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Bongs and can be made from a variety of materials. We have a top selection including ceramic bongs, glass bongs, acrylic bongs, and silicone bongs. Their primary function is to cool the smoke, allowing for larger hits to be taken. The water also filters out some of the particulates and tars produced in the smoke for a healthier, smoother toke. A bowl holds the smoking mix, and sucking on the mouthpiece draws the smoke down through the water reservoir. A small hole or “choke” is kept covered while drawing the smoke, then is uncovered for inhalation.

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Mystery Bong

Get your hands on a Mystery Bong. Available in both ceramic and acrylic, these water pipes are functional and accessible. They're also at a price point that's not going to break the bank! So be sure to pick one up before they're gone for good. Easy to use, just add your bud, fill the chamber, then light. Enjoy hassle-free hits of flavourful herb.

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Glass Bong Mini

Ready for the cutest addition to your bong collection? The Mini Glass Bong will be a standout in your arsenal of pieces, but it's also highly functional. For one, it's the perfect bong for the road. With a height of 130mm and a diameter of 60mm at the thickest point, it’s easy to carry and conceal. Her borosilicate glass body also boasts superb heat resistance and a handy shotgun hole.

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Glass Bong Double Bowl

Watching this bong fill up with creamy smoke never loses its magic. The double orbs take on the appearance of a snowman as cannabinoid-rich gas passes through. Once you remove your finger from the carb hole, the remaining smoke will rush out of the piece and the obs will regain their transparent appearance. The angled mouthpiece makes this bong easy to hit. 

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Brilliant Bong Water (Zamnesia)

We all desire a hassle-free smoke, and thanks to Brilliant Bong Water from Zamnesia, that can now be a reality. This easy-to-use product is your solution to maintaining a clean bong and achieving smooth, fresh hits. Simply add to your bong before smoking, and it'll keep your pipe completely spotless as you smoke. Once finished, just empty and rinse. No scrubbing or time wasted cleaning....

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Glass Bong Sense

Clear glass bong with a rather unusual shape. The lying "T" shape allows for the use of an extra long down-pipe and the spherical intersection functions as a swirling and smoke-collecting chamber. The non-centrally located carb hole provides an extra swirling effect while inhaling. Height: 17cm, Joint:...

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Acrylic Bong Serpentine

Whether you're looking for a water pipe you can use at home or on the move, the Serpentine Acrylic Bong has got you covered. With a unique combination of looks and functionality, the bubble-shaped bong is bound to impress all those that try it. This robust water pipe is just waiting to be packed with your favourite herb. Why delay any longer?

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Mini Glass Bong Push Bowl (Breit)

The Mini Glass Bong by Breit comes in an attractive green and pink and is an essential piece of kit. Coming with a push bowl, there's no need for a mesh screen, so you can get smoking straight away. And if you're into concentrates, swap this bowl out for an oil banger and, thanks to the bong's size, you can start dabbing too!

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e.motion MINZZZ Glass Bong (EHLE)

For a quality smoke from an elegant bong, look no further than the e.motion MINZZZ by EHLE. With supreme attention to detail and a simplicity that stops it from seeming garish, this bong is at once a statement and a piece that can fade into the background when necessary. Update your arsenal today!

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What do you look for in a bong? If you're searching for something with a fierce and futuristic look, you just found it! The EHLEMINATOR will steal the show in your bong cabinet. But it offers more than unique aesthetics. The deep bowl and diffuser make for large, creamy, and smooth hits.

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Kahuna Silicone Bong (PieceMaker)

When you absolutely have to bring out the big guns, the Kahuna from PieceMaker has got you covered. This near 22-inch (~55cm) bong is equipped for any situation. Boasting great looks and even better functionality, there's plenty to love about this water pipe. Perfect for parties, hangouts, or if you're just feeling courageous during a solo session, check out the Kahuna. You won't regret it.

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EHLE Glass Bong 420 Bazooka With Carb Hole

The bellied glass chamber of the straight Glass Bong 420 Bazooka by EHLE makes it lie comfortably in the hand, while your mind is at ease, knowing this high-quality piece of craftsmanship is Made in Germany. Add water, a screen and smoking blend, light up and then take off! Height: 37cm. Wall thickness: 3.5mm. Joint size: 18,8mm.

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4.0 Snapper Glass Bong (ROOR)

These Snapper bongs are handmade by ROOR in Germany. Each is a little different, meaning you'll grow a particular attachment to this beautiful smoking companion. Made of 4mm borosilicate glass and coming with downpipe and detachable bowl, this would be a sleek addition to your smoking life.

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Glass Bong ROOR Dealers Cup 7mm

True cannabis connoisseurs gather round: the ROOR glass bong Dealers Cup is the be-all and end-all of heavy-duty, high-quality smoking accessories. Standing a majestic 55cm tall and fortified with 7mm-thick borosilicate glass, this show-stopping centerpiece will endure the test of time. Experience luxury “made in Germany” to the utmost standards of quality and design.

