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Storing your stash is important for keeping it fresh, and in some countries, keeping it hidden from prying eyes. We have dozens of stash tins and stash boxes, with or without secret compartments: camouflaged stashes for when you’re travelling (or just to keep your roommate’s paws off!) and stylish storage for a more unashamed display.

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Dank420 Focus Jar

The Focus Jar by Dank 420 is perfect for showing off your best strains. A 5x magnifier and white LED lights also make this glass jar an invaluable tool for observing the curing process of your buds.


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Cookies Storage Jars

Store your weed with ease with Cookies Storage Jars. These stackable pods can store different strains in the same container while preventing terpene profiles from merging.


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CVault Cleaner Rubbing Alcohol

CVault containers offer unparalleled freshness. Keep the state of your stash clean using CVault Cleaner.


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Stash Jar Vitavac

Any serious stoner knows it can be tricky to find a stash jar that suitable for travel. Thankfully TightVac has created the Vitavac. This stylish but practical container is designed with complete portability in mind. A discreet product, the Vitavac measures at just 7cm. This jar is vacuum-sealed and traps in all aromas. Perfect for all your herbs.


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Rolling Tray with Secret Box (Rolls)

Discretion can often be an issue with cannabis, whether you're dealing with snooping family members or just want to keep the best strains in your stash to yourself! The Secret Box by Rolls is here to help you out. It features a two-tiered design that offers an open shelf for your accessories, while a hidden one below will allow you to store more things you might want to keep to yourself.

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TightPac Cigarette Holder

Sometimes discretion is critical when it comes to your joints. The TP1 Tightpac is here to make things a whole lot easier for you. Made in the US, this discreet single carrier is designed for those looking to take their rolled herb on the go. Smell proof and airtight, this carrier measures at 4.5” and slides in your pocket or clip to your shirt with ease. Super durable, reliable and robust.


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Smokus Focus Display Jar

Sometimes it's nice to stop and take in the beauty around you. Place your favourite strain in one of these jars to get a good look for as long as you'd like. Each jar offers its own unique features to suit your needs, and will help you inspect your buds for a long time to come.

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RAW Wooden Cache Box with Tray Lid

Whether you're a casual smoker or a serious stoner, chances are you'd benefit from a storage box and a rolling tray. Well, now you can have both in one handy accessory! With a magnetic lid and plenty of storage room, the Wooden Cache Box with Tray Lid by RAW gives you all the space and security you need. Robust, durable, and ready to use—regardless of whether you're at home or on the move.


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Moisture Fighters

Get the best from your buds with these easy-to-use Moisture Fighters. Simply place a sachet into your curing jar to ensure max flavour, aroma, and potency from your buds. Available in various sizes and RH levels to suit your needs—and with an easy-to-read colour-coded system that tells you when to replace the sachet—you can't go wrong with them.


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Re:stash Jar (Royal Queen Seeds) 8oz

While many will look to store their favourite strains in ordinary containers, or even plastic bags, these won't keep things fresh for very long. With the Re:stash Jar by Royal Queen Seeds, you get airtight storage, a sleek design, and premium-quality materials, making for a long-lasting and environmentally friendly stash jar.


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PieceMaker Kontainer

If you're on the lookout for a great way to store your concentrates in an airtight container that won't taint the taste or aroma, then the Kontainer is for you. This bright and robust jar is ideal for storing with ease and works just as fine on the go as it does at home. The Kontainer is made from a near-indestructible silicone!


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Axe Pack GOO.O (RYOT)

Renowned for their groundbreaking developments when designing functional, robust bags, RYOT has done it again with the Axe Pack GOO.O. This is a bag packed with features that are bound to take you by surprise. You'll wonder how you managed before you picked up the Axe Pack. If you're looking for the best way to secure your smoking accessories, this could be the one.


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Buddies Super Slick Ball

If you're on the lookout for a unique way to take a little—or a lot—of your stash on the go, then the Super Slick Ball by Buddies could very well be the answer. Made from robust food-grade silicone, the ball is practically indestructible and sure to endure journeys with ease. With generous space for up to 15 grams, this ball provides room for all of your favourite herbs, resins, and...

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Juicy Jay Storage Jars

When it comes to storing your stash, it may seem like you can use any old jar or container. But doing so will not only do you a disservice, but your favourite strains as well. These stackable storage jars by Juicy Jay are available in a stylish black colour that also provides UV protection for your stash. Perfect for when you want to take your stash on the move!

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Stash Box with Silicone Insert

It can be tricky to find a stash box that is not only reliable, but also discreet and easy to travel with. The Stash Box with Silicone Insert from Black Leaf offers a unique and cost-effective way to transport up to 6ml of your favourite resins and concentrates. You can also look to take smaller quantities of herb should you wish to. This is one handy and versatile storage device.


