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The “Best of the Best” when it comes to THC content! Strains that are high in THC, the psychoactive compound contained in cannabis, can deliver the most potent smoke for the ultimate in relaxation or powerful uplifting euphoria. Some cannabis strains with a particular high THC content can even make for outright psychedelic experiences!

But high THC content doesn’t just mean that these cannabis varieties can be optimal for recreational users who seek the ultimate for chilling and relaxation. These strains rich in THC can also be a good choice for those users who need very potent medicine that can help with pain relief and other medical conditions.

The High THC strains category here in the Zamnesia web shop features these select strains that are known for their particular high THC content. Find your favourite High THC strain in no time here at Zamnesia!

Feeling overwhelmed by all the different cannabis strains out there? Use the Cannabis Seedfinder and find the strain that best suits your growing needs in 6 simple steps.

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Bruce Banner 3 (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

Just like the mighty green fist from The Hulk, Bruce Banner #3 will smash you in the head with an incredibly powerful effect that is creative, euphoric, and energising. This heavy-hitter will transform you into a superhero. Hulk-smash procrastination and enjoy new levels of inspiration and productivity; Bruce Banner #3 is redefining the meaning of wake and bake!

€ 27,99
In stock

GG#4 (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

The one and only GG#4 now exclusively available here at Zamnesia Seeds! This spectacularly potent and flavourful Indica which until recently was only available in the US doesn’t just make for incredible relaxation with a happy and uplifting effect. Her out-of-this-world potency makes GG#4 also an excellent strain for the treatment of chronic pains and other health conditions.

€ 25,99
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Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Calling the Royal Gorilla by Royal Queen Seeds a powerful hybrid may not do her justice when you know that her THC levels can reach an insanely high 27%. This ultra-potent strain that until now was only available in the US will deliver an outright spectacular high that despite her crazy potency is still balanced. Get ready for incredible relaxation together with a nice uplifting euphoria!

€ 27,00
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Bruce Banner 3 (Original Sensible) Feminized

Fittingly named after Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner #3 is one of the strongest strains on the planet. An incredible 30% in THC will give you a real surge of energetic euphoria, but with a very relaxing after-effect. But potency isn’t Bruce Banner #3’s only highlight: The strain is very productive and delights with an excellent fruity-diesel aroma and taste.

€ 27,82
In stock

Banana (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

From the sun-drenched altitudes of the Santa Cruz mountains in California comes Zamnesia’s Banana, one of the most potent strains available. The offspring of OG Kush and Banana ensures fruity, fierce intoxication with energetic passion and relaxed euphoria. Her mouth-wateringly sweet Banana flavour with hints of lemon and pepper makes for an incredibly tasty, yet smooth smoke.

€ 25,99
In stock

Girl Scout Cookies (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies is an American hybrid taking Europe by storm. This strain combines the finest Cookie genetics, culminating in an unprecedented and deliciously powerful new variety. Its uplifting, cerebral high will relax the body, and its potent, high-yielding buds will come in full force in just 8-9 weeks of flowering.

€ 27,99
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GG#4 Auto (FastBuds) feminized

GG#4 Auto by FastBuds is a spectacular autoflower that shines with incredible resin production, very high potency, and a superb taste. This autoflowering variant of the award-winning GG #4 is just the right strain if want top-quality buds at harvest time, but appreciate the ease and convenience of an autoflower!

€ 36,00 € 28,80
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Critical Kush (Barney's Farm) feminized

Critical Kush by Barney's Farm is a very successful cross between Critical Mass, itself a hybrid of Afghani x Skunk #1, and OG Kush, a Northern Californian strain with Chemdawg and Pakistani Kush heritage. This impressive marriage ultimately results in an indica-dominant smoke that induces a strong stone, making it a great choice for relaxing and medicinal purposes.

€ 36,97
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Liberty Haze (Barney's Farm) feminized

High yield, extremely high THC content approaching 25% (confirmed in lab tests) and short flowering period of just 8 to 9 weeks - Liberty Haze by Barney's Farm is as close to the ideal cannabis strain as it gets.

