out into the garden for a smoke during sunset or even with you on road trips whilst travelling. The device takes a mere 90 seconds to achieve a heat of 400°C, more than enough to release the cannabinoids from your favourite strains.

The Big-E Rig lets users dial in the temperature of each hit, allowing one to target the vaporization point of specific cannabinoids and terpenes. This means the taste and effect of each and every bowl can be customised to the user's preferences. Fitted LED lights also indicate what mode the base is in, whether that’s heating up (blue), ready to hit (green), or in cleaning mode (purple).

The power supply is housed in the Big-E base, a futuristic platform that grips the base of the bong being used and clamps it firmly in place. The Big-E base also features an on button, temperature controls, and an LED screen. The platform has a large battery supply and can handle up to 2 hours of continuous use, enough to get most cannabis users through around individual 25 sessions.

The Big-E Rig is also super easy to clean, setting this device apart from many other pieces of bong anatomy. Many glass rigs are notoriously difficult to clean and truly are the source of a lot of procrastination. The Big-E Rig quartz glass tip is medical-grade and non-porous, meaning no amount of exposure to sticky resin makes it difficult to clean. The device also has a specific cleaning mode (signified by the purple LED) that makes the device carbonise any residue.

The Big-E Rig also provides a storage space for your cannabis. Gone are the days of squashing your stash in plastic bags or risking breaking glass mason jars. The sturdy base houses a stash drawer that keeps your weed safe and sound until it’s time to smoke up.

Last but not least, the base is also equipped with a USB port that allows users to keep their phones and other devices charged.


  • Dual Quartz Vaporization Element
  • 30W Removable Ceramic Heating Element
  • Precise Temperature Control & Stability
  • Temperature Display
  • Built-in Stash Drawer
  • Fits Almost Any Flat-based Rig
  • Adjustable Clamping Mechanism
  • LED Function Indicator
  • Soft Silicone Traction Grips
  • Self Cleaning Mode
  • USB-C 18W Fast Charging
  • 4x Li-ion Batteries (48W)
  • Beast Mode !

What's in the box

  • Quartz Vaporization Element 14mm Female
  • Quartz Vaporization Element 14mm Male
  • 30W Removable Ceramic Heating Element with 30cm Cable
  • Clamp-on Base with 4 3300mAh Li-ion Batteries (48W)
  • USB-C Recharging Cable + 18W Charging Adapter
  • Smart Switch Coupling Cable 15cm Extension
  • 14-18mm Female/Male Glass Adapter
  • Quartz Carb Tool
  • Instruction Manual

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    Was in doubt to buy this one. Eventually did and couldn't be happier.

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Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
Hyer Big-E Rig
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