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Storing your stash is important for keeping it fresh, and in some countries, keeping it hidden from prying eyes. We have dozens of stash tins and stash boxes, with or without secret compartments: camouflaged stashes for when you’re travelling (or just to keep your roommate’s paws off!) and stylish storage for a more unashamed display.

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RAW Pre-Rawlet

The RAW Pre-Rawlet is designed to keep your neatly rolled joints and spliffs in tip-top condition when out and about. This protective case features a reinforced exterior along with a wax-coated fabric that allows for durability and flexibility. The RAW Pre-Rawlet is 12.7cm long and 5.7cm wide. It's highly discreet and can easily fit into any bag or pocket.

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ONA Block Odour Neutraliser

Have you noticed unwanted smells in any of your small rooms or closets? Place the ONA Block Odour Neutraliser inside. It'll diffuse terpenes into the environment and eliminate odours with haste.

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Chewy Chube Silicone Grinder

Change the way you grind your herb with the Chube Silicone Grinder. This unique device features a flexible body, allowing you to grind weed by rubbing the device back and forth between the hands.

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Smokus Focus Jetpack

The Jetpack by Smokus Focus is a dispensary viewing container that double up as a futuristic stash jar. It features a viewing window, smell vent, and an airtight lid.


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Dank420 Focus Jar

The Focus Jar by Dank 420 is perfect for showing off your best strains. A 5x magnifier and white LED lights also make this glass jar an invaluable tool for observing the curing process of your buds.

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Cookies Storage Jars

Store your weed with ease with Cookies Storage Jars. These stackable pods can store different strains in the same container while preventing terpene profiles from merging.

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Stash Hair Brush

This round hair brush is secretly a nifty stash. It looks like a commodity brush, but there is a hidden compartment in its handle. What a clever way to combine hair care and discretion ... Length: 21cm.


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Wooden Stashbox with Leaf

Sturdy, hinged hardwood stash box, carved in India and inlaid with a lighter wood cannabis leaf motif, just in case you forget what you put in it. 10 x 10 cm.


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Rolling Book Kavatza Pi Unique

This is a classic - a fake book as a secret hideaway for precious items! In this case your stash and rolling accessories of course. The fake leather binding opens to reveal a holder for your rolling papers, a curved, removable wooden rolling tray and a compartment for your other accessories. Available in: Small - 18.5 x 13.5 x 5.5cm Large - 25 x 16.5 x 7cm


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Skunk Sack Zip Bags (12 pcs)

Better safe than sorry - these zip bags have a double zipper seal! Got a particularly smelly weed? Place it in these Skunk Sack Zip Bags!


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Avert Odour-Proof Pocket Bag

The activated carbon bags by Avert are a practical means to securely transport your precious cargo. These heavy-duty bags feature a premium odour-absorbing lining so you can travel safely without worries. The small and convenient Avert Pocket Bag is the ideal companion for your travels. As an added bonus, the bags feature a strong magnetic back for even more discreet storage.


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Weekender Travel Bag by RAW

If you love hiking and camping, The RAW Weekender Travel Bag will quickly become your favourite piece of kit. The bag can hold rolling papers, weed and other gear. It fits snugly into any camping bag and its smell-proof and waterproof design will keep your equipment and weed safe.

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RAW Smokers Pouch

The RAW Smokers Pouch will help keep your papers, lighters, and—most importantly—weed safe. The pouch will store all your gear and protect it from rain and spillages. Five smell-proof layers will also help you stay low key in public.

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