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The “Best of the Best” when it comes to a THC content under 1%! THC is the psychoactive compound contained in marijuana, which is responsible for the high and the psychoactive effects from smoking cannabis. However, not all cannabis enthusiasts smoke to get high. Medicinal users or those with a low tolerance for THC are often looking for strains, that they can enjoy without getting high and other side effects, so they can still function.

With our strains, that have a very low THC content of below 1%, you can smoke cannabis without having to worry: You can enjoy the full flavour and aroma of these strains at all times and whenever you want. What’s more, you can take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of CBD (the active compound in cannabis, which doesn’t make you high) with our low THC strains, that are rich in CBD. This way you can get your dose of medicine and can still go about your daily routines as normal.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the different cannabis strains out there? Use the Cannabis Seedfinder and find the strain that best suits your growing needs in 6 simple steps.

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CBD Fix (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

Created by Zamnesia to cater to the increasing numbers of CBD cannabis users, CBD Fix delivers copious amounts of CBD while keeping her THC content at less than 1%—guaranteed. Not only can CBD users now get a powerful cannabinoid fix anytime they want, they can do so accompanied by remarkably refined flavours. No treatment has ever been this enjoyable!

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Swiss Dream CBD (Kannabia) Feminized

Swiss Dream CBD by Kannabia is a medicinal cannabis strain that stands out because of its very low THC levels. A CBD content of 7%, but essentially no THC ensures that medicinal users receive all the benefits of the therapeutic cannabidiol without any psychoactive effects. This sativa is very robust and you can easily grow her indoors or outdoors with respectable yields.

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CBD Fix Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

CBD Fix Automatic presents a breakthrough in striking the perfect balance between CBD and THC. With a clear focus on catering the CBD cannabis user, Zamnesia has used expert knowledge to develop an automatic strain that guarantees less than 1% THC content. Such a diverse strain, usable at any time of the day has never been viable until now.

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Sweet Pure CBD (Sweet Seeds) Feminized

This is Sweet Seeds’ first near-pure CBD strain, which they made especially for medicinal users who want to dose without any psychoactive effects. Trace amounts of THC (less than 1%) and copious levels of CBD (up to 15%) means that you can enjoy the medicinal properties of CBD any time of day. The sweet and fruity aroma make medicating with this lady very rewarding!

€ 30,00
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Swiss Dream Rosé Auto CBD (Kannabia) feminized

As a proud heir of their Swiss Dream CBD Auto, Kannabia’s Rosé variety of this formidable high-CBD auto strain is turning up the indica qualities a notch. Copious levels of CBD (17%) and minimal THC (<0.6%) ensure that users can medicate anytime, without getting high. Therapeutic cannabis growers will also love the strain’s well-balanced flavours and the fact that she is very easy to grow.

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CBD Charlotte’s Angel (Dutch Passion) Feminized

Among the exciting selection of brand new strains released by Dutch Passion in 2018 is their first high-CBD/low-THC variety CBD Charlotte’s Angel! This sativa brings a whopping 16% CBD to the table, while containing less than 1% THC. This new strain is just perfect for medicinal users who enjoy a full-flavoured smoke, but don’t want any psychoactive effects.

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Atlant CBD (VIP Seeds) Feminized

Atlant CBD by VIP Seeds is a CBD-rich, sativa-dominant hybrid created especially for medicinal users. The strain contains only tiny amounts of THC, so you can dose without getting high. Up to 21% of therapeutically valuable CBD makes the strain a good choice if you need help treating depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and many other health conditions.

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CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel (Dutch Passion) Feminized

CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel offers massive CBD content, without the side effect of getting stoned. This strain is perfectly suited for daytime use, or whenever in need of a physiological boost.

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Swiss Dream Auto CBD (Kannabia) feminized

Swiss Dream Auto CBD has been bred specifically to offer monumental levels of CBD and minimal levels of THC. This allows consumers to access large doses of the therapeutic, non-psychoactive cannabinoid, without getting stoned in the process.

€ 45,00
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Cannabis Light (Ministry Of Cannabis) feminized

Here we present a solid cannabis strain with probably the most straightforward yet somehow mythical name—Cannabis Light. If one wishes to appreciate optimistic CBD-rich vibes, Cannabis Light is here to facilitate the experience. With low THC levels, this plant is not intended for stoners.

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Auto Cannabis Light (Ministry of Cannabis) feminized

Auto Cannabis Light is an ideal choice for users seeking soaring levels of CBD with practically no THC. Experience the relaxation of CBD with no psychoactive high.

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Sweet Pure Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds) feminized

The fruity Sweet Pure Auto CBD is Sweet Seeds’ first pure CBD strain, offering very high levels of CBD with almost no THC. Great for medicinal users, this strain is also a good choice for anyone who enjoys the non-psychoactive benefits of cannabis. This easy and fast autoflowering strain scores with a rapid growth cycle and good yields.

€ 28,00
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Eden (Super Strains) feminized

Eden by Super Strains contains almost no THC, which makes it suitable for those grappling with pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. Her 14% CBD content provides soothing relief with an effect that takes time to fully take hold. Eden will reward every grower with an impressive yield, but keep in mind that she can get really big.

€ 35,00
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Hokkaido Japan Hemp (ACE Seeds) regular

This rare landrace strain from the northernmost island of Japan features a unique genotype distinct from European hemp varieties. She has a fast flowering time, low cannabinoid levels, and high resistance to pests.

€ 25,00
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CBD Auto 20:1 (FastBuds) feminized

CBD Auto 20:1 was created with one goal in mind: to feature high levels of CBD. This cultivar ups the ante of CBD-rich strains, providing a peaceful effect that won't get you high or impair normal functioning.

