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Stash Belt (Zamnesia)

Discover the Zamnesia Buckleless Stash Belt: a sleek, discreet way to keep small essentials hidden. Perfect for those who value both style and subtlety. Its capacity is very small, but it's so discreet that it's perfect when you really want to keep things hidden.

€ 9,99 € 7,49
In stock

Pill Case Pendant

Keep your stash close and safe with a screw-open pill case. This small hideaway comes with a keyring, perfect for the storage on the go. You will receive a black or silver pill case. Choice of colour is unfortunately not possible.

€ 3,50 € 2,62
In stock

Stash Hair Brush

This round hair brush is secretly a nifty stash. It looks like a commodity brush, but there is a hidden compartment in its handle. What a clever way to combine hair care and discretion ... Length: 21cm.

€ 8,50 € 6,37
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Battery Stash Box

Discretion often plays a large role in a stoner's life, and few things are more important than keeping your stash out of sight. With this battery-shaped stash box, you can keep your herbal activities under wraps. Measuring 5.1cm and looking like an ordinary AA battery, simply twist the top off to reveal the secret compartment inside. Perfect for taking on the move or for discreet storage at...

€ 3,95 € 2,96
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Stash Toilet Brush

Ding-dong ... doorbell. Oh shit! Cops or even worse - your stepmother? Unwanted guests? No panic, grab your herbs and rush to the "00". Here we have a slick toilet brush - fully funtional btw - the unwitting will see a simple plastic toilet brush, but there is a hidden compartment in the socket for your secret herbs.

€ 23,50 € 17,62
In stock

Stash Scrunchy (OZO)

Keep your prized herb real close with the Stash Scrunchy. This fully functioning hair scrunchy doubles up as the perfect place to stash your strains or anything else you want to keep away from prying hands. With a discreet zip, there's ample space available. Once filled, zip up and place the soft fabric scrunchy back in your hair or on your wrist. Perfect for those on the move!

€ 19,00 € 14,25
In stock

Car Cigarette Lighter Stash

The perfect stash for your car, the ingeniously designed Car Cigarette Lighter Stash by Black Leaf replaces your car’s cigarette lighter. It has a screw-on cap so you can hide your valuables and keep them safe and sound. The Stash has a height of 40mm.

€ 2,95 € 2,21
In stock

The STALIN Anti-Spying Bag

The STALIN PhoneBAG is an excellent way to keep your devices secure. This anti-spying bag has several fibrous layers and a triple magnetic locking system. This will stop any connection from accessing your phone, including nefarious ones. Keep your devices from being hacked, tracked, or interfered with by storing them in the STALIN PhoneBAG. Material: Premium synthetic...

€ 99,90 € 74,92
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Secret Stash Underwear For Men

These secret men’s underpants have a discreet and well-concealed pocket built right in. They expertly conceal CleanUrin sachets or valuables right in the zone where no one is allowed to go without your consent.

€ 19,90 € 14,92
In stock

Secret Magnet Stash Box

What makes a perfect stash box? We think it's the ability to place it in locations people would never even look for it. Under your car, behind the fridge, any flat metal surface is enough to hide it from prying eyes.

€ 14,95 € 11,21
In stock

TightPac Cigarette Holder

Sometimes discretion is critical when it comes to your joints. The TP1 Tightpac is here to make things a whole lot easier for you. Made in the US, this discreet single carrier is designed for those looking to take their rolled herb on the go. Smell proof and airtight, this carrier measures at 4.5” and slides in your pocket or clip to your shirt with ease. Super durable, reliable and robust.

€ 2,99 € 2,24
In stock

Secret Stash Screwdriver

Keeping your prized buds out of sight is of the utmost importance to many stoners. Make this task even easier with the Secret Stash Screwdriver. This dummy screwdriver measures 65 × 15 × 15mm and unscrews to reveal a secret compartment inside to house your favourite strains. Unlikely to raise any suspicion, it even has a crosshead that can actually be used to tighten screws!

€ 8,00 € 6,00
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Heat Sealable Odour-Proof Bags - 20pcs

The thing about our favourite herb is that it not only smells uniquely wonderful—it can smell very strong. Also, it likes to be in an airtight environment for long-term storage. These sealable bags are completely odour-proof for stealthy stashing and quality preservation of aromas. Simply run an iron over the top to thoroughly seal them for long or short-term storage.

€ 14,95 € 11,21
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Rolling Tray with Secret Box (Rolls)

Discretion can often be an issue with cannabis, whether you're dealing with snooping family members or just want to keep the best strains in your stash to yourself! The Secret Box by Rolls is here to help you out. It features a two-tiered design that offers an open shelf for your accessories, while a hidden one below will allow you to store more things you might want to keep to yourself.

€ 24,99 € 18,74
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