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The Smartshop at Zamnesia carries one of the biggest assortments on natural psychedelics, power herbs, energizers and aphrodisiacs on the web. Here at Zamnesia we are proud being able to offer our customers first-rate quality products at spectacularly low prices!


Whether it’s a night out on the tiles or a night in touring the cosmos you’re seeking, our selection of Smartshop products will ease you into the right state of mind. We’ve got herbal energizers to put a spring in your step, aphrodisiacs to put a spring, ahem, elsewhere, or if you’re looking for something a little more sedate and relaxing, we stock it. Tap into the wisdom of the ancients with one of our natural psychedelics, from mushroom grow kits to salvia (extract), to the more exotic power plants such as kratom, ayahuasca, peyote and other psychedelic herbs and seeds. You can choose whether to go for a mild buzz or to, like, totally trip balls! And for later, back on Earth, we have various extracts and supplements to restore your system to optimum.

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Five mile wide smiles and endless energy. Reliable tumescence and complete arousal. Catherine wheel colours and shamanic dreams. Psychotropic fun and naughty thoughts, compliments of nature's wonders are available in the Zamnesia smart shop. A complete selection of mind and mood-altering substances from Mother Earth's apothecary. There are over twenty thousand known substances, that can affect humans in positive ways. Well researched by our respected team, the best compounds Gaia has to offer your body, mind and soul, are available now.


Herbal Energizers

When you need to put a spring in your step or need superhuman concentration. Don't have a third triple espresso. Nature has what you need to bring energy to your life. Zamnesia offers a selection of time-tested sources of energy and mental clarity. Live life to the fullest and have the energy to do more of the things you love. If your energy is sagging or you slept poorly, jump start your day feeling stimulated and efficiently alert.

Conversation flows and a comfortable euphoria with warm tingling flushes can be expected with Stargate 2.0. A natural boost, that makes fatigue evaporate and thoughts flow more clearly when it is time to party. Colours are brighter and senses are enhanced by the mild aphrodisiac effects.



Cue steam train barrelling into tunnel motif. If your love life needs rebooting or if you desire to make satisfactory great and great, greater. Our selection of natural aphrodisiacs for men and women get mind frames lusting and nether regions coursing with heat. Induced by nature's organic wonders, give yourself in completely to waves of desire. Surrender the real world for a private entwined, time stalled blissful intimacy.

Indigenous South American and Chinese people have enjoyed the effects of nature's aphrodisiacs since the beginning of time. Clavo huasca has the active compound tinantina, which has powerful effects on men and women. They say what goes up must come down, but not with Sex-E. Inhibit the enzyme PDE-5 in men and what goes up, stays up.


Natural Psychedelics

There is no need to break the law to alter your consciousness. Mother nature wants you to enjoy yourself in a multitude of ways. She has gifted human beings with a superb choice of psychotropic compounds from plant species all over the world. Plants are known by indigenous people to contain secrets hidden from the normal eye. Zamnesia is passing on shamanic messages as old as time itself through their extensive range of organic natural psychedelics.

Magic truffles are quickly becoming the quick growing do it yourself psychedelic of choice. Easy to use kits make surfing the mind's eye or micro-dosing for mental health a no fuss affair. Mescaline containing cacti will take you high and put you in a peaceful place. The after-effects a gentle tranquillity, that lasts for weeks.


Dream Herbs

Enhance your dreamscapes like shamans of old and hurl yourself into inconceivable worlds. Be lucid and aware in your dreams and participate, knowing it is a dream. Sleep deeply and enjoy vivid and memorable message-filled dreams. Fly off into a profound infinity and return enlightened and closer to the spirits. The Zamnesia range of dream herbs can act as sleep aids and help you unwind and sleep deeply to wake up refreshed. They can also provide invigorating participatory experiences in worlds of unlimited imagination.

African dream seeds are easy to prepare and promote vivid dreams. Wild lettuce is a sedative of high renown. A tea made from the dried leaves is a fast-acting anodyne, that guarantees a deep and restful slumber. Event-filled lucid nights of divination or peaceful and untroubled sleep. The choice is yours in the Zamnesia smart shop.


VIDEO: How To Vape Lavender

If you want to say "hello" to the mellow or go fast and focus. If you want to increase your peace in your downtime, but have limitless abilities during the day. If luxurious sensuality is what you seek, then seek no further. Vaping herbs delivers a more intense effect than teas or tinctures. Seeking intense effects is an appropriate response to an intense world. Some herbs can lull you into dreamland then invite you down the lucid rabbit hole, if deep sleep and dreams are what you seek. Others can ignite an irrepressible lust greater than love potions of old. And a number instill a bubbling enthusiasm for the day ahead. Zamnesia has a comprehensive range of high-quality vaping herbs from impeccable organic sources.