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The Best Way To Store A Rolled Joint And Keep It Fresh

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For the practical stoner, keeping a stash of pre-rolled joints is good practice for when you want to get high at a moment's notice. We take a look at the best ways to store a rolled joint and keep it fresh as long as possible.

Some smokers like to roll up a stash of joints to have on hand for whenever they want to get high. This kind of preparation is practical, but some might question if it is better to keep their bud in a glass jar or bag to keep it from going bad. These individuals raise a good point, which is why it is important to store rolled joints in a way that keeps them as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. It’s also essential to store joints in containers that can withstand being transported, without damaging the contents inside.


Joints can be stored for quite a long time, especially if the plant material used within them has been properly dried and cured. Of course, if you store a rolled joint in a damp environment, it will more than likely start to develop mould. If you store a joint out in the open air, it will last for a little while, but will eventually start to degrade and lose its potent taste and smell.

Storing a joint intentionally within a container or specialised piece of equipment will certainly expand its shelf life, helping to keep it fresh and tasty for when you finally light it up and get high. If your joints are kept in an airtight environment, they will be in better condition when it comes time to toke. This is especially true in comparison to leaving them on a desk or on a shelf without protection.

Let’s check out some of the storage methods available to help prolong the shelf life of your joints and protect them while they’re being transported.

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BEST JOINT storage methods

Best Joint Storage Methods


The Saverette is an absolute necessity for smokers, chiefly those who prefer to get high with joints as opposed to bongs, pipes and vapes. This amazingly helpful little device is quite multi-functional. First off, it can be used to store a pre-rolled joint in order to keep it fresh and intact.

Secondly, and this is where it becomes especially useful, the Saverette can be used to store partially-smoked joints. It even puts it out for you! Placing a half smoked joint into the Saverette and closing the device will extinguish the joint within 5 seconds. This saves you from damaging it by putting it out yourself while acting as a safety net if you need to act quickly. Never is this truer than when you are attracting unwanted attention. This device is created from heat-proof, hard plastic, so will not melt or result in toxic fumes.



Cigar tubes are a fine way store joints. After all, they do a nice job keeping cigars fresh! Cigar tubes are a good length to fit most joints and their solid structure allows for completely bruise-free transport. A bonus to this method of storage is that you can use the cigar wrapping inside to roll a blunt.


Have you ever rolled a beautifully structured joint, only to place it in your pocket and witness its complete ruin upon reaching your target destination? This is truly a disappointing sight, however, there is an efficient and specific way to avoid this issue. Torpedo cone tubes offer the solution. These sleek-looking tubes act as containers to store joints while being transported. They offer a hard plastic protective layer that will prevent your joint from getting twisted and crushed. Now, every time you travel with a jay, it will be in perfect condition by the time you are ready to smoke it. What’s more, torpedo cone tubes come in varying colours to suit your preference including black, orange, red, yellow, and blue.



Pill bottles make a good form of storage for rolled joints. Although many of them aren’t very tall, they offer enough room to fit small and fat joints, or those that are partly smoked. Just like they do with the pills themselves, pill bottles work to keep out moisture and free radicals, preserving your joints for long period of time.


Zip bags are a somewhat traditional method of storage and they certainly have their downsides. For example, placing a half-smoked but still-lit joint inside the bag will easily burn through the plastic. Also, zip bags don’t offer a massive amount of protection during transport. However, they do serve as an amazing and cheap way to keep joints fresh when stored away at home. If zipped completely, they prevent air and moisture from infiltrating, limiting rapid degradation and mould formation of the joint.

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