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RAW Magnetic Storage Jar

A reliable stash jar can be hard to come by, and sometimes you have to sacrifice storage space for portability and other features. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Magnetic Storage Jar by RAW. Known for their premium rolling papers and smoking accessories, RAW has designed a discreet and functional storage jar that can be used with concentrates, herbs, and resins.


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The Stowaway Small Bag (Revelry)

From the team at Revelry comes the Stowaway. This discreet bag will hold your stash with ease, but it also doubles up as a means to carry your travel essentials too. Perfect for the cannabis enthusiast on the go, this bag has plenty of space available and features smell-proof technology, making transporting your favourite strains an effortless task. Never has a stowaway been so welcome.

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Stash Hair Brush

This round hair brush is secretly a nifty stash. It looks like a commodity brush, but there is a hidden compartment in its handle. What a clever way to combine hair care and discretion ... Length: 21cm.


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Rolling Book Kavatza Pi Unique

This is a classic - a fake book as a secret hideaway for precious items! In this case your stash and rolling accessories of course. The fake leather binding opens to reveal a holder for your rolling papers, a curved, removable wooden rolling tray and a compartment for your other accessories. Available in: Small - 18.5 x 13.5 x 5.5cm Large - 25 x 16.5 x 7cm


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Buddies Torpedo Cone Tube

Transport of a ready-rolled joint can be quite a challenge. A cigarette pack - too short. Tobacco pouch - no real protection. So where put it to keep it safe from damage? Buddies Torpedo Cone Tubes are the answer. In these plastic tubes you can safely transport 1 or 2 joints (depending on your rolling preferences). Colors (randomly picked): Black, orange, red, yellow, & blue.


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Safe Case 2.3L (RYOT)

For a great way to transport your smoking and vaping accessories, look no further than the Safe Case from RYOT. This bag is packed full of features—from secure and lockable zips to patented SmellSafe technology—to keep all of your aromatic herbs locked safely inside. Whether you're looking for a bag you can take everywhere or just want a safe hub for your accessories; the Safe Case will do...

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Silicone Storage Box

While there are many shortcuts when it comes to storing your favourite concentrates and resins, with many stoners using an old jar, you'll soon realise it was a mistake when you try and remove them. No such issues with the Silicone Storage Box from Black Leaf. This compact box allows you to retrieve your sticky substances with no fuss, and it'll keep them super safe too!

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Information About Stash Gear

Information About Stash Gear

Storing and stashing your weed correctly will extend its shelf life, maintain tasty terpenes, and keep it concealed from nosey landlords, roommates, etc.

Cramming your weed into an unsealed baggie in your pocket might work in a pinch, but your bud will most likely get crushed up and degrade fast. Thankfully, cannabis industry innovators have come up with better ways to stash your weed. Not only are they practical, but most of them also look pretty cool, too.


What Exactly Is Stash Gear?

Smokers have plenty of options when it comes to stashing their bud, from basic stash bags and stash boxes all the way to high-tech containers designed to preserve every last constituent. Manufacturers have designed these devices, contraptions, and vessels specifically for keeping weed safe and secure during transit and while at home.


Why bother stashing your weed? Leaving your stash on the coffee table might seem like an easy option, but air can degrade terpenes, cannabinoids, and more, and it can dry out your weed. Plus, you never know when your landlord might come knocking. Also, placing flowers in your backpack or pocket while travelling might release some funky and suspicious aromas, not to mention turn your weed into a two-dimensional puck by the end of the journey.

Stashing your weed—in the right way—will help you keep your private life to yourself while keeping each and every bud in the best shape possible.


Stash Gear For Short-Term And Transporting

Sometimes, you only need to store your buds for a short period of time. Maybe you’re catching the bus to your friend’s house for a smoke. Perhaps you need somewhere to place a small amount of weed before you burn through it in a session or two.

Short-term stash gear needs to be lightweight, easy to access, and portable. The items below tick all of these boxes and will keep your stash fresh and safe.

Zip Lock Stash Bags

Zip Lock Stash Bags offer a reliable means of stashing weed in the short-term. They can be folded and moulded to fit into small spaces inside larger bags, pockets, and cases. Standard zip lock bags are perfect when travelling with a small amount of weed. The seal will keep your plant material tasting fresh, and will trap smelly terpenes inside.

If regular zip lock bags are too plain for your style, don’t worry. You can get some that proudly feature a ganja leaf. Rock these bags to add a splash of colour to your short-term stash. They also make a cool package when dropping off herbal gifts to friends.

If you roll with a more stealthy style, check out our Aluminium Zip Lock Bags. Unlike the transparent options above, these stash bags are opaque and completely conceal your herb from the outside world. They also help to keep your bud fresh, as sunlight will degrade terpenes and cannabinoids over time.

Stash Box

Stash boxes are ideal for keeping your weed and a range of other smoking accessories together and easily accessible. These boxes are more firm than a stash gear bag and offer more protection as well.

The RAW Wooden Weed Stash Box provides enough space for some weed, a few papers, a lighter, and some cardboard for a roach. The sleek, natural look and portable size make this stash box perfect when blazing on the go, be that on the beach or out on the hiking trails.