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Glass Bowl Swirl (Black Leaf) 14.5

Upgrading your bowl needn't be a run of the mill task. Add some colour to your smoking sessions with the Glass Bowl Swirl from Black Leaf. Bringing effortless looks and functionality, this backup bowl might very well just become your main one! Featuring swirls of blue, green and black colouring and some additional features such as a roll stopper and handle, there's plenty to love.

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Gas mask Bong

Running out of conversation topics? Don’t panic, this Gas mask Bong will get the conversation going! This unique smoking piece creates an airtight seal around your face (adjustable head straps fit around all head sizes) and—as you inhale—the mask fills up with smoke for the ultimate hit. Keep your eyes closed unless you want that red-eyed, puffy look. The

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Glass Bong ROOR Zumo 4.2mm

The Glass Bong ROOR Zumo 4.2mm is one of the largest bongs around for volume (over 1L)! The vibrant orange logo indicates the glass thickness and is a guarantee for a high-quality product. No ice notches or carb hole deface the look of this 50cm tall and 65mm in diameter mammoth. It has a joint diameter of 29.2mm. Glass screen and down-tube included. Are you ready for the coup de grace?

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Smoked Glass Water Pipe (Marley Natural)

Perfect for any setting, the Smoked Glass Water Pipe is destined to provide a great smoking experience. Get ready for cooler and smoother pulls that will really bring out the best from your favourite strains. A sturdy water pipe that will soon be the centre of attention, no matter where you put it.

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Bowl Cleaning Station (ROOR)

Cleaning your bowl and water pipe needn't be a big ordeal; and, with the Bowl Cleaning Station, why let it be? This easy-to-use station offers a streamlined way to give your bowl a thorough clean, keeping it gleaming. The station also serves as a great way to display your bowl until you next need it.

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Kirby Silicone Bong (PieceMaker)

If the Kirby doesn't blow you away at first glance, a few smooth hits might do the trick! Combining incredible looks with effortless functionality, this water pipe is suitable for all types of cannabis enthusiasts. Made from high-quality silicone, it's ideal to use as a main bong, a backup, or one to take with you on the move. The choice is yours!

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Blowfish Diffuser Pipe

Just when you think you've seen every bong out there comes a special piece like this. The Blowfish Diffuser Pipe is bound to stop many in their tracks thanks to its cute and fun design, but this bong is also primed to pack a punch. Easy to load, and with the included "Thorn Dumpling" diffuser, you'll be enjoying smoother pulls than you ever thought possible. Put the fun back into your...

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e.motion Belly Ice Bong (EHLE)

Finding the perfect water pipe can be an arduous task. However, thanks to the e.motion Belly from EHLE, the search is over. Coupling a unique curvy design with a smooth and flavourful pull makes this pipe top of any serious smoker's list. Constructed from sturdy borosilicate glass, it offers up peace of mind as well as great functionality. As a special-edition pipe, it's best to act fast!

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Glass Dabbing Bong Malachite (EHLE)

With an interchangeable head, this glass dabbing bong can be used for dabbing oils and smoking herbs. Small, attractive, and from a top-quality brand, this versatile EHLE product is the perfect addition to your blazing arsenal. Comes with a carb hole!

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Glass Bong ROOR African Leopard 5mm

Sometimes, you want to make a statement with your water pipe, and none provide as big an impact as the African Leopard. Designed by ROOR, this bong is for those who consider themselves true cannabis fans. This is a great upgrade from an old bong, and a great statement piece to whip out at your next smoking session. All eyes will be centred on your piece. Enjoy smooth hits from a stylish...

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Invincipole Infinity Shatterproof Downstem (Invincibowl)

Tired of the hassle of handling fragile glass smoking gear? The Invincipole is an indestructible downstem made to fit almost any glass bong or rig. Order yours today to update your smoking accessories and make them that extra bit durable.

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Buy Bongs Online At Zamnesia

Buy Bongs Online At Zamnesia

Bongs have long been one of the most popular smoking tools used to consume cannabis, and for good reason. A quality bong can be a life-long companion, offering clean, well-filtered hits that are less harsh on the throat and mouth. Whether you are shopping for your first bong or your last, below you'll find all the info you need to know about when buying a bong.

What are the benefits of using a bong

✅ Bongs cool smoke, making for smoother hits that are less irritating to the mouth, throat, and respiratory tract.

✅ They offer better filtration than regular cardboard filter tips.

✅ Bongs produce bigger, thicker clouds of smoke.

✅ Bong hits are more flavorful than hits from a joint or regular pipe.

✅ Bongs are super easy to use.

Types of bongs

The Zamnesia Headshop stocks dozens of bongs made from different materials and of different shapes/sizes. If you're shopping for a bong, keep the following in mind:

  • Glass bongs are arguably the most popular and offer the purest aromas and flavours when smoking.

  • Silicone bongs are virtually indestructible and fairly priced.

  • Plastic bongs are the cheapest and still pretty durable.

  • Ceramic bongs offer pure taste and flavour and usually come in various unique designs.

