The VOLCANO CLASSIC by Storz & Bickel is the precision-engineered Mercedes of high-quality vaporizers, and a genuine game-changer when it was released. The VOLCANO continues to set the bar high when it comes to quality, durability, and performance, manufactured in a German town famous for centuries for its surgical equipment manufacturing skills.

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Valve Set: EASY VALVE€ 339.00
  • Valve Set: EASY VALVE € 339.00
  • Valve Set: EASY VALVE (GOLD EDITION) € 498.00
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Valve Set: EASY VALVE € 339.00 In stock
Valve Set: EASY VALVE (GOLD EDITION) € 498.00 In stock
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Storz & Bickel generously supplied the VOLCANO to university departments in Europe and the US, helping to validate the vaporizer as a medical and research device. This level of quality does not come cheap, but if you’re after top-of-the-range performance and reliability, it’s well worth the investment. The VOLCANO is even finding its way into restaurants, home kitchens, and cocktail bars, where it’s used to add a wisp of aromatic (think cedar wood or basil) vapour to dishes and drinks.

Volcano Classic Gold Special Edition

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Volcano Classic, we have something very special. For a limited time only, you can pick up a special edition of the Volcano Classic with a 24-karat gold-plated hot air generator, alongside all the features you know and love. This world-renowned desktop vaporizer has been a massive hit from its original release all the way through to today. This limited edition vaporizer is only available for one year, so you’d best be quick if you want to pick it up! It surely won’t be around for long. Make the Volcano Classic Gold Special Edition the talking point of your next vaping session! We guarantee your friends won't have seen a vaporizer like this before!

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The filling chamber for the VOLCANO is pretty big—you could probably fit a good 2–2.5 grams of weed in (though for airflow reasons, this is not recommended). Unlike smoking a bowl or bong, it’s not necessary to pack the chamber tightly, but better to leave some room for the hot air to circulate and properly vaporise your weed.

Set the temperature and turn on. Attach your ready-made balloon to the valve. Then, snap the valve onto the chamber. Once the desired temperature is reached, press the “Inflate” button on the VOLCANO. When the balloon is full, uncouple the valve from the chamber and start inhaling! Note: the vapour slowly condenses in the bag, so use up the whole balloon of vapour within a few minutes to minimise loss.


  • 1x VOLCANO CLASSIC Hot air generator
  • 4x EASY VALVE Balloon with mouthpiece
  • 1x EASY VALVE Balloon with adapter
  • 1x Filling chamber for herbs
  • 3x Filling chamber clip
  • 1x Filling chamber ring
  • 1x Normal screen set (approx. Ø 30 mm)
  • 1x Liquid pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm)
  • 1x VOLCANO Air filter set
  • 1x Herb mill (approx. Ø 55 mm)
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Instructions for use

STORZ & BICKEL Vaporizer Accessory Overview


Storz & Bickel offers a full 3-year warranty on every VOLCANO purchased.

Brand Storz & Bickel
Type Desktop

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Reviews (9)

    Un produit à la hauteur de mes attentes
    Testé avec une seule variété de qualité moyenne et pour l'instant, il a fait son taff. La puissance de la défonce est assez forte pour que je passe du joint au vaporisateur sans sensation de manque ou autre. Je regrette un petit manque de vapeur mais je pense que le problème vient d'abord de mon produit qui serait trop sec. Sinon petit bémol ; si dès la première utilisation on règle la machine sur une température haute, pour que le température choisie soit atteinte il faut envoyer l'air chauffé avant de mettre le ballon et donc il y a perte d'une petite partie des principes actifs ( et surtout des arômes qui partent à faible température ) Bon contrer ça, il faut mettre le ballon et envoyer l'air avant que le voyant de température ne s'allume, mais il y a beaucoup moins de vapeur dans ce cas . Malgré ça les effets sont largement présents avec une dose moyenne, je pars sur un bon 5 étoiles bien mérité.


    Super apparaat, goede kwaliteit damp en geen enkele weerstand als je een hijs neemt. Hiervoor alleen een draagbare vapir prima gebruikt, maar de volcano geeft een betere smaak en meer damp. Bij de nieuwe easy valve zit 1 mondstuk waarvan je zelf de zak kan vervangen en zo dus zelf de grootte van de zak kan bepalen.


    Top of the top!!!
    The volcano is great vaporizer, you can't believe how amazing is! The vapes is so smouth with strong flavour and thc. Few vapes and you feel your head so stone like the first time that you smoking, PRICE it worth every penny!!!!


    Lieferzeit nicht mal eine Woche! Ihr seid die Besten! lg


    il miglior vaporizzatore fisso che abbia mai provato. facile da utilizzare e da pulire. soldi ben spesi. dopo pochi minuti di attesa necessari per portare alla temperatura desiderata il riscaldatore, ci vogliono solo circa 30 secondi per riempire il sacco e gustarsi l'aroma scelto. consiglio vivamente a tutti coloro che lo utilizzano per finalità terapeutiche, proprio come me


    je l'ai commander jeudi soir reçu lundi en rentrant du boulot^^ j'ai test weed et huile de shit un vrai régal pour le gout et un soulagement pour mes poumons^^agréablement surpris pour la défonce malgrer que je soit un fumer régulier^^merci a l'équipe zamnésia.


    Excellent produit pour usage médicale. Je recommande à tous ceux qui aiment le gout de la weed (ou autres plantes) sans les "méfaits" de la fumée. Ce produit permet une défonce absolument sublime. Amateurs de défonce intense saine, le volcano est fait pour vous !!!


    it is inded an amazing product, as the price suggests. smoking feels different, the effect of products is also different. really intuitive to use, this product ensures maximum efficiency. you can even use it with essences to parfume your house!!


    Meerdere Vaps geprobeerd maar deze is echt super in gebruik. Werk snel en makkelijk schoon te houden!

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  • Video: A Look At The Classic Volcano Vaporizer
    A Look At The Classic Volcano Vaporizer

    We explore some of the finer points of the Classic Volcano Vaporizer, take a look at what comes in the box, and show you how it is used. This is considered done of the best desktop vapes around, so it is well worth checking out!