Are you concerned about smelling like a ganja farm while on public transport? The Stashbox Tightvac provides a solution to this issue. The cylindrical storage device keeps dank smells under control and will fit in your smaller side pockets. The 0.57l and 1.3l sizes are great for a small amount of weed and some papers. You’ll need the 3.8l beast if you’re carrying around large quantities of herb.

If you really can’t risk being caught with weed, the Secret Magnet Stash Box offers you the security and peace of mind you need. This hardcore piece of kit uses a strong magnet to securely attach itself to the stealthiest of places, including under your car!

Cone Tube and Saverette

Cone tubes and saverettes are ideal for carrying one or two joints or spliffs. They’re highly portable and can fit into a small pocket. Roll at home and pull out a freshly crafted and protected joint whenever you see fit.

The Buddies Torpedo Cone Tube can carry one or two joints, depending on how fat you like to role them. Available in a variety of bright colours, simply pop off the lid when you’re ready for a smoke and pull out a joint on the spot.

If you’re highly protective over your joints and the fire weed they contain, you’ll need something a little more bulletproof. The Green Jay Metal Cone Tube boasts an airtight, discreet, child-proof design. The lid even features a protrusion that prevents joints from rattling against the side of the tube. Choose between black, white, and rose gold.

Have you ever put out a joint halfway through and placed it in your pocket? We have. And we can tell you something: you’ll end up smelling like Snoop Dogg's living room for the rest of the day. The Zamnesia Saverette sidesteps this problem. Simply place your burning joint into the device and close the lid. Job done!

Smoking Wallet and Pouch

Smoking wallets and pouches allow cannabis lovers to keep all of their things together. Have you ever gotten to your favourite smoking spot and realised you left your papers at home? Or even worse, your weed? Sucks, right? These tools will prevent that from happening ever again. They are less clunky than stash boxes, making them ideal for travelling.

Love all things cannabis? The RAW Smoking Wallet is made from a blend of cotton and hemp, allowing you to stash your bud in a pouch literally made from cannabis. It features three different pockets: a large one for your bud, and two smaller ones for your papers, tips, and lighter.

The RAW Smokers Pouch looks even more hemp-like in appearance. The container offers enough room to carry everything you need while keeping your belongings safe from spillages and rainfall.


Hiding Your Secret Stash

The stash gear above fulfils a purpose. All of the items are functional and allow users to securely transport their goods. However, sometimes discretion is a top priority. Some smokers prefer to sacrifice size and shape for a design that will keep their weed completely concealed.

Ordinary-Looking Objects

Some stash gear emulates the shape and look of various everyday items. People won’t think twice if they happen to catch a glimpse of the inside of your bag or wallet. Check out these bags and containers made to look like camera lenses, hairbrushes, and even condoms.

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Smell-Proof Stash Bag

Keep your gear both safe and smell-proof with the Avert Odour-Proof Pocket Bag. This handy device features enough room for a good amount of weed and other essential supplies. Plus, activated carbon lines the walls and keeps smells effectively contained.

The Sealable Odour-Proof Stash Bag also offers smell-proof passage to your destination of choice. Boarding a busy bus or train with a pocket full of weed never fails to turn heads and raise eyebrows. Put an end to unwanted attention with this helpful opaque stash bag.

The Stink Sack also provides smell-proof safety when picking up some weed from your friends or dropping them off some gifts. Made from 4.7mm-thick food-grade material, the sack keeps smells trapped for up to one month when sealed. Stash up to seven grams at a time.


Weed Stash Containers For The Long-Term

After harvesting plants at the end of the growing season, most growers are inundated with cannabis flowers. Impossible to smoke all at once, growers need to properly store their bud for long periods.

After harvesting, buds must be dried and cured correctly to ensure they don’t become mouldy or degrade during storage. Growers also need to store their stash in the correct containers to keep it from reducing in quality.

Glass Stash Jar

Glass Stash Jars are the quintessential vessel when it comes to storing cannabis for longer periods. They’re airtight and won’t let any moisture or pathogens access your precious flowers. Plus, you can easily monitor the state of your stash without having to open them up. You can also easily “burp” the weed stash jars by simply popping open the lid for a short period.

Zamnesia Weed Curing Jars are available in four different sizes: small (225ml), medium (400ml), large (800ml), and xtra large (1140ml).

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Want to store your weed like a pro? Although more expensive, designers specifically made the CVault to store cannabis. These weed stash containers are crafted from stainless steel and feature two-way humidity control.

Being airtight, the CVault preserves trichomes and all of the terpenes and cannabinoids that these glandular structures contain.


Why should you buy your weed stash gear at Zamnesia? Well, we know our stuff! Our huge online store features hundreds of cannabis strains and thousands of cannabis-related products. Our extensive testing, market research, and experience have enabled us to identify and provide the best weed stash gear available.