€ 31,68
In stock

Girl Scout Cookies Auto (FastBuds) feminized

Growers seeking the best US autoflowering genetics have just found their perfect match. Girl Scout Cookies Auto, the absolute killer-strain from the West Coast, is now conquering Europe. This exceptional hybrid has an autoflowering life cycle of 8-9 weeks and yields up to 500-650g/m², or 70-300g per plant. THC levels are skyrocketing up to 22%. Order while stocks last and get baked!

€ 36,00 € 28,80
In stock

Girl Scout Cookies (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Girl Scout Cookies by Cali Connection is a slow to moderate grower, but these fortune cookies are one of the most sought-after varieties today. Everybody wants to taste those buds the West Coast rappers brag about. This is no counterfeit crap or clone, this is the original from the Bay Area of San Francisco. This Thin Mint phenotype flowers for 55–63 days. Want some Cookies?

€ 95,00
In stock

L.A. Amnesia (Paradise Seeds) feminized

From start to finish L.A. Amnesia is a stunning strain. Vibrant during vegetation & excitingly top heavy during flowering these guaranteed girls are what it's all about. Resin overload with a smell & effect that keeps you coming back for more.

€ 26,00
In stock

Siberian Haze (Kalashnikov Seeds) feminized

The oldschool breeders at Kalashnikov Seeds hailing from the South of Russia don’t do half-assed things. With more than 15 years of experience in creating excellent AK-47 cross breeds, they are among the top Russian cannabis breeders who are now getting also popular here in the West. Their Siberian Haze is a super-potent Sativa thanks to the powerful Haze, AK-47 and Amnesia genetics!

€ 21,50
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Amnesia Molotov (Kalashnikov Seeds) feminized

Kalashnikov Seeds from Russia sure know how to create some outstanding strains and Amnesia Molotov is one of their most lethal ones. This explosive mixture of three of the most potent strains can send even experienced cannabis enthusiasts flying in no time. A staggering 24% of THC make for an incredibly powerful Sativa high but the plant itself is very easy to grow!

€ 26,00
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Eleven Roses (Delicious Seeds) Feminized

Delicious Seeds claims that their latest creation Eleven Roses is possibly one of their best, and who would disagree? This undemanding indica shines with fast growth, a phenomenal taste and aroma, and some monster yields. Her delicious smoke contains up to a whopping 25% THC, making for an awesome indica stone that will last for a long time. Simply a dream for indica lovers!

€ 34,00
In stock

Bruce Banner III (Growers Choice) Feminized

Those into comic books will know Bruce Banner, the alter ego behind the Incredible Hulk. Aptly named after the green superhero, Bruce Banner is also a range of strains that became popular due to their insane potency and flavour. Bruce Banner III is one of the three phenotypes of Bruce Banner, scoring with a crazy amount of THC and a superb high that’s euphoric and relaxing all at the same...

€ 30,00
In stock

Gorilla Girl (Sweet Seeds) Feminized

Sweet Seeds' Gorilla Girl blends two of the most famous West Coast genetics into a fantastic new strain that shines with high THC levels, massive resin production, and an intense aroma. The slightly sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa) provides a balanced high and symptomatic relief.

€ 36,00
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Amnesia Haze (Amsterdam Genetics) feminized

Amnesia Haze is a brand-new addition to Amsterdam Genetics’ range of strains. A top-favourite in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, this potent sativa-dominant hybrid has a fresh herbal aroma with hints of citrus. Thanks to a THC content up to 25% of THC she delivers a powerful psychedelic head buzz and makes a fabulous daytime smoke!

€ 25,00
In stock

Gorilla #4 (BSB Genetics) feminized

BSB Genetics’ Gorilla #4 (formerly GG #4) is a super potent couch-locker, that makes for an intensely strong high, that will keep you glued on your couch with a smile on your face. The strain produces tons of sticky, resinous buds with an intensive aroma. Despite the high quality of her buds, she’s easy to grow indoors or outdoors and suitable for growers of all experience levels.