Besides the material they are made from, bongs can also be further categorized by their shape:

  • Beaker bongs have wide bottoms that keep them from tipping over and can produce large clouds of smoke.

  • Bubble bongs have a rounded bottom that, like beaker bongs, can hold more water and produce larger hits than a straight bong.

  • Straight bongs have a tubular design and are the most accommodating for bong accessories such as percolators (more info below).

  • Bubblers are small, portable water pipes that combine the convenience of a one-hitter with the water filtration of a traditional bong.

  • Dab rigs are specially designed to be used with concentrates and are a must-have for anyone wanting to get into dabbing.

What's the difference between bongs and water pipes (hookahs)?

Water pipes (hookahs, narguiles, argilehs, etc) are traditional smoking instruments originating from the Middle East. They are typically used to smoke flavored tobacco called "shisha" and have a very distinct appearance. While they work very similarly, bongs are much more modern and designed to be used to smoke cannabis and its derivatives.

What to consider when buying a bong

When buying a bong, your budget should be one of the first things to consider. Bong prices in our store vary from €9 to €300+, so setting yourself a clear budget from the start can help narrow down the options.

Moreover, you'll also want to consider how you plan to use your bong. If you want something portable you can easily take on the road, a cheap plastic, acrylic, or silicone bong might be the best option. On the other hand, if you only smoke at home and want a quality pipe that maximizes the flavour and aroma of your weed, spending the extra cash on a nice glass bong from EHLE or ROOR might well be worth it. If you plan to smoke concentrates, keep in mind that not all bongs are made to be used for dabbing, and you might be best off investing in a dedicated dab rig or a bong with a dab adapter.

The best bong brands

There are countless bong brands out there, but a few have earned their reputation for making some of the best bongs on the market. These include:

  • ROOR. Founded in the mid-90s by German glass blower Martin Birzle, ROOR is highly regarded for the quality of all its pipes, from the most elaborate, unique pieces down to the simplest one hitter.

  • EHLE. Founded in 1989 by Thomas Ehle (who comes from a long line of glass workers), EHLE is another top bong brand from Germany.

  • Black Leaf. Black Leaf dates back to 1988. It designs all of its glassware in-house and also stocks a full catalogue of vaporizers, dab rigs, smoke accessories, and merchandise.

Keep in mind that these 3 brands are just some of our favourites. The Zamnesia Headshop contains bongs from many other respected bong brands, so make sure to browse it for more variety.

Bongs: FAQs

😤 How does a bong work
While some bongs might have unique features, they all work essentially the same way: As you inhale, the smoke from the bowl enters the pipe via the downstem and is filtered and cooled in the water chamber via percolation before exiting the pipe and entering your mouth through the mouthpiece.
🌿 How to pack a bong
Packing a bong is simple. First, use 2 larger pieces of weed to partially cover the hole at the bottom of the bowl and keep your ground weed from falling down into the water chamber. Next, fill the bowl with finely ground weed till it is filled past the brim, then use your thumb to gently compress the weed down. The idea is to firmly pack the bowl so that it will burn properly while being careful not to pack it so tight as to restrict airflow.
🔥 How to use a bong
Fill your bong with water to roughly 2cm above the bottom of the downstem. Add a few ice cubes to the water for cooler, smoother hits. Pack the bowl, place your mouth on the mouthpiece, lightly pressing against it to keep any smoke from escaping. Cover the carb (if your bong has one) and light the bowl. Gently pull air into the bong to fill the chamber with smoke, and remove the lighter once the bowl has "cherried" (or is bright red and stays lit). When you're ready to inhale, uncover the carb, remove the bowl and downstem and enjoy.
💦 Does bong water filter THC?
No, bong water does not filter THC because THC is naturally hydrophobic (not water soluble). However, it filters some tar and other toxins found in cannabis smoke, as well as small pieces of ash or other impurities that can irritate the mouth or respiratory tract if inhaled.
🪥 How to clean a bong
Dismantle your bong, and rinse each piece with hot water before letting it dry completely. Next, fill a bucket with a simple cleaning solution (water, vinegar, and baking soda). Submerge each bong piece inside the solution and scrub with a soft, clean sponge or dishcloth to remove any built-up grime. Rinse every piece with hot water and let dry completely before reassembling your pipe.
💧 How much water to put in a bong
Regardless of the size of a bong, you do not need to fill it to the brim with water. Add just enough water so the bottom of the downstem is completely submerged.
❓ What is a percolator bong?
Percolator bongs use small accessories (known as percolators or just percs) that help diffuse smoke entering the water chamber. Percs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes (including showerheads and honeycombs, for example) and have hundreds of tiny holes to help create more bubbles as you draw air through the pipe. More bubbles mean more percolation, making for cleaner, cooler, and smoother hits. Downstems can also have small slits or holes for extra percolation.

Find the best bong for you

The Zamnesia Headshop is designed to help you enjoy the best possible smoking experience. Browse our wide range of bongs and accessories above, and don't forget to review any products you purchase to share your experience with our other shoppers!