Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds switch from vegetative growth to flowering on their own and can be ready to go in less than 10 weeks. This basically means you can harvest outdoors several times every year! And our autoflowering seeds are bred by the best, which means their quality and potency are getting close and often even surpass those of traditional cannabis strains. In addition to all Cannabis Cup winners, we bring you autoflowering seeds like feminized Royal Critical Auto and Northern Light, among others. Some seeds grow up super-fast while still granting you with great yields, while others take a bit more time.

Growing cannabis of course isn't easy, but with our extensive cannabis grow guide everyone should be able to grow their own cannabis for personal use.

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White Widow Original Auto (Sumo Seeds) Feminized

White Widow Original Auto offers resilience, mixed effects, and an ironclad heritage. Its strong woody aroma is common throughout the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. Now this classic of the Dutch cannabis industry can be grown with ease, flowering within 10 weeks and delivering a strong yield of knockout buds.


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Dinamed Kush Cbd Autoflowering (Dinafem) Feminized

Dinafem's Dinamed Kush CBD Autoflowering is a pure CBD strain without any psychotropic effects. They crossed their Dinamed Autoflowering CBD with Purple Kush to create a highly therapeutic variety that also has a heavy yield and is easy to grow. What more could you want from a pure CBD strain? We got you—a delicious taste, but she delivers on that front as well!


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Psycho Xxl Auto Mix (Bsf Seeds) Feminized

Fasten your seat belt and get ready to have your mind blown with the Psycho XXL Automix by BSF Seeds! This unprecedented merging of 4 of the most-powerful, yield-enhanced autoflowering sativa varieties will blast you into the stratosphere. A top assortment of cannabis seeds for sativa lovers seeking loads upon loads of spectacular buds.


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Auto Critical Orange Punch (Dutch Passion) Feminized

The first autoflower from Dutch Passion to use Critical genetics has already become a bestseller, with lots of growers loving the strain’s unusually powerful high. Fast and easy to grow, Auto Critical Orange Punch is perfect for everyone who wants connoisseur quality and top-shelf potency!


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Auto Ghost Og (Original Sensible) Feminized

The breeders at Original Sensible Seeds made their Auto OG Kush even better: Auto Ghost OG features improved flavour and effects, yet she's just as simple to grow as before. A fabulous OG Kush variant (not just) for lovers of autoflowers!


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Strawberry Pie Auto (Fastbuds) Feminized

Multicoloured buds, insane potency, flavour notes of berries and baked goods... What more could you ask for from an indica hybrid? Well, whether you're asking or not, Strawberry Pie Auto also impresses with fast growth and superb production. Lucky smokers can gear up for waves of full-body relaxation from a strain worthy of the middle spot on the top shelf.

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