€ 36,00
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Tatanka Pure CBD (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

If you're searching for high concentrations of cannabidiol, Tatanka Pure CBD is one of the best sources you can find in flower form. This indica-dominant strain offers a new level of calm while sending waves of caramel and bitter spices through the air. It grows quickly too, with flowering taking only 6–8 weeks.

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Doctor Greenman Pure CBD (Exotic Seed) feminized

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD by Exotic Seed is an ideal strain for those seeking a quality source of CBD—up to 12% of it. As her THC level won’t ever exceed 1%, users can enjoy this strain without getting high. This uncomplicated CBD-rich cultivar grows fast, so you won't have to wait long to harvest a delicious bounty of buds.

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Alpine Delight CBD Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized

Alpine Delight CBD Automatic by Sensi Seeds is a dreamy hybrid with an astonishing THC:CBD ratio of 1:30. Because it contains very little THC, you can enjoy a mild relaxing effect and a great taste, without getting high. Cultivators will appreciate her compact, low-maintenance nature and surprisingly large yields.

€ 31,50
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Auto CBD-Victory (Dutch Passion) feminized

A true passion project from the team at Dutch Passion, Auto CBD-Victory is an autoflowering strain that stands out from the crowd. It is the first of its kind to contain a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBDV. Easy to smoke or vape, this is a strain to enjoy whenever you please. With a reasonably fast growing time, it might be sooner than you think!

€ 44,95
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Fenoqueen FQ-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

No strangers to high-quality CBD strains, the team at Fenocan has carefully designed a strain combining two of their most popular varieties. However, Fenoqueen doesn't rest on any laurels, instead offering a flawless growing experience culminating in a hearty yield of CBD-rich buds. There's plenty to like about this strain, and it's sure to be on every cannabidiol enthusiast's radar.

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Fenojoy FJ-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

Fenojoy FJ-1 is a CBD-rich strain with a focus on easy growth, nice yields, and fresh flavours. There's very little required in the way of maintenance with this strain, and thanks to a short flowering phase, you'll be enjoying these CBD-infused buds in next to no time. There's certainly plenty to shout about with Fenojoy.

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Fenomoon FO-1 CBD (Fenocan) feminized

It can sometimes be tricky to find a CBD-focused strain that really delivers on flavour, aroma, and potency. Thankfully, Fenomoon FO-1 excels in all of these areas and more. She provides an easy-going growing experience and showcases beautiful, compact buds accentuated by orange stigmas. Delivering on taste and yields, there's no better time to check out the phenomenon that is Fenomoon.

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Northern Light Blue THC-Free (Delicious Seeds) feminized

If you've been seeking a strain that's rich in flavour and CBD, but completely free of psychoactive effects, you've found it with Northern Light Blue THC-Free. Offering a refreshing change of pace, this strain is easy to tame and quick to flower, delivering substantial yields of fruity, bittersweet, CBD-laden buds in just 55 to 65 days of bloom.

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Delimed CBD Plus (Delicious Seeds) feminized

The result of crossing Harlequeen with Dinamed CBD Plus, Delimed CBD Plus is positively overflowing with cannabidiol (around 20%), but always contains less than 1% THC. As well as offering high CBD levels, the strain produces pleasant citrus aromas and flavours, is fast to flower, and yields ample amounts of bud both indoors and out.

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About low THC Cannabis (less than 1%)

About low THC Cannabis (less than 1%)

Sometimes less is more—a sentiment that couldn't be truer for our range of below 1% THC cannabis strains. With a massive variety of seeds available, great flavours, aromas and effects can be found here. As a hugely popular alternative to more top-heavy THC cultivars, many are turning to these strains for a different kind of enjoyment from their herb.

Why choose cannabis seeds with almost no THC?

When we think about cannabis, we often think about the effects produced. Whether this is through smoking, vaping or edible means, the high is paramount to the experience for many. However, <1% THC strains (sometimes called cannabis-light) offer the full flavours and aromas and are perfect for those looking to enjoy cannabis without a heavy psychoactive response. The low THC is often offset by an abundance of CBD and other cannabinoids, also leading these strains to sometimes be called CBD cannabis.

Available in feminized, regular and autoflowering variants, <1% THC strains can be cultivated much like any other cannabis seed. Overall, making for a rewarding home growing project that is effortless to maintain and even easier to enjoy once harvested.

Are low THC strains hemp or marijuana?

When is cannabis classed as hemp or marijuana? While these strains contain less than 1% THC, hemp is defined as having a THC content of 0.3% and below. Because of this, our strains are still technically marijuana and sold as so, albeit without the high normally associated with cannabis. The 0.3% rule was imposed in 1979 by author Ernest Small in his book, The Species Problem in Cannabis: Science & Semantics. While Small himself has determined that the number itself is incidental, in America, the Agricultural Act of 2018 took this number as gospel, giving us the definition we broadly stick to today.

Is it legal to cultivate cannabis with less than 1% THC?

As we've mentioned, THC levels indeed dictate how cannabis is defined. However, that doesn't mean that because they are <1% that it is legal to cultivate low THC cannabis at home. Of course, this is a grey area as different countries will have their own rules for cultivation. It's certainly worth bearing in mind that these seeds are not EU certified for hemp cultivation and that local laws should be checked and adhered to.

That's not to say that these seeds don't deliver in the cultivating department. They are ideal for novice and experienced growers and will perform in indoor and outdoor settings. So choose your seeds, give them the proper level of care, allow them to flourish, and you'll be enjoying cannabinoid-rich weed before you know it. With a vast range available, we're confident you can get paired with a <1% THC seed that will really suit you.