€ 40,00
In stock

Gelato 41 (Growers Choice) feminized

Gelato 41 by Growers Choice is a fantastic hybrid from the famed Cookie family of genetics. Her parents include a minty pheno of the popular Girl Scout Cookies on one side and a Sunshine Sherbet, which also is a heir to the Girl Scout Cookies throne on the other. This Californian girl doesn’t just delight with an amazing ice cream flavour. Her skyhigh THC content ensures a very powerful...

€ 35,00
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Fat Banana (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Royal Queen Seeds brings us the biggest, fattest, and fruitiest Kush with Fat Banana. This unusual variety is so mouthwateringly tasty that you will have a hard time putting her down after taking your first hit. Nevertheless, take it slow and don’t let this lady seduce you. Loaded with 25% THC, she’s incredibly potent and initiates a relaxing high that lasts a long time.

€ 37,50
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Boy Scout Cookies (Kalashnikov Seeds) Feminized

What a mix! The breeders at Kalashnikov Seeds took the legendary Girl Scout Cookies from the US West Coast and paired her with the Russian Kubanskiy Ubiyza for this spectacular “double hit” named Boy Scout Cookies. This worldly combo of genetics scores with crazy-high amounts of THC and a very powerful indica effect. Yet, she is super easy to grow, so even new cultivators can expect great...

€ 30,00
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Bruce Banner (BSB Genetics) Feminized

The “strongest strain on earth” is now available from BSB Genetics! Award-winning Bruce Banner will smash you in the head with a powerful, energising, and creative high. With some phenotypes clocking in at an unreal 32% THC, you won’t need more than one hit to say goodbye to procrastination and hello to new levels of inspiration and motivation!

€ 45,00
In stock

Monkey Glue (Growers Choice) Feminized

This is the Growers Choice version of the famous Gorilla Glue #4, one of the strongest cannabis strains on the market. Created by accident via pollination of a Sour Dubb by a hermaphrodite Chem Sister, Monkey Glue brings extremely high THC levels, a superb aroma, and insane amounts of sticky resin to the table. Plus, the strain is easy to grow, despite her many impressive qualities.

€ 30,00
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A guide to high-THC strains

A guide to high-THC strains

Are you looking to purchase cannabis seeds with extreme THC levels? Well, you’re about to discover some of the best strains to suit your desires. However, before we introduce you to our superstar weed varieties, we think you’ll find this brief guide helpful for your cultivation endeavours. Below, find out the key benefits of growing strains loaded with THC, and how to raise them.

Benefits of strains with a high THC content

Why do growers choose to cultivate high-THC strains in the first place? Well, part of the answer is quite obvious: they contain more THC! Higher quantities of the psychoactive cannabinoid means it takes less plant material to experience equally potent effects. With weaker varieties, many experienced smokers might need a whole joint to feel suitably high, whereas with a high-THC strain, a single bong hit might suffice. Overall, a stash of high-THC flowers lasts longer. Those with a particularly high tolerance can also use them to make extremely powerful edibles and extracts to really scratch their itch.

Growing cannabis with higher THC levels

You might think that growing high-THC cannabis takes some kind of special approach—but you’d be mistaken. You can grow these plants in the same way as other varieties. Strains high in THC are innately “wired” to churn out much higher quantities of the cannabinoid. However, this doesn’t mean you can get away with taking shortcuts. Ultra-potent plants still depend on powerful lights, high-quality organic nutrients, and a mindful watering schedule to express their full genetic potential.

Buy the best high-THC genetics available

Do you want to use less of your stash every time you get high? Or maybe your favourite strains aren’t hitting like they used to? Well, what are you waiting for? High-THC strains from Zamnesia will take your experience to another level, without demanding any more work in the grow room or garden. To get you started on your journey, here are some of the strongest varieties you can get your hands on:

  • Bruce Banner 3: Brace yourself for THC levels of 27% and monster yields
  • Gorilla Glue: This beast contains 26% THC and fruity and earthy terpenes
  • Banana: Experience tropical vibes and THC levels of 28%
  • Larry Bird Kush: With a THC content of 26%, this strain will have you giggling
  • Wedding Cake Automatic: Prepare to enjoy 24% THC after a rapid growing cycle