How To Store Your Cannabis Safely Away From Your Kids
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How To Store Your Cannabis Safely Away From Your Kids

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With cannabis legalization sweeping the world, more parents are starting to consume weed at home, which opens up the possibility of their kids finding their stash. A combination of secure storage and cannabis education are the keys to keeping your stash away from your kids.

Many fully functioning and successful parents smoke cannabis, whether to relax after a long day once the kids are in bed or to treat the symptoms of a variety of health conditions. With cannabis becoming legal in more and more places, it’s a lot more common for parents to store and consume cannabis within their home. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some herb, but it’s crucial to make sure to safely stash and store your bud.

Unlike the days without the little ones where you could leave half-smoked joints and bags full of flower on the living room coffee table, now it’s time to step up your game and make sure there is zero chance of your kids entering your stash and exposing themselves to a potentially dangerous situation.

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Securing Your Weed Stash: It’S Not Just About Where You Hide It

Securing Your Weed Stash

Hiding your stash from your kids isn’t as simple as placing buds into a bag and storing it in a high-up place. Kids are curious creatures and have an impressive ability to access cookie jars hidden in the most discreet of locations, making it evident that they could do the same with your bud bag.

Perhaps the word “hiding” has negative connotations. As well as keeping your weed out of sight, it’s also important to educate your kids. Gone are the days of reefer madness and outrageous propaganda. Cannabis has been probed by science, and even children can be taught a basic and rational understanding of what it is mummy and daddy consume sometimes. Being honest and outright with your child about cannabis and how it can be dangerous to them brings your concern into the light, and gets rid of the sinister image that can develop around something that needs to be hidden and buried.

Regardless of the amount of education, kids can only learn so much. Plus, their curiosity can often get the better of them. That’s why both securely stashing your weed and education need to be conducted in tandem. Below, we discuss tactics to keep your weed safely away from your kids.

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Maintaining Good Habits Is The First Line Of Prevention

Never consume cannabis in front of your kids

Before we even delve into ways to store your stash, let’s lay down the groundwork by touching on good prevention practices. First things first; make it a priority to never consume cannabis in front of your kids. Being around them high is a personal choice, but children rely on mimicking people to learn, and smoking weed around your kids isn’t something they should be exposed to when they can’t make their own choices.

Making sure to clean up after a smoke session is key to prevention as well. Even after the sleepiness hits from that last joint of the day, the effort still needs to be made to clean the coffee table of papers, pipes, and buds to avoid your children investigating these objects too closely.

Be Prepared For The Worst And Know Who To Call


If you are keeping your stash in your house, you need to be prepared for the worst to happen; even if improbable, it’s still a possibility. If your kids do manage to locate your stash and consume some product, you should immediately call the poison control centre in your area or region. If you don’t have access to a poison control centre where you live, you should call the emergency services.

Store Cannabis As A Medicine


Your stash should be stored and labelled as a medicine, just as painkillers and other medications are kept in childproof containers and covered in warning labels. The colour and difficulty of access of these containers should be enough to put children off if discovered. Edibles should also be clearly labelled and kept in their original packaging to avoid confusion.

Prevent Access With A Lock And Key


Kids aren’t very strong and certainly can’t wield lock cutters. Once correctly labelled, place your stash within a box or case that can be securely locked. Using a padlock or another type that requires a key is the best option; just be sure to keep the key close to you or also stored in a safe and childproof place. Using locks that can be opened using a code or pin isn’t a good idea as this is almost a toy for children to play with and try to solve.

The most solid and secure option would be a safe. Although more expensive, they are designed to protect expensive pieces of property from aggressive force and will therefore deter kids with ease.

Use Child Lock Devices


As well as keeping your stash locked away, you can also use devices that need to be unlocked before use. Innovation within the cannabis space is forever advancing, and devices such as vaporizers now exist that can connect to smartphones via a bluetooth connection. As well as being able to change settings such as temperature, users can lock the device, which won’t be operational until unlocked.

Use Modern Tech To Secure Your Stash


Modern technology is reaching the point where almost everything is connected, and everything can be tracked or detected. Wireless sensors can be placed in numerous locations that can alert you to the fact that your kids have entered the room where your stash is, or have even opened the stash itself. Motion-detecting sensors can work with Internet of Things systems such as Google Home and Nest.

You Don’T Have To Be Scared If You’Re Prepared

Using weed responsibly and moderately

Using weed responsibly and moderately within your home isn’t anything to be scared of. As one of the safest recreational substances, it’s the most logical one to enjoy in a home with children. By using logic alongside the advice and methods above, it’s easy to safely and securely store your stash and minimise accidental exposure. Combining this with appropriate education is a surefire way to create a safe environment to consume cannabis within.

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